Insurance Questions: How Do I Pick The Right Health Insurance Plan?

How do you pick the right insurance plan?
To make the best health insurance choice for you and your family, you can’t just
look at the premium. Usually a lower premium means a higher deductible and a
higher premium means a lower deductible. The main choice is do you want to pay
less per month for your premium but then risk having higher costs when you use
your services or do you want to pay a little bit more per month and then pay
less when you need to use your services? Some plans also have separate
deductibles, one for medical services and one for prescriptions. Some plans have
co-insurance some plants have co-payments. Co-insurance is where you’re responsible
for a set percentage of the services received, a co-payment is when
you have a set dollar amount for the services received. Don’t just assume the
deductibles and co-payments are the only differences between the plans we really
need to dive into it to see which services are available and covered. Be
sure to check that the plan covers the prescription drugs that you take and at
what cost. If you have a doctor that you would like to keep seeing make sure that
they’re a provider for that network, if they’re not you’re gonna end up paying a
lot more.

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