Is bowling a Sport? (The importance of physical fitness)

what's up guys junior Raymond back again this time I'm at the training center but here were actually in literally the training center today we're going to talk a little bit about what it takes to become one of the best bowlers in the world and the physical fitness needed to get to that level stay tuned getting into this fitness regime has done so many different things for my confidence level knowing that I can go up there and handle throwing a ball over and over again and not have to worry about being out of shape or whether I'm gonna get tired at the end it just does something different to you mentally it makes you more confident and you know as a bowler if you're more confident then you have the ability to do anything you want you know you can do whatever you want with a bowling ball now we do have some programs my wife is a fitness coach so I'm gonna show you some of these videos that she does some of the things that she's had me doing which has helped quite a bit with my stamina and getting myself prepared for some of the events coming up granted I didn't Bowl the greatest over the over these three weeks finishing 25th last week was kind of a kick in the you know but uh a lot of that again it's because I had I only even got to that level because I'm a lot stronger than what I was so finishing 25th was actually kind of an accomplishment because I've been bowling so poorly alright guys so what is bowling is it a game or is a sport I can tell you right now the mass majority of people in the world for some odd reason or another they think bowling is just a game when they think of bowlers they think of just like on that movie kingpin where they walk up the escalators and they see a bunch of people eating pizza drinking beer smoking cigarettes they look at that as bowling that is the perception that people have of bowling because they don't understand the intricacies of what goes into becoming one of the biggest best stars in the PBA today you take a look at guys like Jason Belmonte Marshall can eject a kit Dianna's ovule ovah and the list goes on and on and on of a lot of these athletes who are having the most success rate now they will tell you what they've had to do to get to that point and physical fitness is one of those things you look at the PBA shows from just today of this year 2019 compared to a few years back you look at how Jason looks now compared to what he looked a couple of years ago you can see the weight he's lost and he talks about how he needed to get into better shape to be able to do these things and get in the right path to becoming the best bowler in the world marshal Kent's another one that'll tell you Matt O'Grady is another one that'll tell you some of the best bowlers in the world will tell you that it actually takes an awful lot of physical fitness a lot of stamina to become an elite bowler sure anybody could just go out bowl a couple of games and they don't think of it as anything because they're just throwing it straight they're just doing the lollygagging around nonchalant throwing it up there but you talk to some of the best athletes in the world some of the NFL guys who love to ball they tell you that when they go and Bowl five six seven eight nine games a day that they're really super sore afterwards because we're talking about throwing a fifteen pound bowling ball 60 feet down the lane and doing it over and over again it's not only mentally exhausting trying to create the proper moves and the proper ball changes and and all the fit them the mental stuff that goes into it but it's actually physically exhausting as well so two areas we're gonna talk about today that we really need to focus on working on if you are serious about becoming the best bowler you possibly want to be then you need to be working on your legs and you need to be working on your core we're talking about our core because when you swing that ball forward we're engaging the core the core now has to hold us up hold the balance and then we turn your core turns with the ball as you bring the ball back and it turns again as you bring the ball forward and the ball falls down you're really not using your arm at all your core and your legs are holding you up the entire time and when you get to the bottom of the swing now when you're in position here and you turn now everything is on the put on your lower core and your your legs every bit of weight is on your legs you're creating as much power and as much leverage as you can all through your legs so the power transitions from the top of the swing it comes here and it shoots down your core into your legs and you that power goes into the bowling ball as you release it forward the stronger your legs the more power and your core the more power you actually have the more leverage you can create the longer you can stay lower because everybody's felt it you get through six seven eight games all of a sudden you feel yourself just kind of standing a little taller because it's a lot harder you're slags start to get tired you're not getting down on your shots as much as you were in the beginning so a lot of times people falter at the end of tournaments because their legs start to get get tired their core starts to get tired they're not doing enough to make sure the stamina is in your body to be able to throw that 15 or 16 pound bowling ball 20 miles an hour throughout the course of the entire tournament so this is why some of these guys are doing so well today a lot of it has to do with fitness so here are some of the programs and here's some of the training that my wife has got everybody doing or the people that have signed up with us to do these workouts so if you are interested in doing these make sure you see the link below shoot me an email shoot her an email whatever you need to do and we will get you started in this but until next time guys we will see you later


