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Welcome to Urubamba beautiful town in the Sacred Valley region of Peru Today’s practice is going to be a vinyasa inspired flow that focuses on increasing your strength and balance in your entire body By concentrating on specific and perhaps slightly challenging yoga postures you will allow the mind chatter to stop become aware of each and every breath and Welcome gratitude and appreciation for a body So if you’re ready grab your mat grab your water and lets get started All right friends we’re gonna begin today seated on your mat with your knees together Go ahead and just take a big breath in reaching both arms up to the sky And then from here you’re going to release into your child’s pose interlace the fingers and extend both arms up to the sky Giving your shoulders a nice stretch here and Then slowly come on up to your knees into your kneeling position opening up through the chest Allowing those hands to come all the way down to the mat Beautiful take an inhale hold and then exhale releasing back down to your child’s pose continuing with a nice shoulder stretch here, and then release the arms forward and Then transitioning into your upward facing dog dropping the hips looking up towards the sky and then exhale Bending the knees and coming back down and to your Child’s Pose Doing that again rounding through the spine extending through the knees look up Exhale bend the knees and round the spine into your Child’s Pose two more times. Just like that release Drop the hips look up Exhale Child’s Pose And one more time let’s release see how far you can open through that chest and Then exhale lift the hips from here and take your downward facing dog Just taking this opportunity right now to feel that’s stretch through the body and Then it wants you ready rounding through into your plank this time bending your knees and pointing them to one side and then plank again bend the knees to the other side Plank again and Then go back into your downward facing dog Awesome hold it here inhale and Then exhale let’s take a flow coming into your plank chaturanga dandasana inhale opening into your upward facing dog and exhale releasing into your downward facing dog Some one more inhale then as you exhale taking your right leg right up to the sky here We’re about to do one more core exercise here, so we’re gonna Do is bend the knee you’re gonna bring that knee towards your chest staying a plank? Just extend the leg back and then bring it into your chest for two you’re gonna stay in that plank position three and Four Very good keep going by nice and strong knee to chest six Seven and Last one bring it in extend out chaturanga inhale open into your upward facing dog and exhale releasing into your downward facing dog let that sternum followed and closer towards the mat and Then from here, we’re gonna take that same exercise to the other side so go ahead and come up into your three-legged dog Bending that top knee When you’re ready take a deep breath in on your exhale touch that need to chest for one Extend and bring it in for two three Or stay in your plank position by and six and seven You got this eight awesome chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing dog lift and open and Exhale take it back into your downward facing dog Bending the knees now go ahead step our hop to the very front of your mat, and then from here We’re gonna take our standing forward fold see if you can reach for your ankles and While you have your ankles start to move your knees so bending one knee at a time and extending the opposite knee Just getting a little deeper into those hamstring and then once you ready just stop and hold your standing forward fold Bending from the hips trying to keep the back as straight as possible here Taking a deep breath in and then exhale coming up to standing inhale Let’s reach both arms up to the sky exhale dive yourself down inhale halfway lengthen exhale hopper step right into plank or chaturanga upward facing dog and then downward facing dog Right away. Go ahead. Take one leg into your three-legged dog reach it up and then exhale big step to the top of the mat open the back foot and cartwheeling the arms into your warrior two Just check your posture pull the navel to the spine nice strong arms You’re going to reach both arms up to the sky extend that front knee exhale. Bend the front knee hands to heart inhale reach exhale Bring your hands to heart for two so really start to feel the engagement and that front quadricep reach it up and exhale Bend Extending the arms now beautiful warrior two Opening the front palm and then releasing to your Peaceful Warrior Çb gonna reach that back through the back Beautiful Breathing deeply into the side here, and then releasing into your extended side angle And to the floor or if you like to take it easier over to your knee Breathing in to the opposite side now Now from here, just take a circle with that top arm And then see if you can extend the front knee and transition right into your triangle pose Stacking the shoulders here breathing deeply Some inhale And then exhale come back up bending the front knee warrior two Peaceful warrior one more time. Let’s release the other side Now take a deep breath, and we’re going to do a transition here Into our wide legged forward fold with a twist you can extend the front knee and then release that body The arm that was behind your back is now reaching towards the sky, and the other hand is reaching to the opposite ankle Stay here and this wide legged forward fold breathing deeply into your hamstrings Looking up towards the sky if you can Beautiful inhale Exhale Go a little deeper and then switch to the other side so now the other hand is reaching for the angle and Then the opposite her arm is reaching up to the sky Try to keep your hips square here. Just breathing deeply following that hand up to the sky with your gaze Inhale and exhale Just focusing on the breath Letting go of any other thoughts Any other emotions just focus on the inhalation and the exhalation as you allow your body to? Release deeper and deeper into this posture Inhale and Exhale come to Center Good and then slowly from here. Just coming back into the center wide legged forward fold Interlace the fingers behind your back and then see if we can allow the hands to fall forward We Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you today Stay present and focused as you slowly come up to standing Inhale, let’s reach both arms up to the