Is Canned Food Safe For Food Storage- How To Choose Foods For Long Term Food Storage 2020

is canned food safe for food storage how long can you store canned food expiration date on canned foods why stockpile store food for emergencies prepping hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper is canned food safe for your long-term food storage well the answer is yes cans of food are readily available you can find them in nearly every store they’re easy to stockpile they’re easy
to prepare you can just pop open a can of food and eat you don’t even have to heat them
up in an emergency situation we need to have food stockpiled for emergencies we
may want to eat the freshest best food possible when we have a choice but in
the event that you do not have a choice you will be happy to open your food stockpile pantry and pull out any food that you have we need to have food for emergencies our
body needs fuel for energy and to keep us going in an emergency just having
something to eat is far more important than if you have the most organic and
carefully homemade prepared meal having something to eat sees you through until you can figure out what to do next canned foods meet three basic guidelines
in my life they’re cheap fast and easy canned foods are cheap to stockpile you can pick them up buy them easily they store for a long time they’re easy to open and eat you
don’t even have to heat them up if you don’t have the opportunity while canned
food may not be to your first choice in times of Plenty cans of food have a very long shelf life the date that comes on the can is generally a suggestion of the
best by use by sell by date by a manufacturer if you store your food in a cool dry place
it can last many years past the expiration date but it shouldn’t be something that you just count on that it will last you need
to still be stockpiling canned foods that would replace the foods that you
care to eat now if you don’t eat spinach don’t buy canned spinach it doesn’t make
any sense think of your food storage as eating to
live and not living to eat canned food can replace the meals
that you have every day I like to stockpile fruits vegetables canned meats
full meal replacements such as soups chili ravioli beef stew
tamales there’s a whole wide selection of different kind of meal replacement
canned foods a reason to stockpile a variety is you probably could get tired
of eating the same thing day in and day out food fatique you may also find that certain brands or flavors of canned food last longer than others also you may find that your
family is more willing to eat certain varieties of food and the only way to
know is to have them on hand and try them out that’s why you should stockpile
canned foods and then rotate them through your life it doesn’t mean you
begin a lifestyle of living off of canned foods today
it means you introduce them into your meals you rotate the foods that you have
and then you replace them with ones that you find enjoyable don’t be fooled into
thinking because things are readily available today that that will always
exist we don’t know what the future holds but we do know hard times come to
everyone stockpile food and other supplies while things are readily
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  1. I generally suspect that the best-before date on canned goods is more about encouraging consumerism, by applying a manufactured obsolescence to the products. Canned food should be rotated, as used, and there are plenty of great books on prepping and frugality that can help people learn, too.

  2. Stock up on BEANO and rinse your canned beans. YW. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜·πŸ’•β€

  3. AG == Again solid advice. As my Grandmother always said… a well stocked " root cellar " is the best way to protect the family from nearly anything. She lived through the depression and "food security" was always foremost in her mind. Canned food played a large part in this no matter if she canned it herself or if she bought it (on sale) somewhere else. In your own words…. "It just makes good sense" and no truer words are ever spoken. Great wisdom. Thank you AG. K

  4. There’s good water inside canned food as well.

  5. I do stockpile canned goods (as well as other items). I do go through my storage as for the moment, I do not want them for too long storage. The reason is that when I do open the can, the longer I keep it, it starts to have a metallic taste. I am unsure how to combat this. So I try to make sure my canned goods are rotated.

  6. So glad you mentioned that the "best by" or "use by" date isn't written in stone! Even the USDA website states that if the cans aren't damaged, they are usable much longer. I hate to tell you how much good food I tossed before I learned this. Question: what about "shelf stable" things in cardboard/paper containers, like soups, milk, even tofu? Would they be safe beyond that date? Thanks for providing the great info!! 😍😍😍

  7. Excellent points about canned food. We have a very "deep" pantry of canned goods that is stocked with things that we eat. No sense in getting items that we don't care for! I do at time try to sample things that I don't currently have stocked and if they are good and we enjoy them, they find a spot in on the shelf! Also, if we have an abundant supply of some item and it's close or past it's expiration date, we may include it in a donation to the food bank where it will be used sooner than we can use it. No sense wasting good food that could benefit others.
    With todays events and the possible need to shelter in place for an extended period, it just makes sense to stock a few extra canned goods!

  8. I noticed you have Augason Farms Morning Moos. Have you used it? What do you think of it if you have? I understand it is suppose to taste good. I recently add a couple # 10 cans to my supplies. Most of the dry milk I have in stock is Carnation and a food grade bucket of Walmart's Great Value.
    I went to town Friday to Dollar Tree and a Walmart super center. A lot of what I was going to pick up at DT wasn't there. The shelves at Walmart were pretty sparse. The can meats were really picked over, sugar shelves only had about 1/10th of what is normally there. Pasta type dinners where pretty well out.Canned food products shelves were not full. So, the shelves here in Oklahoma are starting to become empty.
    I have a well stocked working pantry at least a 3 year supply and a well stocked long term pantry.
    What I picked up Friday were things like extra bags of dry dog food and other pest supplies, bisquick, pasta alfredo. stroganoff pasta dinners, oatmeal and frozen items. Still cast almost $350.00 for what I got. If I didn't have to go back this coming week to pick up my husband's meds I wouldn't be going. I am ready to self isolated in our home. But since I do have to got back I will pick up things I couldn't get to Friday.
    I live just outside of Tulsa and the coronavirus has made it's way there.
    Thanks for sharing today. You keep safe.

  9. Good video as it contains a lot of common sense we all forget about and we all take for granted that the shelves will be always readily available to us for supplies.

  10. Very Nice advice πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘


  12. I have many canned goods and keep them for emergency meals and some I eat before they expire. I have eaten some food which was canned and out of date and they tasted just like they had been canned recently. I have found a few items which had to be thrown out though, but not often.

  13. i grow most my own food and can it. freeze my grape and apple juice from my own gapes- apples

  14. AG—-was just talking to my Shipmate who is stuck in Hong Kong….he has a flight out now on the 29th ( if all goes well)I am getting so worried about my kids and grandkids….they are all on Long Island…..always hoped and prayed that SHTF would never happen… I dont know what to think……here where I live in upstate NY we are out of wipes.hand sanitizer, and toilet paper…..stay safe my friend and God Bless You

  15. Awesome! πŸ’•

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