Is health care a right for the American people?


  1. Is health care a right for American people?    No!

  2. Only if you have a right to the labor of another person…

  3. — Answers to the asinine question that is the title of the video —
    Short answer: No.
    Long Answer: No, because it is the service/property of the doctor, pharmacist, health support worker, and insurer who provide that health care. They get to dictate who they will sell it to and at what price. Anything else (including government dictated prices and associations) is indentured servitude at best, and open slavery at worst.

  4. The Medicaid is so expensive because of doctors and hospitals and big pharma….Blame the poor!!

  5. Thanks Face the Nation.:) (Y'All still haven't gotten Closed Captions. On YOUTUBE, You Twits!) What'd "sinbad" say? Dahnde Questions; and the Answer?  "Y'know, the Criticisms on the Show are legitimate! Y'know, the people i talked to, friends who are uh, still earning less than $20 an hour after 20 years on the Job (:D), are sending half their paycheck in for taxes and…

  6. "Federalism" in effect in America when it comes to America will simply lead to most people having worse healthcare results. Republicans cut money to healthcare to make up for their other deficiencies.

  7. He makes every case for Single Payer but he doesn't know it. Only Americans are stupid enough to include health insurance companies who only have one motive and that's to profit.

  8. Someone needs to tell these right-wing people that Right-Wing governments even use Single Payer, and they need to be told that we already pay for the uninsured through the ER – Emergency Room and it's too expensive because it's inefficient.

  9. You can't trust a for profit business Health care Insurance companies to do what's best for their policy holders. They are rip offs ! That's why we have the ACA in the first place. They out priced people from afford private insurance.

  10. Corporate media trying to manipulate us to keep privatizing healthcare . Because of the millions of dollars in advertising of drugs that they get in return . This is a monopoly!

  11. Does that mean the CEO of United Healthcare will lose his 1.6 BILLION DOLLAR PACKAGE?

  12. This guy is lying for corporate media. 60% of americans support medicare or all

  13. Everyone in America has access to health care – but it is not free, and you have to pay for it. Want health care in America? Then pay for it, and do not expect others to have to pay for it. I have my own health care that I am paying for, and I should not have to be paying mine, and for yours also. Pay for it yourself!

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