Interview with Antonio Lopez (Unilife) – Tiny Easy Steps to Wellbeing

– Hi, Antonio, we’ve been having a chat, ’cause we met at a workshop where I delivered performance chemistry, and you were one of the business leaders, you’re a Chief Operating
Officer of Unilife, is that correct? – Correct, yes I am. – And, I heard, via the grapevine, that you had made some small shifts in terms of your wellbeing
based on the workshop, and you had very interesting results. Would you like to share
what your experience was, and what that one tiny, easy habit was that you put into place. – Absolutely, my pleasure, Celynn. So it was an interesting couple of days that we spent with you, you kept mentioning on the workshop that you didn’t need to
be making big changes onto your lifestyle, that we were all very busy, and it was more about awareness
and making little changes. So, I remember, at the
end of the workshop, sorry, I’ve just gonna grab something, at the end of the workshop you gave us some tennis balls and made us put something that will remind us about that workshop, and I did. The tennis ball here
has the logo of an app that you suggested, called “MyFitnessPal.” – A very good drawing
of the logo, by the way. (laughs) – Thank you, thank you. The only thing that I
wanted to do with that app was to record what I was eating, and the app gives you feedback in terms of calories, levels of salt, fat,
and that sort of thing, just being very aware, ’cause I don’t feel unhealthy. – I remember, you shared
earlier that you’re Spanish, and you love food, and
I completely understand how you feel about cured meat
and chorizo, I feel the same, it’s why I could never be
a vegetarian full-time. (laughs) And also, yeah, that you’re not interested in going on a diet, so I love that you chose just
this one thing to record, and then– – Sorry, it was just
about, “is there a problem? “Can I really see a problem here?” So what happened was that I started recording all
my food very religiously, every day, every meal, when I was eating the
meal rather than after it, and I realized that I was eating a very normal amount
of calories every day, there was nothing that
would be that extraordinary, I was actually below what the app had suggested I should take, but then there was a
couple of days in the week that I almost doubled my calorie intake, and one of the examples of things that I noticed was that the very healthy element that I thought I was taking, which was some cashew nuts watching movies on a Sunday evening, it was a thousand calories on its own. (laughs) – And cashew nuts are a great choice, I mean a lot of other
people would be eating, I dunno, crisps and chocolates, so I can see how you’d feel that you were doing something healthy. – Indeed. So, I put that on the
app, and the app said, “Whoo, you’ve taken 1,000 calories here,” or “you’ve taken 1,000 calories here,” and then it made me think, “This is not what I want, “so can I change that for
something that will give me “the same amount of pleasure, “whilst I’m watching a movie, “and less calories?” And I decided to swap it
for popcorn, for example, which is calorie-free, so I did that for six weeks, and I dropped 10% of my
weight, just like that. – I mean, that has to be repeated. For six weeks, on a Sunday night, instead of having 1,000
calories from cashew nuts, you maybe had 200 calories from popcorn, still enjoying the movie, and how many kilograms did you lose? – So it was 13 kilos that I lost, it wasn’t just that, so it was more like, being conscious, looking at the labels of the sandwiches that I was eating I have during the day. I did feel a little bit
more energized as well, and I walked a little bit more, but yeah, majority of the things were very little, very little things that I suddenly realized,
“Hang on a second, “is the pleasure that I’m receiving “and the amount of calories, worth it? “Is that ratio right?” – There are so many
interesting lessons from this. The awareness that helps
fuel a better choice, the fact that you were quite
analytical and you said, “Well I wanna logically
see if there is an issue,” and just how one thing
could lead to another, the sense of feeling lighter
could give you more energy, which made you walk more, I think that’s absolutely wonderful. So, if there was one piece of advice that you could give to another
Chief Operating Officer that is busy like you, that
travels, that is stressed, that doesn’t particularly want to fuss about their life and wellbeing too much, what would that one piece of advice be? – My experience is you can
go about your normal day and eat the same things
that you’re eating normally, just be careful when you’re
kinda like out and about that you see the little hints, like the color of the
label of the sandwich, or that bag of crisps that you’re eating, and the size of it, that’s it, because at the end of the day, you’re gonna eat
sufficiently, no matter what, just be a little bit more aware of that calorie intake, really. And can you get something else that helps giving you the
same amount of satisfaction, with a lesser amount of calories? – And even if that is switching
popcorn for cashew nuts, I love that. – Yep, yep, absolutely, absolutely. – Well thank you. And thank you for sharing your story. I know that there’s a lot more that we could’ve added and discussed, and I’m not sure what your
next tiny step is going to be, if anything. – So yeah, so next 12 months, the target is to continue
to follow the app advice, and reduce the weight to a level where the little machine says
I’m no longer overweight. I feel fine, by the way, I don’t feel unhealthy, but it’s kind of like that thing that we’re younger still, and we want to continue to be healthy on our later years maybe. – Yeah, absolutely. Wonderful, thank you, thank you Antonio. – You’re welcome, you’re welcome.

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