  1. If Belmo didnt have the body of Homer Simpson his ball would only be 15mph 😂😂😂

  2. Lets be real. Other than a pitcher in baseball and playing golf. Bowling is one of the few sports a fat man can dominate lol

  3. I still think our pros are lagging behind other sports in this aspect, Mookie Betts is proof of that. Bowled the WSOB without physical issues, pain,
    Etc. Our athletes are seen as lesser because they’re not as big and strong as athletes from other sports. This makes everything harder, from getting taken seriously by Joe Blow and the Olympics.

    Players have gotten stronger, and fitness is important on tour, but we’re not seeing athletes pick bowling over more physically demanding sports. People don’t strive to look like bowlers, and that’s half of capturing people’s imaginations. We have the performance down, but our image still sucks in this way with the general public.

  4. If you can pick up a sports injury doing it then it's a sport. I've torn all kinds of things bowling soooo…

  5. Holy crap, did he say 20 mph….I can barely keep mine at 15

  6. I totally agree JR. I started back to bowling after a 15 year break, due to injuries and family. I was overweight and out of shape. Wife and I started 21 Day Fix (a Beachbody program) to get in shape and work on core. Completed a few rounds of that and then started with weight lifting from the LIIFT4 program. Down about 30 pounds, feeling stronger and more stable at the line. Such an improvement since my first day of league in August to now. Keep up the good advice.

  7. Bowling in not a sport. Majority of pros are fat and out of shape. I've been bowling for over 25 years.

  8. It's both a game and sport. For the casual player it is nothing more than a game like corn hole. . . for those that compete, where skill and physical abilities come into play , it stops being defined as a game and becomes a sport. A sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

  9. I have been bowling for 56 years ,started at 13. And still everyone drinks beer, eats nachos,.
    Thank God it's not in the Olympics,it's a recreation not a sport!
    And let's thank the usbc for losing millions of league bowlers and stealing our monies ,damn crooks!!

  10. No offense but this is kind of a dumb question. Yes it's a sport. Maybe not as physically demanding as others but still a sport and anyone who says otherwise needs to get their head out of the sand

  11. Bowling in general is a sport, but we call each set of 10 frames a “game”, so the linguistic argument is complicated. Recreational bowlers benefit from some non-bowling exercise, but it can be as simple as walking 20 minutes/day. Professional bowlers, especially the 2-handers with their more physical game, better be in damn good shape or they won’t last. Bowling aside, though, regular exercise has so many benefits that it’s crazy not to have a regular exercise regime.

  12. It's just like any other sport. Partice and fitness. Oh it's bowling you don't have to be in good shape. For anyone that feels this way. Go out bowl 15 games straight and then tell me how you feel.

  13. I gotta admit JR i didn't hear not one word you said …..i seem to be distracted …lol

  14. Thanks having my 3rd knee surgery this week.. so going to need this info after ! Also had 2 ankle surgery …been doing this bowling thing since early 70's ….Been high avg bowler even through these issue . Just like to bounce back to do some PBA50 over 55…lol

  15. The days of being a fat slob and eating shit fast food/Bowling center food is over.

  16. Is golf, billiards, poker, or corn hole a sport?

  17. Love your videos JR, so beneficial!

  18. Around 20 years ago a local center used to do 20 game marathon doubles tourneys. 20 games in one night going well past midnight. The next day your legs felt like noodles and it hurt to put your hand in the ball. We did pretty well in those tourneys even though we were not the best bowlers. By the end of the night it was more a battle of attrition and you could often make up quite a bit of ground on the leaders as their scores dwindled. It also helped that we were straighter players who normally played out in the dirt so the pattern break down didn't effect us as much.

    Years ago a lot of the best bowlers in our local leagues looked like those guys in Kingpin but nowadays the majority of the top players are quite fit.

    It's definitely a sport!

  19. Yes in like I am in to the 80s bowling. Earl Anthony. Very very smooth just like a machine.

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