Intermediate Yoga ♥ Stress Release Flow | Playa Barrigona

have you ever considered the idea that your soul, your consciousness to experience everything you are experiencing when we begin to look at everything around us and truly understand our connection the ocean the stars the sun and the moon that connection is there to remind us that we are never alone in this journey we are here together in this dimension of time and that right there is a true miracle together one world one love


  1. How long you practicing on yoga ?;))

  2. i had so much fun with this practice!! thank you- your flows are incredible

  3. Please play

  4. Really enjoyed this shirt and efficient yoga, hopefully here can be more intermediate to advance level…So we can grow with you…Better ourselves 😊 all love

  5. you're amazing ~ thank you for existing!! amen

  6. We had be away for a week, go it was great to get back to another great Video, we are both getting better at doing them now.

  7. Thank you for all of your videos!! You are the best part of my day!!

  8. after the intro I started crying because of the music and the sound of your voice… just everything came out… i have problems to let the bad feelings come out and to simply CRY but you made it happen … thank you <3

  9. That was exactly bwhat I needed💚💚💚

  10. Another great workout. You always have The Perfect Blend of spirituality and physical challenge that makes the most out of a short period of time to do my practice in the morning. Thank you!

  11. Great! I love this!

  12. Loved this video ♡♡♡

  13. Thanku❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Thankyou Juliana and Mark. You both bring so much positivity to me (and I'm sure many others too!). My husband and I now do your yoga every evening. I am now a vegetarian too because of you! You are amazing and so so inspiring!!

  15. Beautiful words!!!

  16. Even though some are (head stand) a little more advanced than what I can handle, still my favorite yoga /workout video!

  17. This was amaziiing! So much love for your classes it's unreal. Been doing your classes every day for the past 3 years… Thank you for everything xxx

  18. Wow this was an amazing yoga practice! loved it! It was soo good for the stress release and even made me sweat because of the difficulty and concentration for each pose! Thank for this 🙂

  19. You are amazing and love your videos. Please keep going, you are an inspiration!

  20. Incredible flow! Just what I needed for a quick relief.

  21. Lovvvvvveww 💚💚 when you start the video with a very deep thought. One love….keeps me focused on the breath and feeling yoga 🧘‍♀️💚

  22. Wow!!

  23. I think we done this before, it is very good very enjoyable.

  24. I enjoyed this practice enormously! Thank you

  25. Thank you

  26. Even though this was way too difficult for me, it motivated me to do more. Every day little by little I discover something new. Thank you

  27. This kind of stress release flows are awesome! I 'd love them at Patreon! thanks Juliana .Love and Light 💗

  28. This video was the first time I ever have done a headstand unassisted and could actually hold it so i am so so so happy and grateful <3 Thank you so much!!

  29. I love this practice so so much!

  30. nothing quite like headstands for releasing stress! it just completely takes you out of your head and resets your mind if you ask me

  31. Challenging and so good ! Thx you very much.

  32. Please do more intermediate videos I love them, and maybe a little bit longer 😘

  33. Love these yoga videos! They really affect my mentality in a good way and make me feel stronger Both mentally and physically ❤️

  34. please make more intermediate/advanced videosssssss; they're amazin c:

  35. Whats the songs name ? <3

  36. This is one of my favorite videos, thank you for helping me with my yoga journey ❤️💫

  37. Hi Juliana and Mark, i also just looooove your videos, your energy and the way you think. I was wondering if you could make a video or an article about what you wear, I mean where do you buy your clothes in general, are you trying to buy ethical sport clothes or do you have favorite brands or shops? Lots of love💜🔮💙

  38. Beautiful introduction 💖💖💖💖💖

  39. Fantastic class !

  40. „One world one love“ thank you! Namaste

  41. Beautiful flow! Thank you for your pure heart:)

  42. This is an amazing class

  43. I nearly cried today, doing some of your practices. Just the world seems so ugly lately. And I needed the reminder to keep my mind and body strong to cope. Your words help.

  44. I almost did the bind!! I've never gotten this close w the others! Big smile today!

  45. Yoga in general and especially your videos helped me with my depression, stress, back ache and with the way I feel about myself. Thank you.

  46. I love this so much!! great flow babe, only thing I cannot quite do yet is the headstand haha 😛 but other than that, SUPPPEERRRR amazing!!!!

  47. I just love your videos. Your voice is light, kind, and with great tempo. The scenery is gorgeous, and the music is so fitting. THANK YOU!

