Internal collagen supplement for great skin, healthy joints, anti-aging secret

hi this is Leda LUMS apothecary and we're going to discuss taking internal collagen to build the collagen in your skin as well as increase your flexibility in your joints and for connective tissue health and general health and your body actually we used to if you you may be vegetarian in which case I don't think there's a collagen supplement that is not created from animal there's fish collagen and bovine collagen and I just purchased this super collagen type 1 & 3 what 1 & 3 are not the colleges that have the glucosamine which is in type 2 that you'd want to take us specifically if you have joint pain but I've been taking this for a few days and or maybe a week and I'm feeling when my knee a lot better as well as I'm feeling I feel like that under my eyes is firming up as well in a way that I have an experience with topical hyaluronic acid or anything really I can I can I feel like it's making a difference in my joint health as well as my skin in times of old we would have more call a cartilage and collagen in our diets now we eat mostly muscle of the animal which actually isn't about completely balanced amino acid so you do want like to be eating jello or collagen or collet to balance out the amino acids yeah too much muscle we can actually create more inflammation in the body bone broths it's a great natural way to do that too which absorbs bone broth is basically vegetables and whole carcass boiled or they may be a crock-pot so they're absorbing more the Kartal and the bone marrow of the bones that's a really healthy food that we don't really consume much anymore there's few other older dishes that had more that that are made from the cartilage and it's like a jello and we just don't eat that much anymore so I started just supplementing with collagen and I found this is a super collagen type 1 & 3 / radiant skin thicker hair stronger nails healthier joints yes so it'll also create yeah it's basically where 80% collagen so it's used in your connective tissues all over your body it's used in also helps your that's it assists in your liver detoxing as well collagen is used in a toxin synthesis as well so that's pretty neat so this one was about 7 bucks just off of the Amazon it's six thousand six hundred milligrams of collagen type 1 then 3 dr actually the cheaper collagen type 2 with the Koko's amoenus is more expensive about 7 bucks it's 7 ounces what they recommend is taking it with vitamin C which is actually another vitamin that helps your body create more collagen but it also helps your body assimilate the this collagen so I've been for the past week in the morning ideally take it on an empty stomach so I'm taking it first thing in the morning and at night I'll take about half a lemon and squeeze the juice out into into a cup and then a spoonful of this about a teaspoon to a tablespoon mix it up and it dissolves so so this will dissolve collagen will dissolve in cold water unlike gelatin which is heated up collagen basically jell-o gelatin so that's where so they heat it up just straight-up collagen like this they strands of the protein collagen which is a large part of our body are intact when you heat it up that's or when wouldn't at the processing plant they heat up the collagen that's how they make jello so the strands undo and I'm not sure if that's more I don't know what I'm not really sure what would be more beneficial but for me I feel like the less processed form would make more sense for your body to utilize I don't know that's true or not but hmm so I've been taking this in the with the lemon water just a little bit and it's pretty it's tasteless doesn't taste like beef or anything like that and so you could add it to other drinks as well there's another company that I found that's actually free-range stock livestock and they have they have both cow and pig collagen they're called Great Lakes college sure they also have gelatin and they have great reviews when I was reading the reviews on Amazon for both for any of these colleges people really see a difference in their skin which of course is an obsession of mine so I recommend it both for joints and for as we age we just lose collagen are in your body not only in your skin but it's in part of all of your connective tissues and you joint health your eyes and your organs everything yeah so that's the latest and it makes a lot of sense don't spend too much on creams you know expensive college and creams because the collagen molecule actually isn't absorb it's too big to be absorbed topically so you have to do other thing is really to stimulate collagen like the RET retinol creams are scientifically proven to increase collagen vitamin C and you know you can do things like the dermal rated herbal rollers the little needles and other ways to trick your skin into building more collagen yes or eat it that makes a lot of sense if you're if you're not vegetarian commended its make money feel great there you go that's the latest


  1. What type is the Great Lakes Collagen? Is it type 2 because it says for joints?

  2. I'll be sold if you're 60 or 70 years old lol. Seriously, I've started taking it too. I hope it makes my skin look like yours, but you are young, no?

  3. Your hair looks nice that way, Leda😉

  4. I began collagen 6 weeks ago and I am noticing real improvements in skin hair nails and I am not hurting when I get up every morning…I take every 2 days…I heard from another you tuber that it is only required every other day as it lasts 48 hours in the system…can you confirm?

  5. hey guys, does it help to get smaller pores too? Or what supplement does that?

  6. can i mix MSM , Magnesium citrate and Gelatin powders together and take internally with juice?

  7. is there a plant base collagen instead of animal you can recommend

  8. hi, I have a gluten and lactose allergies,and suffering with autoimmune disease which leads to connecting tissue disease as well. Which collagen supplement do you recommend me to use? My Best regards…

  9. Best collagen supplement?.. MEGA DOSE VIT-C!!!!
    I achieved noticeable results in 2 days drinking 30~40grams of ascorbic acid ( in my drinking bottles)

  10. I take 4 grams of vitamin C, spaced out over the day and Gelatin. Can you give your opinion on Gelatin?

  11. I'm having collagen pills ..I found great results skin became smoother and lips also changed into rosey colour..i feel healthier and more active.

  12. I used to take collagen powder like the one you're talking about but I stopped because it was making me very hungry all day.

  13. Just eat a plate of Mexican "menudo blanco con patas, sonora style" every week and you won't have wrinkles

  14. Does the Product help with lose skin

  15. So you've been taking it for about one year, correct? Do you by any chance have a follow up? Especially regarding bone pain – I'm thirty years old and have a major back injury right in the center of my spine and now I guess I'm at the time in life where I'm not making new collagen (dang it!), so I would love to get into this very soon for the all around 80% renewal … Looking forward to your year past initial start follow up comment for some good inspo. (I saw someone else's comment about collagen being in the spinal chord between the vertebrae and that is SO INTERESTING, i never would have thought! Thanks to them and the universe for having me watch this and for having you make this vid!! your knee? Hope you're feeling better, wishing you the best!!)

  16. I've been suffering from a "knee thing" too, and have noticed the loss of collagen in my skin and lips over the years. Had no idea they were so related. I've had back pain due to (a chiropracter said) that I've "lost collagen between my discs in a spot of the spine, and unfortunately there was no way to add collagen back into the body." I'm excited to see your evidence after just one week. And you're right. My grandmother and her generation lived on bone broths and collagen-rich foods and they are all strong, shiny, and firm all the way into their 80s. Hallelujah there's hope. I just purchased some of this after watching your video. Woohoo. Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and beauty. You're very down to earth and real. It's refreshing. 🙂

  17. Sure for one thing you look better then Angelina Jolie and you take care of your self i take b-3 high dose not ever day i get a flush but i take other supplements coral calcium and whole vitamins and Ester c garlic and krill oil  Your Awesome if your single lets go out 

  18. Silica build collagen for vegetarian chose Diatomaceous Earth food grade obviously. Google it this is natural and do so so much for health. Hope it's help.

  19. Thank You!

  20. thank you good help pretty girl

  21. gorgeous, sexy woman…………..
    ill do a knee massage as long as you tell me too…lol

  22. You're very pretty ! thanks for the review

  23. Great vid!

  24. LEDA! I heard about the dermal roller any chance you'll review?

  25. I reached for my coffee mug this morning and when I lifted my arm I got the 55 year old thin hangy skin thing… Ewwwww
    So I decided to look for videos concerning collagen. Sign on and poof!!! You had a new video!!! The universe is looking out for me today…
    I'm usually just lurking and learning.
    But I just wanted to say thanks….
    I've learned a lot from you…
    Much love,

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