Introducing the Minddistrict ehealth platform – empowering people to master their wellbeing

Everyone will at some point in their
lives be faced with physical, psychological and social challenges. Sometimes, those challenges become problems. One in five people will
experience mental health issues. One third of the population suffer from
chronic disorders. Not everyone who needs support does receive help, some people want to get through it on their own, others are unable to find access to care. Existing care models don’t always meet people’s actual needs. It is not always possible to make symptoms disappear, but even if a full recovery is – or seems – unreachable, there is always room for improvement. Changing the way you think
and behave is a means to achieve that. Our mobile interventions have been
designed down to the smallest detail, to bring about this change. Minddistrict:
Empowering people to master their wellbeing.

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