International Health Insurance Explained

hi there this is Annalise labret catfish comm I'm gonna explain to you today what international health insurance actually is I've got a really simple definition up here it's designed to cover the costs but private medical treatment the experts abroad so that is for anything that happens after you've taken the quality out and any pre-existing conditions won't be covered but anything that happens in the future will now I'd like to meet John he is a painted decorator and he's actually from the UK so that is his real home John's just moved to Canada so that's his new home and that makes him an expat now because he's an expat he's eligible for international health insurance and that counts for all nationalities sometimes there are age restrictions some people covered at 64 other policies will go up to 120 years old so it's worth checking that out now why would someone like John want international health insurance well there are several reasons but imagine he takes out one of these policies and then he gets a problem with his shoulder bad shoulder there and he needs an operation now the main reason he's got this policy is for peace of mind and it's through a nice peach song it's very peaceful now that he's got this out he's happy because he's gonna receive private medical care and his costs to be covered for that so even though he's in pain being a little bit happy too so treatment will always be private she's getting the best possible treatment and he's reduced his risk his financial risk by taking out this policy now another really important feature of international health insurance is that it covers you worldwide so John here is now covered for when he's living in Canada he's also covered for when he go back to the UK and you might go back a few months at a time he's also covered for any travels around the world maybe on holiday so wherever he is he's covered for his health by that policy suits worldwide now another thing um is that he gets like Laura Neal now I'm gonna explain some this way to future proofing his healthcare because say that he was in Canada he's got a normal health personnel and then he got ill say he got cancer something serious and the policy covered all the costs that's fine he recovers and then you decide he's gonna go back to the UK well now he needs a new policy he needs one for the UK but he might find his uninsurable because he's on a risk list so if he have got out the international health insurance he actually would have found that he could renew that at any time regardless of whether he's had an illness or not so really its future proofing it's a long word future proofing his health care which is brilliant okay so those are the features some of the features and that you get now each policy will come with benefits benefits are the things that you actually pay for the different kind of topics in that policy I'll just quickly run through them here but inpatient means okay say he's had his operation and he needs to recover in hospital that overnight stay has got costs involved so that's going to be covered with his inpatient benefit outpatient means for example after he left the hospital he'll have to go back for check-ups to see his shoulders okay maybe do some physiotherapy that's outpatient maternity now obviously Jon's a bloke he's not going to need any maternity benefits the great thing about international health insurance is that it's flexible so he can pick and choose which benefits actually are applicable to him so he's gonna say no I'm not paying for maternity and that's another really key feature flexibility and I actually forgot to mention a really important one here is that because it's worldwide you've got this network of hospitals and doctors around the world that these are that your insurance policy company will work with and because of that quite often there's direct billing involved it's really important actually this means that when he actually comes to have to pay for his operation the hospital will be able to get the payment directly from the insurance company so he will never actually have to pay out himself that's really important but back to the benefit so we've got inpatient outpatient doesn't need maternity often there's been thought and optical benefits involved as well even to the level of them paying for your spectacles well-being there's regular check-ups so that he might be able to avoid any issues in the future vaccinations as well and two really important ones experts are evacuation and repatriation basically evacuation means that if he gets ill in Canada and the particular treatment that he needs like say it's that same shoulder operation is much you know the much better sort of infrastructure for that in the USA then he can get evacuated to actually retrieve that treatment and receive that treatment there but and this is a one thing about the USA even though it's a worldwide policy some companies will not cover the USA or some policies won't because they're specifically there the cost of medical or private medical treatment is really high so just bear that in mind when you look at your policy and then there's repatriation which means that save those developed camps are up here and he wants to get treatment near his family and which is understandable the cost of repatriation back to the UK will also be covered by his policy and then long term care costs as well so these are all the benefits that are usually in an international health insurance policy but how much of this you get because each one branches into different specific things as well how deeply you go into each one and how many what the limits are on on payouts and things like that that can vary and you'll find that companies will sometimes have a standard package intermediate and then comprehensively like a sort of bronze silver and gold and some will just give you complete freedom to completely pick and choose your benefits and it really varies I would say typically a standard policy will cover you maybe for emergency treatment so say John has a car accident needs emergency treatment a standard package will cover all that kind of stuff intermediate will often be emergency as well as non-emergency so oh he wants to get a skin rash check it out something like that and then obviously your comprehensive package will cover everything that's often when the dental an optical benefits really come into play and so that's your different kind of levels of cover now the different factors on deciding whether how much you're going to pay the main one is age and they're really gonna look at your age to see you know how much you're gonna have to pay but also your area of cover so I mentioned the USA if that isn't included obviously it's gonna cost less and if it is included in the worldwide policy gender is a factor as well and there are several others so how do you go about getting one of these policies where you have three options first one is you can go direct second one is you can go via an agent and the third one is you can go with a briefer I wouldn't necessarily recommend going direct because then you're going directly to the health insurance company they're going to only give you their packages that they've gotten that's it an agent at least will be able to compare different policies but they'll usually only work with a few companies that's still a little bit limited they will however take care of your admin so any claims that you need to make that kind of thing now I would say go with a broker because a broker basically is going to deal with they're really going to do a good comparison of all the different policies out there that's really important when you're looking for a good deal right now they're also going to take care of the admin e.type tips but they also have an obligation to find exactly what's right for you so you're getting a lot more service with a broker to find you know and you're gonna find a better deal you might be wondering how they get paid well and they get their money from they get Commission basically for anyone that they can open up honest report directly from the health insurance company and you won't be cheaper to go directly either because these guys the health insurance companies give out the same quotes to brokers as they would to anyone going to them that's another thing really the broker is elliptically so I mean that's it really John you now know what international health insurance is but in a nutshell it gives you peace of mind peace of mind that you will receive private medical treatment that your costs for that will be covered that your future proofing your health insurance with a lifelong renewal and that you've got lots and lots of flexible options to really see what you want to pay for and that is international health insurance

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