Introduction to the US Food and Drug Administration FDA by RPN

FDA Food and Drug Administration the food and drug administration fda is a US agency that is responsible to assure the safety of food and cosmetics to assure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals biological products and medical devices and to protect and promote public health the FDA is considered the oldest drug regulatory authority in the world with its regulatory function going back to 1906 it forms part of the US Department of Health and consists of many different offices and laboratories in several spread out locations within the USA the FDA is a huge agency with almost 10,000 employees organized in eight divisions controlling a great variety of products such as food drugs medical devices vaccines blood and biologics animal and veterinary cosmetics radiation emitting products and tobacco products the FDA is led by a commissioner of food and drugs which is appointed directly by the president the current commissioner is Margaret a Hamburg she was nominated by president barack obama in march 2009 and sworn into office in may 2009 their health and safety

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