Internal Arson – An Amazing Use For Anger (A Self Growth Exercise)

Anger is by far the emotion we disapprove of and try to suppress in ourselves and others the very most now. This is obviously understandable because anger is so notorious for creating social conflict. However There is an amazing application of anger that you would never suspect. Somatically anger feels like an emotional version of fire. Like fire it’s aggressive in that it usually projects outward and feels very hard to contain. It wants to consume anything in its path and as such is often destructive in nature. We like to think that creation is good and destruction is bad But here’s the thing a universal principle is that both polarities have a very important place in this universe In fact, destruction is often necessary for creation and new beginnings to even occur What I mean by this is that creation and destruction do not absolutely have to be contradictory in fact they can be highly complementary What we learn from forest fires is that they’re purifying. They destroy so that the ecosystem in an area is restored. It rids an area of what is dead dying and/or no longer benefiting the area The decomposed organic matter that it creates enriches the soil making it easier for new growth. Anger has been critical to our survival Anger pulls a set of powerlessness and the pain of being hurt and being afraid. This is why anger can be used as fuel. It’s a huge burst of energy. It means we’re taking our power back. Anger means we think we have a personal choice to make. Even though anger is a valuable self-preservation instinct that calls for the restoration of our empowerment and for the life we consciously choose, when we feel anger we don’t treat it as such. We’ve been taught that anger is so incredibly wrong that the minute we feel it we almost panic We do anything we can do to deny it, to reject, it to disown it, to suppress it and to do anything we can to Release it so that we change it — don’t feel that way anymore. If you want more hints and suggestions about what to do about your anger, feel free to watch my video that’s titled How to Deal with Anger. In that video I explained in detail the danger of approaching anger in this way that I’ve just described. But there is another application for our anger, and that’s what I’m gonna teach you today. Anger distances us from something that is a threat or something, that does not serve our well-being Now, sometimes, when that anger comes up, it comes up against something that we do need to be close to That’s why we can often say that anger kind of burns through love it’s the opposite of love because it’s a push away It’s not really the opposite of love –fear is– but, long story short. It’s a push away. But sometimes that really does serve us. It serves to separate us from things that no longer add to our well-being. When anger distances us from things that we need to be separated from it’s like a forest fire that’s designed to distance the forest from what holds it back from growth. And so, an amazing technique to use with anger is to do the exact opposite of it that we usually do. Instead of denying it, rejecting it, disowning it, or trying to make it change or go away or even release it… instead we use it to burn away everything that no longer serves us on the inside. To do this exercise we go somewhere where we can be completely undisturbed. We close our eyes and we invite it to become an internal forest fire that burns everything internally. We invite it to get rid of everything internally that we don’t want there anymore so that we are completely internally purified to start over fresh and from the ashes entirely. For example let’s say that we’ve experienced a breakup. In the grief process anger is a very natural part of the process. When you hit that phase you can go and you can sit down and you close your eyes and you invite that anger to become as large as you possibly can so like I said instead of trying to diminish the anger you do the opposite you invite it to turn into a Completely intense internal forest fire that’s basically scorching or cremating everything that you want to have be cremated from the inside. It’s like a contained forest fire. It’s a bit like a shamanic journey or a meditation of sorts We can see what color the fire is and what qualities it has We can even play music that helps the fire burn more aggressively and more destructively But we can invite the destruction consciously and with our free will We can see it burning up our attachments to the person we broke up with. We can see it burning up the memories we have with them, both good and bad. We can see it burning up the fantasy or visions of what we wanted with that person but could not actualize. We can see it cauterizing the emotional wounds we sustained. You can see it burning up patterns, thoughts, beliefs –anything that’s detrimental to us relative to the break-up. You can use this internal fire of anger to burn up anything that you want. Let your intuition be the guide about what is no longer serving you, what no longer belongs Inside you and no longer contributes to your well-being. But that being said you’re not going to control this fire. You’re going to –even though you direct it– you’re going to let it burn for as long as it wants to burn until it burns out. Invite it to burn. Invite it to consciously choose the destruction in the name of letting go of whatever needs to be let go of. If you want, you can use music to enhance the fire; this is a good time to use super angry music in your meditation, but just remember to switch to music that makes you feel like letting go once the fire turns to embers or ash. You can use breathing techniques to enhance it as well This amazing application of anger is a bit like turning yourself into a Phoenix whereby setting yourself or your being on fire you are being reborn. I Want you to imagine today that you’re so sick of your life, I mean, it’s occurring so much pain for you that you just light a match and you set the whole damn thing on fire. Imagine what it would feel like, that sensation of complete release. To just watch it all burn to the ground. That emotional sensation is what I want you to be going for when you’re doing this internal fire anger exercise. Now, this is really important: one way to fuel the flames is to thank them for burning up anything that they’re burning up Its natural after you do this process that you’re going to feel a lot more free… It’s also true that you’re going to feel a lot more emotionally raw, kind of like scorched ground after a forest fire. And it’s very common that when you do this exercise the anger will burn through and expose emotions that were resident underneath that anger. Sorrow is the most common one that I see when people do this exercise. Sorrow is a little bit like the rain that comes after a forest fire and it saturates and settles the earth. It’s basically priming the earth for new growth to occur whenever conditions present themselves to create that new growth. So allow those emotions that are exposed as a result of this internal fire process, and experience them with non-resistance in the same way that you did the anger itself. From there you can let go and just allow yourself to internally progress, it’s not like you have to go to work tending the soil to try to create something to grow. All you have to do is to allow it to happen and to expose yourself to people, places and things, i.e., conditions that are conducive to you feeling better, feeling good. This naturally creates a new growth process. Destruction has a very important place in our lives provided that we are consciously choosing it, and consciously choosing for our intention to be, to let go of something that no longer feeds our well-being. When we approach destruction in this way anger can be used as an incredible tool in this process. It can be used consciously. And so, what I gave to you today is the tool of conscious internal arson. Have a good week


