what's going on total alpha family and all my new subscribers joining the channel Damian Patrick here tuning in with you and I'm bringing you a brand new home workout video that's right guys this is part of my home workout series if you haven't seen the other videos make sure you check it out after this video now what we're gonna be focusing on in this video is Jess guys I want to be showing you guys how to build your chest up with just two dumbbells and a bench that's it guys all the home workout series right now the big just dumbbells that is all you need to develop a really good physique of course diet is important as well but we're not gonna waste any time guys I'm going to show you how to hit a really good chest workout hitting all parts of the chest with just minimal equipment we're gonna throw some of my intensity techniques in there so this is not just a regular old boring chest workout we got some stuff in here that's gonna really challenge you and push you to new growth so let's not waste any time let's rock and roll all right fan we're gonna get right into the workout I've got my bench from rip fit also I've got my dumbbells ready to rock and roll so what we're gonna be doing is we're gonna start off with the dumbbell press remember guys the weights should always challenge you but it should not be so uncomfortable that you lose your form again challenge you but not stress you out alright so first I'm ready to do it gonna start off with the bench press but the dumbbell bench press but we're gonna do it with my way the DP way we're gonna be doing it with some slow negatives guys so first thing I want to do is grab my dumbbells put them on top of my quads rack them up alright No before we even lay down we got to make sure we get into the right position so number one is we're gonna pull the shoulder blades back drop the shoulders and bring that chest forward so we're gonna retract the scapula bring the chest forward shoulders down we want to make sure we're targeting the chest keeping the shoulders safe and minimize the use of the front delts all right so let's rock and roll what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna keep my elbows nice and tight to my torso and I'm gonna kick those dumbbells back and keep those elbows tight all right first thing guys abs are tight shoulders are back chest is forward now I want your elbows to be about three inches lower than shoulder height so we don't want to be out here flaring all the way out this is bad news guys so if this is shoulder height we're gonna come down three inches one two three so roughly 45 degrees from your torso but to make things less confusing just do three inches four inches lower than shoulder height all right chest forward shoulders back feet firmly planted on the ground we're gonna use five slow negatives as you can see on the screen guys first come up with that squeeze bring the dumbbells together three two one up for one squeeze that's number two three two one look at the control guys up squeeze three two one that's the third fret and we're going for squeeze hard at the top one two three notice I'm not locking my elbows out super hard I'm just going up through the squeeze and this is just do one more and squeeze and we're gonna hit the ten regular speed now still the good form one two three look at that form it hasn't changed four five six I'm starting to really feel it 78 squeeze 10 tuck the elbows in and kick up at the beach and those down next to us boom just like that guy so again the focus is chest forward shoulders back keep those elbows a little bit lower than shoulder height we don't want to keep it up here it's bad news to the shoulder you guys nice controlled tempo all right keep the abs nice and tight okay so you see on the screen it says five ten that's five slow negatives ten normal speeds and you see it says for ten that's four slow negatives ten normal speed exceeds before eight four slow negatives eight normal speed but if you can try to increase the weight on those lower reps always do that but make sure the form is tight guys now great thing about intensity techniques is you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to get that burn to make those muscles grow so we're going to be focusing on more of that so let's rock roll let's take a look at the second part of the workout all right fan let's rock the world we're going to the second part of the work and now we're going to be doing another intensity technique like I said this is not a normal chest workout we're using normal equipment but we're doing extraordinary things guys so altars decide we're gonna be hitting some PEC flies now so I'm going to show you how to hit the PEC fly would Papa form to keep it as safe as possible so we're gonna grab the weight though just like we did last time and throw it on top of the quads wrap it up now we're gonna be super setting this I'm going to show you the second second exercise after we're done again chest forward shoulders back we want to hit that chest I want to hit everything else but that chest make it work super hard elbows in tight and kick it back alright I like to start in the middle here again feet firmly planted on the ground abs are tight I also like to keep my glutes tight as well just not super tight though just a little tight so again the elbows should be a little over their shoulder height we're gonna open up like we're going for a hug guys think of it as a hug bend those elbows let those that will spend about 30 40 degrees that would come back up and squeeze all right with these normal speed though we're not gonna do any slow negatives on these because we're doing that superset I'm gonna go for 12 reps here squeeze hard each read nice and control