Innofactor & HUS — Health Village

With Health Village’s digital treatment paths, – we offer patients a chance to – learn about their illness whenever it suits them – and access the exact amount of information they want. We also offer patients a chance to contact – our professionals and ask about things they want to know more about. The most significant benefit Health Village offers to hospitals is scalability. We can quickly produce digital services – for a large number of patients. The second benefit we offer is enabling professionals – to create tools for themselves. Tools are not just handed to professionals from the outside. Instead, they can influence the tools. The third benefit I would like to highlight is patient centricity. We have been working with patient organisations – the entire time we have been planning the treatment paths. These are the three most important benefits. To give an example, we have been receiving lots of feedback from the New Children’s Hospital. The parents of children with chronic or serious illnesses – have told us that they find our mobile app extremely useful. For example, a tired parent can fill in forms related to their child’s care – while taking the bus to work. The form will immediately be sent to a professional, – who can then give their opinion about it at the clinic.

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