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  2. You're awesome! Great videos & insights too! Do you think it works when you're mad at yourself? I just got really disappointed and frustrated with myself in a few areas to the point where I got super pissed at myself… and then wow, I saw this video right afterwards. Thanks for the timing. I hope it works when you're mad at yourself I'm going to try it. Thanks again Teal! My favorite color too : )

  3. My shifu always told me that anger gives you strength at the cost of focus, I had anger and outburst problems when I was a kid all the way up to being a teenager. Anger can be a useful thing, one just has to be in control enough to uncap it when it's needed and cap it back when it's a detriment.

  4. … it will happen NATURALLY Once ' the Kundalini Start Rising / Activating Within !!!! — Ur Whole Body will be ON FIRE !

  5. Rio Grande Valley, Texas here
    I meditate on the anger I felt after I have taken a nap. I try to move around it in my mind to see how this is being used for my training. Once analyzed, I take a positive stance and move on. Sending white light to it helps it calm down.

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  7. Hi teal, i have great question for you. How does a higher dimensional being go into astral projection like e.t.s, sasquatch and other cryptid's while already being in a higher dimension/higher frequency. Is that only for interacting with us or interdimensional travel since were are at a lower dimension and ghosts are in the that astral form/dimension. Is the astral form sort of like a small riple/weaker extension of energy so to speak like an infinity mirror at a carnival. Thanks for everything

  8. Everyday is like a new incarnation our past follows us to the current moment, while our present is influenced by the future we've align ourself with, yet the way we've chosen to live dictates what we continue to attract within our life. When awakened one realizes what is meant when it is said "with great power comes great responsibility". I've seen that the universe is very sympathetic to souls that haven't awaken to the nature of the Ascension process but the universe can be equally unforgiving to these that are aware of the moral and ethical responsibility we must navigate through this universe with when awaken 💜

  9. Men too have individuality.

  10. Just as women hate being controlled so are men

  11. Men's rights should be given equal respect

  12. Masculanism is as important as feminism is.

  13. This video is one of my favourite Teal Swan vids❤️
    I did this technic this morning, afterwards I was a crying mess then I fell completely silent for a few seconds then started laughing real loud then went back to crying😂
    I felt amazing all day till now after this💛
    Thanks Teal🌸

  14. I don’t know how this popped up in my suggested but I’m glad because I needed it 🙌🏾

  15. Thank you! I like it. This is like my bible, "Abundance through Reiki". The exercises in the book have you fully feel whatever you are feeling, let images come into your mind why those feelings are there, and then you let it go. It's like the shadow work. 🙂

  16. Can you make a video on how to deal with grief over a loss of a loved one?

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  19. This is like the Demon Loray, for burning up unwanted relationships. But it is instead directed within, for a personal cleansing.

  20. I need to work on this. I try to not bottle up emotion, and anger is challenging to channel in a healthy way. Thank you for this.

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  23. What's the difference between burning something away with anger and 'burning' something away with love? Like the expression loving your ego to death.. surely that's a better option?

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  25. I will use this process to burn up the pent up emotions that I feel when I'm around my boss.

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  28. How does one direct, without also trying to control?