even though we're not doing slow- we're not going we want that time of attention guys especially since all we got is these dumbbells all right well let's go squeeze let's go come on yeah let's go one more reps there guys keep those abs tight boom notice that breathe in on the way down exhale on the way up full of control let's just do one more for good measure and squeeze the elbows in crack it up we're get some nice and tall so what are you gonna do as soon as you're done with the PEC flies you're gonna go to some seated dumbbell raises so dumbbell PEC raises so we're gonna grab very light weight should be super light because you got to be able to hold it up there guys all right so what's what I'm talking about I'm gonna bring that chest forward palms out now I want to raise these dumbbells to love the height of the clavicle that's about as high as I need to go when I get there I'm gonna hold that squeeze for a two three count these are tough these are tough so let's rock and roll I still got the pom-pom flies we're gonna come up squeeze one two three whoa squeeze one two three I want you to notice this V shape that I'm making with my palms right here look at that V shape squeeze one two three let me turn the lens waves you can see it breathe it squeeze it hold the PEC is pumped up I can feel every single rep one more time squeeze and release whoo so remember when you're doing those you sit nice and tall liberty shelters guys look at the chest I'm looking at a stack of us all the way back making sure I'm target in the chest properly and I'm holding that squeeze that's a superset right there whoa let's hit the next one let's keep it rolling all right guys that brings the very last part of this workout we're going to be combining the couple exercises here so we're combining two exercises to be exact but I mainly want you to focus on the intensity technique the intensity technique is going to be a positive rec so we're gonna really focus in holding that squeeze for a three count really filling that muscle up with blood before we move on to the next rep all right but I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it we're moving up on the bench we're gonna do one click up from the bottom a slight incline so we can target that upper chest a little bit more now before I get into it one thing I want to answer for my beginners a lot of times beginners they don't know where to press the dumbbell or press the barbell guys sometimes they're up here sometimes they're down there now the ideal position is slightly above the nipple line so wherever your nipples are on your body you imagine the line right here going across and that's where you want to bring those hands together and squeeze all right so let's rock roll remember guys the pause breath the parse rep is what's important here we're gonna wrap it up and it's challenging but you got to stick in there and get the work done shoulders back checks forward and down I'm gonna go right back into the bench like we have elbows are where they're supposed to be feet are where they're supposed to be we're going to come up with that press squeeze turn it in close grip press look with my elbows in the close grip press I still got about three to four inches of space between the elbows in the torso and then I'm gonna hold that squeezes I wanna two three and boom and I'll keep it flowing call that squeeze one two three when I'm holding that squeeze guys I'm focusing on squeezing down to the chest as hard as possible well boom these are killer so we're not going to too many reps of these as you can see on the screen because trust me when I say it's gonna burn your chest down let's go boo squeeze squeeze three sweets all right off serious let's get serious for a second when you're doing that squeeze you're holding the dumbbells together guys I want you to picture a nickel a diamond right in between the chest and herpes say this in other videos and trying to squeeze down even a finger and try to squeeze it as hard as possible now you don't have to have a massive chesty with to use your imagination but you got to do that to get that mind-muscle connection so that is your goal 1 2 home squeeze squeeze squeeze one two all right guys that is it for the workout alright guys there you have my 30 minute intense home workout with just dumbbells and a bench make no mistakes about it guys even though it's only 30 minutes that's plenty of work for the chest also it's super challenging but you got to make sure you do it exactly the way I showed you with the intensity techniques executed the way I did them so that you get the most out of the workout guys don't be in a rush to get through it doing exactly the way you saw it okay guys also guys I want to shout out to my guys over at whit fit for sending me this bench guys if you want a bed so you need a fence for your home check it out guys I'm keeping it real with you the quality is amazing it's only a hundred bucks its incline its flat its decline it's super adorable like I see I don't even now they're making money off this thing it should be at least a couple hundred bucks but 100 bucks with shipping and you can fold it up and stick it under your bed check them out I'm gonna put them down in the description I appreciate you guys a trip fit for sending me the bench for free much respect and I'll be doing more home workouts because I know you guys like and I like doing them they're awesome especially a lot of you guys don't have gems I understand I was there at one point and you can't always make it to the gym so anyways let me stop rambling I'm gonna catch up with you guys next time I hope you enjoyed the video smash that thumbs up but peace


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