Is boogie2988 ok? Did Boogie lose Weight? Motivation and Mental Health

yeah what’s up shenanigans John here and
I am back guys I’m back I’m back to talk to you today about several things mostly
boogie2988 and motivation weight loss YouTube being a small youtuber and just
a bunch of different things I’m rambling tonight guys thanks for clicking on this
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chat tonight guys miss Jo I know I haven’t done a lot of videos this week
just taking a little bit of a break resetting focusing but I hope you guys
have all had a great week so far I’m looking forward to the weekend I took
off today guys have been sitting around not doing a whole lot today had to take
the dog to the groomers pick my sick kid up from school and lay around and do not
a whole lot of anything but I’m here to talk to you guys there look at that
we’re gonna get this done we’re gonna get this done right here now this isn’t
the first time I’ve seen this person but this is kind of the first time I’ve here
recently found out the type of channel that they had and this is boogie2988
been on the internet forever been on YouTube forever fantastic guy I’d seen
his skits the Francis skits that up until probably a couple weeks ago I
thought we’re real I figured it was kind of a crazy grand Paul thing and when I
say real I mean I thought that’s what the channel is all about it didn’t think
it was kind of actually real today I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation I’d
spoke with you in the last video about motivation it’s something I’ve dealt
with a lot in my life especially with running and ultramarathons motivation is
something that I have to kind of constantly dig down deep being 13 hours
into a run and being able to dig deep and get through that takes something
that most people don’t know they have most people do have it that has never
put themselves in a spot where they have to actually dig that deep it’s changed
my life running has changed my life in that way I know what I can actually do
and I know there’s even more in there boogie2988 I was watching him today and
No I went and did a lot of research into his background you know through the
internet and watching his videos this guy’s been through so much through so
much she’s a Virginia boy so I love a meet even more
he’s gone through the troubles with his family and health issues you know his
father dying his mother dying his sister running away and just having so many
health issues like lymphedema and his leg and diabetes and heart issues and
being overweight most of his life and being kind of bullied and made fun of
when he was a kid that kind of just led to more and more of this kind of
spiraling out of control and not taking care of himself and then getting on
YouTube and starting a channel and just sticking around sticking around long
enough for people to see his Worth and who he really is and he is one of those
people I say is probably a beautiful human being he is somebody that connects
with an audience oh that I failed to mention he’s got 4.4 million subscribers
and I think it’s because he is genuine and that’s something especially at my
age at his age he’s a little he’s couple years older than me
I don’t like fakeness I don’t like fake people and on YouTube there’s a lot of
that there’s a lot of people who fake being nice to you for to get something
or two they’re just all around putting on a front and I understand this is a
lot of this as art some stick as the be super overly positive some sticks to be
the exact opposite of that I get it I completely get that one of
the beautiful things about this guy Steve’s his real name is that he talks
about his struggles now he doesn’t go into every detail about everything he’s
recently gone through a divorce that was super painful for him I actually watched
one of his videos when he had got when he got married and
he talked about his whole life and he said if you ever you know wasn’t married
it would be extremely painful now he’s going through that he’s dealt with
depression and anxiety you never know what people are battling you can look at
someone and assume everything is good with them but especially with the mental
health things going on in the world right now you can look at someone and
think ah they’re fine they have everything why would they be
sad or why would they have depression or anxiety anxiety I mean it affects many
people greatly and it doesn’t always show itself on
when you watch boogie he’s an articulate funny charismatic fella he’s been
through so much though and it’s funny he talks about this how he gets these
haters who were just mad they’re just frothing mad he is successful but he has
the subscriber count’ that he has and he has a success he has any kinda slaps it
off I mean he’s stuck at east up through it he’s battled through it you know he
started way back in 2006 I think with this he started the channel just to
watch people and eventually got into it he created a video about his character
Francis getting hacked you know his account getting hacked some world of
warcraft thing and raywilliamjohnson big youtuber and the whole equals 3 channel
shab of him out and he grew his channel he kind of blew up that was the start of
his channel but he comes across as really a genuine person I think that’s
why he does so well and the reason I’m even talk to you about this guy at all
and if you haven’t seen him you need to go check him out he’s got a lot of
really thought-provoking chats on his channel and I kind of admire him and I
kind of empathize with him and I kind of connect with him because I like that
kind of talking I like being genuine and making connections with people that’s
what he does really really well in this platform and he says he wants to work on
three things necessary got me oh my god I mean after my own heart here he’s
great fantastic he says he wants to work on this next year he wants to work on
his his health he’s he’s been morbidly obese for a very long time he was
pushing upwards of 600 pounds at one point and he dropped down he had gastric
bypass now he’s under 400 and he looks great he’s getting healthier he’s dealt