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  31. This is really a fresh approach to anger. I’ve been musing over how anger can possibly be a good force, and this really enhances that musing. I had pretty much decided against anger as being positive. And I had resolved to try to eliminate my angry responses. Then of course a few days later I responded angrily about something. I thought to myself, wow, I don’t like getting angry like that, but the incident was heightened in my mind, allowing me to really process it, and see multifaceted angles on it. My anger UNDERLINED the incident and made me go over it, & my response, in depth. I was able to see the good aspect of getting angry and, as you said, placing distance between myself and the situation. And that was good. And the situation occurring because of me placing myself into a position where it could occur frequently gave me pause to consider whether I want to change some of the circumstances of my life. This is also good. And I do. Not good was me getting angry and making another person feel like they could not make a mistake, because we are all fallible and we all make mistakes frequently, myself included, and we should all be very forgiving and gentle with one another. I really failed on that one, and want to get better on that. I wasn’t approaching the situation with a very global way of viewing all aspects as my knee-jerk reaction. So I need to work on being a little bit more elastic in my ability to face these types of situations, to feel feelings of discomfort, but yet be able to respond in a manner that is a bit more global in taking into consideration and being more considerate, and less easily harmed and offended, and thinking of the other person first or also, and even allowing them the space and opportunity to apologize, help, and realign a messed up situation that occurs. Yes, it’s challenging but a better way of doing things really, and worth it to practice and ingrain as the standard modus operandus. But then I can do this “internal forest fire” work later to internally purify. So this makes it easier to act within the situation with more elasticity, as I know that later I can use it in a purifying manner in my work on my inner self.

  32. Wow! Your timing is magic!!! I wish I could tell you but all Ill say is thank you 🙏🏼

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  34. Teal swan. I will say to you thank you. You have taught me so much that I have needed for so long. It feels like I have suffered an eternity. I will say to you that through pain I have found redemption. I will say to you that through fear I have found strength. I will say to you through suffering I have found peace. How much you give to us is incomprehensible weather we are willing to take your advice. I know that sometimes we may think we know it all but when you are suffering you are willing to take advice. How much you have helped me I will still never know the answer. It is as if you are an angel inn disguise. It is as if heaven has sent you to help those in need. My heart rejoices for beings of heart. I was lost but now I am found. The art that thou has is incomprehensible to the average human to the brothers and sisters in need. You have taught me who I really am. To you Teal swan I say thank you. You have really helped me to evolve in to the being I am today. I will not lie to you but I fell in love with you because you really understand me. I thought that no one will ever understand me. Such is the cycle of life weather we are willing to fight and not succumb to the forces of life. You have helped me through the struggle of life and to you I say thank you. For those willing to learn take my words with kindness. Better days are ahead of us those of you with good faith. Justice will be served but persevere with everything you have do not succumb to life and it’s forces. You see the truth and keep the truth close to your heart. As many times as I Wanted to give up I didn’t. Take all the pain and suffering and use it against itself make it become a force that inspires you to become a better you. Believe in yourself. Have the eyes of an eagle and preserve your surroundings. Have the heart of a lion and overcome any obstacle that life will throw at you relentlessly. But most of all do not forget your human. Do not succumb to the forces of life. Never doubt yourself do not be afraid. Everyone is unique but we are all the same. May you find peace and never give up be the being who you really are. Do not let any one or anything change you. Let your heart guide you and brush pain and fear off your shoulders because everyday is a new beginning. Keep up the good fight. My brothers and sisters and remember before you can really help any one else you must help yourself first. Amen.

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  48. In my case when I get stressed out my PTSD act's out by way of anger,well that's what my mind tell's me all i know is anger pushes love away and turn's our PH acidic!The body/mind i call the spirit of self all it need's is Truth Simplicity Love!

  49. You are fisicaly with a desease , I see in you face .

  50. Absolutely awesome Teal. Of course I need to have the capacity to stay conscious whilst in anger…. I am at this point now and it feels fantastic to me to invite negative emotions to stay and to be observed.
    This is what I needed two days ago.
    Now I have it
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Love you dear Teal.

  51. Can you please stop plagiarizing? ~ you have been busted so hard and wish to know who else you've done this too. I will send you a link in the next comment. Its damn right wrong to pretend its your own thoughts when you are just reading word for word someone elses work with NO CREDIT GIVEN… not cool. Not cool in the slightest.

  52. Excellent video, Teal! Wonderful insights. You are an amazing writer and philosopher. -Teresa

  53. What do you do, if you feel like you will never be able. To follow your heart and do what the universe is calling you to do. Because of family.

  54. I've been fanning these very flames within! Fighting self-destructive fire with self-loving fire. Thank u for validating esp the raw vulnerability and emotions that flood afterwards. I wish there were more ways to allow for public acknowledgement and healing for darker or shameful emotions, to celebrate and honor them publicly too, like a shared rite of passage…and freedom of spirit. ❤

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  57. your the first one to address this internal fire. It’s traditionally labeled mental illness, and punished harshly.