sky. You’re gonna open that same foot to the front of your mat warrior two and Then cartwheeling the arms down Turning the back foot and then taking your twisted high lunge So the opposite hand from the front foot is on the ground And the other arm is reaching up to the sky Great job Slowly that hand comes down to the mat and Then just step your foot back into plank chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog and exhale releasing into your downward facing dog Great let’s take an inhale through your nose as the other leg reaches up to the sky Bending the knee exhale big step to the top of the mat Pivot the back foot around the heel and cartwheel the arms into your warrior two Find that Center draw the belly button to your spine extending the front knee as the arms reach Exhale hands to heart as the knee bends inhale exhale four to inhale reach exhale Three get nice and low with those hips reach up exhale Four hold that extending those arms warrior two Breathing deeply opening the front palm and releasing into your peaceful warrior the other arm goes behind your back Breathe in lengthen through the side of your body and then Rounding through as you transition into your extended side angle Creating that beautiful straight line from the tips of your fingers all the way down to the heel Breathing into any tension you may feel along the side of your body Welcoming oxygen and letting go and just a quick transition with the hand if you like and then Extending the front knee and taking your triangle Continuing to focus on that top arm reaching up to the sky Breathing deeply into the side of your body and Then coming up or your two easeful warrior one more time Breathe inhale Exhale rounding the spine hand comes to the mat give it the front foot We’re gonna take our wide legged forward fold one more time, but this time see if you can reach with your hands through the legs Breathing here And Then your elbows coming down And now this is we’re gonna take it to your own level now you can either release all the way down into a side split Now if this is too challenging for you today. You’re just gonna walk out the feet as far as you can and hold it there So if you can stay on your elbows if reaching the elbows to the mat today is too much to stay on your hands This posture is all about letting go of any tension or emotions in the hips So breathing deeply with each exhalation allowing yourself to go a little further into that side splay Again you just take it to your own level here breathe and release Inhale and Exhale Very nice. We’re slowly going to come out so if you’re fully in your sights blood coming up otherwise just start heel toeing the feet Until you return back into that wide legged forward fold and then reaching the arms up Really easing into your warrior two Cartwheel Amy arms and coming into your twisted high lunge Hold it here breathe Focus on the inhalation and exhalation Release and step back into your plank taking your flow inhale upward facing dog and Then exhale releasing into your downward facing dog Beautiful, just take them home when I take a deep breath in exhale From here taking your right leg reach it up into your three-legged dog bending the knee And then we’re going to come into our page and posture Opening up through the chest Release make sure the back knee back. Leg is along the center of your mat, and then come on down with your body here Allowing yourself to be present Being completely aware of any thoughts that may arise With each exhalation And give yourself permission to let go Let go of your body into the mat feeling that deep release through the glute muscle Let go of any negative thoughts that Are doing no good to you? So let all of that go and with each inhalation welcome positive beautiful vibrant energy Into your body and into your being You are in control of your mind you are in control of your body Beautiful now from here. Let’s slowly come on up with your body first Releasing the hands over to the mat tuck your toes and then stepping back into your downward facing dog Let’s flow it out slowly coming to your plank chaturanga Inhale upward facing dog and then exhale take it back into your downward facing dog Let’s go to the other side other. Leg is reaching up that same knee to your thumb as you release into your pigeon Inhale opening through the chest and then exhale Walking your hands forward and releasing your chest all the way down Breathing deeply into the other side now with each exhalation allow yourself to surrender to the mat as you Let go of any tension in your body especially in that left wing Breathing deeply welcoming oxygen and then exhale letting go of all that no longer serves you Let it all go Staying present staying focused on the inhale and the exhale Beautiful just stay one more inhale through your nose Good now when you’re ready to exhale slowly come on up with your chest Open up Good reach up if that’s comfortable for you, or just keep the hands grounded tuck your toes and Stepping back into your downward facing dog Adding a little bit of a neck movement here to let go of any tension In the upper back and then come through into your plank chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog and exhale downward facing dog Beautiful let’s go ahead and hop forward to the mat Bending the knees and come over into an easy pose with your feet cross together Just sit up nice and tall And then just taking a big head roll to one side letting go of any tension in the neck Letting go of any tension the shoulders as you release to the other side big head roll Inhaling reaching both arms up to the sky, and then exhale taking a side stretch Making sure that both sit bones are grounded. Just breathing deeply here Hold and breathe Rounding forward and switching to the other side Great job just breathing deeply Rounding forward and stopping along the center Walking your hands as far out as you can allowing that chest to release Inhale and exhale slowly from here when you’re ready You’re going to come on up Inhale, let’s reach both arms up to the sky Palms together and exhale to your heart and one more time Big breath in bring all that positive energy hold that energy between your hands and welcome into your heart Take this opportunity right now to send gratitude to yourself Thank yourself for your practice for your hard work and for dedicating this time to your health and your well-being From my heart to yours I send you love and light Namaste


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