  48. 💜🙏Thank u for all your beautiful videos , you can feel the love that comes from everything you do 😇

  49. I could not do 16:28~….🙁

  50. what yoga mats do you guys use? is it just the regular foam kinds?

  51. Beautiful workout thanks.

  52. I so much love your VDO, so beautiful and perfect on your.

  53. your videos are out of this woorrrld. thank you for all that you both do!! i always watch your videos for yoga, they're so relaxing and empowering yet beautiful and humble. You are a true inspiration of where i want to be, so thank you for reminding me of that and for being such a positive influence in so many peoples lives.

  54. SO incredible .. you 're my shinning candle

  55. Juliana i Love your videos😍sua yoga e pilates são os melhores ,your voice is sweet you very beautiful kisses for you and mark,Love and light aqui do Brasil🙏🐶😘

  56. I love your videos so much! You make me feel yoga is not so hard to do! such inspiring exercises! Thank again

  57. Love this workout it is so relaxing❤❤

  58. Love it <3 ! Thank you for this beautiful practice!

  59. Thank you for such a beautiful videos love

  60. Very inspiring as always these videos always make me happy. I really feel as though my yoga is progressing and feeling more supple. 🙂

  61. Ребята хороши)коннекшн ♡

  62. Thank you guys Love you

  63. excellent

  64. You're the most challenging Yogi I learn from but the best too. Thank you!

  65. Thank you for yet another divine yoga experience. <3

  66. you're so good

  67. Juliana could please do a yoga session for sensitive knees 🙏🙏💖

  68. I love ❤️ Yoga

  69. Who’s the music by? Sounds like Xavier Rudd

  70. good video

  71. amazing video!!!😍😍😍 perfect for a stressful day to calm down!

  72. Hi Juliana – you are my favorite instructor of all time! Can you tell me what song this is? Namaste

  73. I find it really strange that you inhale on "cat" and exhale on "cow", kinda weird and unnatural

  74. Let's start a positive day after watching your video. Peace on earth. Love from France

  75. Juliana can tech me how to hold my balance when do handstands I"m feeling sad want be more flexible

  76. You two are just gorgeous! Love you Julia! Love this video! x

  77. 1:30

  78. I love your videos. They are challenging, effective and they help me relax. Thank you for being L.O.V.E. #veryeffectivewomen

  79. Your videos are a boon to the mankind, I am addicted to them
    Love , light and positivity

  80. You are good yogi and you video always good but We need little more advance make little more advance yoga video

  81. WOWWWWWW!!!!!
    I learned how to do headstand thank to your videos

  82. Wonderful to start a Sunday morning. NAMASTE

  83. i love your outfit. where did you get them?

  84. That was beautiful..may i know the song pls..thank you

  85. such a gem

  86. I’ve been doing your videos daily for 4 months now and loved this one and how I was able to push my body through the twist and binds that I wouldn’t have been able to back in Dec. Thank you for leading this amazing practice!

  87. This is my absolute favourite!!! I do your yoga videos several times a week. Thank you so much!!! 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️❤️

  88. is this for beginners

  89. Sometime later…mother of all things holy I am in post workout pain from this. Inner thigh, hamstring, upper thigh, lower ab greatness

  90. Music please i love it

  91. L❤️VE! More intermediate and longer sessions please and thank you! Your channel is the BEST for yoga. Thank you for all you do.

  92. You have inspired me to change my life. I am healthier, more positive, and calmer than I have ever been before. Thank you so much!♥️

  93. I can't stop watching your videos.
    They are fantastic.

  94. Note: not one to do after an intense leg day at the gym!😅 I love this flow! I would definitely love seeing/doing more flows like this ❤

  95. Love it!

  96. thanks from the heart <3

  97. Thank you so much for this video! I was in a really bad place mentally when I decided to do some yoga to get reenergized. I literally started to cry during this video . I thought that I just couldn’t do it and wanted to stop and just cry but I said no you’re doing this now and I pushed through and I’m feeling way better thank you❤️ to everyone: your mind gives up way before your heart so continue what ever it is you’re doing! You can do it! I’ll try it too😅❤️

  98. This was one of the most beautiful yoga classes I have ever done. So pure, deep and transformative. Thank you so much Earth angel for creating this and sharing your magic with the world. The song in the background also touched my heart so deeply. Could you please share what is the name of the song?
    Love and light,
    Cynthia ❤️

  99. Love this it hits the spot every time, please bring out more intermediate classes!❤🙌🏽

  100. Amazing flow! I can't believe that I can do intermediate classes now! More of these videos please! They bring so much benefit!

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