  58. Dear Teal with video it happebd the same, while you were talking I closed my eyes and used your words and meditate. It happened!! Thank you so much 💖

  59. I was just thinking a suggestion I heard to release anger/pain/things that don’t serve you by writing them down and then lighting the paper on fire. I think that is great symbolism of the very thing you just explained. And your advice gives power to the feelings associated with the negative and positive aspects of the much dreaded emotion of “anger”. Thank you so much for this video! 🙏

  60. Oh my god I feel so reborn- not an understatement. Thank you.

  61. "anger" does not agree with my body…its like poison for my body. When I get feel it, if I give into it and let it "burn" as your saying my body tends to internalize it and then feels inflamed and tense all over. Not sure this strategy is appropriate for everyone.

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    Temos um grupo!!! Versão BR do TT

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  66. hey teal how did you come into this and knowing that you have this ability also how did you find this all out family, your own intuition, I am interested because I want to be able to handle myself without looking to others for answers. love what you do thanks

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  75. I am definitely going to use this technique next time!! Sound's a lot easier than trying to control it or ignore it 🙂

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  77. Anger is the way of power positivity is the way of asuring someones hapinnes in all aspects.
    Please try to find something to be thankfull for and again see the benefits in life.
    Archangel Michael (Robin Jelle Joosten)

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  79. Wow, Teal Swan is really a great communicator. Recently I have had difficulties living with my own anger, it makes me ashamed and even more depressed than I already am. I’m a Pisces-Aries cusp also, so it makes coping with my clashing emotions very difficult. As an ecologist, I found her analogy of the forest fire to be beautiful and so symbolic. I will definitely incorporate her advice into my life. 💛

  80. Before I watch any of teals videos I’m like “BITCH fuck me up!” (In a good way lol)

  81. Destruction and creation in a nutshell for me: life is a lego! Also Hinduism has the dynamic of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva.

  82. Teal, I highly resonate with a lot of your videos, and there's a part of me that gets what you're expressing. But I feel that the visualization of burning anything within us doesn't stem from Unconditional Love, but rather, from a state of fear (i.e., the act of getting rid of, or purging, something that's considered UNwanted). I trust that nobody and nothing wants to feel UNwanted.

    In addition, the word "arson" carries a very negative connotation that implies we're doing something hateful, wrong, bad, or evil towards these neutral aspects within us.

    I also have no doubt that practically all human beings, and other sentient life forms, have a deep fear of fire that's used to harm us in any way.

    I've had the following experiences, which makes the mere thought of burning any aspect(s) of self/others doesn't feel good at all, even if it's just using our imagination:

    – burnt my forearm on a stove when I was around three years old, which made me scream and cry. My mother's close friend at the time (who was watching me) poured soy sauce on top of the wound, which felt much worse (still remember). I had a very noticeable brown scar for at least three decades, but it started fading away after that time-frame.

    – witnessed my very angry and understandably upset mother pour a very large pot of boiling water (that was meant for a week's worth of barley tea) on top of my adoptive father's head and body, after finding out that he had a decade-long secret affair with a woman 22+ years younger than them.

    I ended up freezing where I stood, urinating on myself, and then blacking out, and my dad ended up at the hospital with third degree burns and hearing loss in one ear. He told the hospital that it was an accident, and my mother told her family members that he was merely covering his own @$$ to avoid consequences, to include paying alimony and child support after a divorce.

    It's too easy to judge another for doing something so cruel on any energetic level—physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual (in this case, both parties); but I've learned that until we've experienced walking in another's shoes for MANY miles, we can never truly know what it's like to be in their situations.

    Examples: Both of my parents were deeply wounded during childhood and adulthood, my mother apparently caught my father cheating before, and my mother was a very challenging person to live with.

    – helplessly embraced a loved one whose whole body was burnt in a past-life dream/alternate Earth reality

    Teal, perhaps the use of violet fire can shift our deeply conditioned perception of past, misused and abused fire from many lifetimes, to a more gentle, peaceful, healing, comforting, and loving experience.

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  88. This reminds me of an anger release exercise that Sikhs perform. I highly recommend it. I wonder if she got it from there. Blessings be.

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  90. U also need change change in what's making the person angry in that first place it's not enough to just process and feel it

  91. Excellent. For the last 3 days I have been having unusual "nightmares" and "daymares" with a theme in pure, hot rage. Not my normal MO. I'm repeatedly grateful for your existing Teal 🤘🏻☺️

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  94. I'm a big music buff & it's interesting I listen to heavy grimey deep bassline music like 12th Planet or Bassnectar (pre 2011, the newer stuff isn't as good), when I get angry. I think it really does help allow you to feel anger vs rejecting it. After listening for awhile I feel more brave & full of strength rather than angry. After the anger subsides I'm usually good or I'll go into meditation for more peace.

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