with you know diabetes that said with remission he’s a sleep apnea he says he
doesn’t have to use his mask anymore so he’s getting healthier he’s taking care
of himself and that’s what I ask of everyone especially nowadays you need to
take care of yourself and when you’re a small youtuber and you’re hustling and
you’re putting in the time and you shouldn’t let your health suffer I’ve
done that between my work and this I’ve stopped running as much I battle with my
weight over time you may not know this but at one point I had been up probably
another 30 pounds heavier than I am now then I lost 60 pounds and then it became
an ultra runner I battled with that and I was somebody
who was an athlete growing up I was athletic I played three sports
year-round and I never had to deal with that and when I got in my 30s it became
a programmer and I dealt with a desk job and being sedentary and I gained weight
and I enjoyed eating I still love food who doesn’t love food he says he wants
to take care of himself focus on his health his mental health and his channel
this year and I’m like you know what those are three really good goals that I
think we all should be concentrating on if you don’t have your mental health
you’re not gonna be any good if you don’t have your physical health you’re
not gonna have as good of a quality of life and and this is not gonna enjoy
things as much and if this is your passion you should focus on this and
make it one of your passions you need to satisfy those other two areas you know
it really resonated with me over what I’ve been dealing with here lately and
I’m just super impressed with him and sticking with this even recently going
through a divorce in the middle of this weight loss thing over the last six
month and as gastric bypass he just is an awesome guy and I wish
them nothing but the best book if you ever see this dude you’re awesome
especially hearing your backstory and all of the stuff you’ve gone through in
your life and for you to still come on and be positive and and touch people and
still be able to come on the internet and just be a good human and have these
chats and you know good on you man I really appreciate it I hope you do get
to your weight you said you want to get below 200 pounds
that’s an awesome goal I hope you do get to it I hope you’re gonna keep fighting
for your health I know you said you said you had some issues with your heart and
I hope it stays strong for you through this time and I hope this healthy shift
in your life is gonna benefit you for many many many years to come another
thing that boogy said that really resonated with me was in one of his
videos I don’t like that below two he talked about somebody asking why he
would be inspirational to anybody he said you know that’s a good question and
I’m gonna mess up his quote and says if you could stay in a game long enough
they have to shuffle the deck and you can make a better life and you can
change your stars he did that he was down and out he sat in his house for
seven years he said he didn’t leave his house for seven years he lost both his
parents he was Mabuse as a child by his mom you know
he’s battled all these health issues and he still comes on YouTube he’s still a
positive influence he didn’t choose to go the opposite way he didn’t choose to
be a negative influence because he has every right to lash out and this be a
nasty person but he’s not he’s a good person
and he did change his starts he went from being poor and having nothing to
being a successful youtuber in reaching out and being a positive influence on
the world and that says a lot about his character you know it’s it’s easy to be
a good person when everything is going well it’s when everything was bad and
you pushed you have to push through that it really shows true character so you
know you want a lot of respect from me buggy I know you’ve been around for a
very long time and I’m a small youtuber but I am a grown-up then we’re roughly
the same age and I just really appreciate you I really appreciate your
chats and the things that you say so I hope you do see this I think it would be
great alright guys that’s all I have if you haven’t checked out boogie 2988 you
need to go down below and click on his link go watch his videos he’s fantastic
I think it’s a good suggestion you guys will love him he’s got all kinds of
stuff to listen to and if you like these kind of motivational just rambling type
chats he’s definitely something you’ll like to check out so thanks for watching
everyone till next time see you


  1. I'm with you! Boogie2988 being so positive while still going through so many personal struggles is nothing short of an inspiration.

  2. I agree boogie has been thru the ringer he is a survivor

  3. That intro was the nest thing that ever happened to me

  4. Had to get my stupid environmental paper done, anyway… being genuine and excited on camera EVERY SINGLE DAY is a challenge. PewDiePie battled this when he was shooting his YouTube red series and vlogs years ago. It’s necessary to balance. I don’t push myself to upload more than I have to, but I still enjoy posting when I can, because I have time and it actually (in a good way) distracts me away from all the abstract assignments.

  5. We have watched some of his video for awhile, looks great after his change

  6. I have been watching boogie for ever now. I think I have been watching him since 2013 maybe 2012. I subscribed when ray did the shout out. He is an amazing human being and deserves more then what he has gotten. I am just t he is getting healthier now,

  7. We all have those days where we need that extra motivation. Thank you for being that person for so many people that will see your videos

  8. The man is a YouTube legend. I’ve been watching him since the beginning. He’s one of the few, like H3H3 and Phillip Defanco that I’ll watch pretty much everything they put out. Been watching your videos for a little while now too. Haven’t commented yet but you seem like the the kind of fella who could totally be playing in the major leagues of YouTube.

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