Ingrid’s story: How I take control of my health with my personal health record

Unfortunately, I have a lot of health issues,
so there’s masses of facets of that that I need to organise and bring together. And being
able to go online through the Evergreen app, and being able to look at all my – for example
– all my consultant letters, all my test results, all my consultations with the doctor, all my
referrals out and things like that. It allows me to get a real comprehensive picture of
what’s going on with my health and allows me to manage it better. One of the things that I think is very very
useful is often in hospitals and things like that their record keeping and information
is terrible. And I have a lot of consultants who don’t talk to each other, so what I can
do with something like Evergreen Life is I can print out the relevant information, so
that when I go to the hospital to the outpatients, and they don’t have my information, is I can actually provide it for them. So, it allows me a comprehensive view of what’s
going on and it really really helps me to understand the individual issues – and of
course, sometimes there are things in consultant letters and things that aren’t quite right. So it gives
me a marvellous opportunity to look at that and say ‘Hang on, this isn’t quite right,
do you think we could have a look at this?’ And of course, ask questions if I don’t understand. It’s just a ‘anywhere in the world, 24/7,’
which when you think about it is absolutely marvellous. Access to all my health information,
24/7. It’s terrific.

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