probably remember the rest of my life because I was in the process of relaunching and rebranding an e-cigarette company that I had acquired out Texas moved into Wisconsin and was actually driving to an event with Senator Johnson and speaker Ryan listening to the FDA announcement of the deeming regulation and I couldn't believe what I was hearing which I trust 99.9% of the people in the industry never thought the FDA would go as far as they did to crush a an industry I got the visit to the event and I pulled senator Johnson aside after the event and he said mark I got to get to my next event I'll call you Saturday I said I'm not telling it this shows how committed this senator was within 20 minutes of meeting him he was on the phone back to Washington DC – the council on the committee that he chairs drafting the first of the letters to the FDA right that was within 20 minutes okay the following Tuesday we met with his chief of staff and by Friday the first letter to the FDA senator Johnson is busting his butt to help us

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  1. That's my Senator! Go Senator Johnson! Thanks again, Brent!

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