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in 1964 one man changed the face of boxing in Sheffield forever that man was Brandon Engle since then Sheffield has produced some of the best names in the boxing business Brenden arrived in sheffield in the late 1950s looking for work he followed his brother over to the Steel City where he had relations and Sue made a name for himself Brendan was approached by the local vicar in Winker Bank who explained to him the problem of youth violence in the area the building opposite the church him when cobalt was run down and out of use Brendan was given license to start work on the gym you now see today graduates start making alterations to it and one of them was especially when we got into the 80s I was working for a training job scheme for young people that were hyper hyper active underachievers all sorts of problems smashing kids having boxed in his youth Brendan used his knowledge of the sport to construct every living detail of the gym it was always plenty of ideas and what I found it fascinating was the steel walks in Sheffield in the engineering so it designed all these spring-loaded swivels to hold the bikes so the bike can move any way and if you look want to say to people I'm gonna make it so we can train about 50 or 60 at once says you're mad Brandon's ideas where you need to say the least and not all confined to the boxing ring well the first thing aside to it was de lines but I got the lines at this idea about these lines the circles and up and down into colours and also sing it when you're trained and people thought it was mad red and yellow and pink and green orange on see hundred feet your eyes your voice running coordination yellow from candy angry happy red and yellow and pink angry origin purple and blue I can sing a rainbow sing a rainbow sing a rainbow – what do you think that does for you look you're looking down there or dinged up those five cell culture gives you confidence and then box and songs stand up and fight on till you hear the bell trade pro football people turtles around event but if you get people shadow box and singing your hands your feet your eyes your voice are all in coordination so people have is lost the plot present time so all these champions are going to come out of here so the time rolls on all the champions come here name such as Harrell Ballmer Graham Kell Brook and also Ryan Rose have all been products of the Engel camp but brand new feels that there is one individual who really stood out madera Liddell you noted though there's got to be Johnny Nelson people gonna ask me why and they say well Johnny Nelson come in here he was a start a tall skinny black kid he was afraid of his own shovel in no confidence Edel Graham used to torment him in the rate is only body sparred and filling them around the wanting of the Johnny Nelson used to go well it is gym crime it's hard to believe I says listen I said you're 15 now again you were 18 he will not be able to do and wish a you've got the comb every day it's not my problem says I live across the road he was in here every day going up and down these lines going around the circles then gradually after probably a year or two he get in use holding his own the amateurs I think he lost his first three or four same with the pros people used again you say we're Eurasian retirement in for continuity so it says I beg to differ the rest is history another rising talent from the gym is Mejia puzzled in the 20 year old settler boxer is just starting his professional career and is unbeaten in his first three fights the Bantam weight boxer describes how much boxing means to him I've been boxing since a young age what I've been half a month and then I started when I was 14 there's a good six years now been in every day for many aspiring athletes boxing is more than a sport it is a way of life muhib explains why he loved the sport so much and what else can we learn from it what to be honest his voice is very it keeps you a disciplined person and keeps you on your toes and keeps you very fit I'm saying and it's just the sport of competition always that competition and it's the only sport that is real but some supports are kind of big mockings kind of real you get easy John same over the years Sheffield has continued to churn out boxing greats including names like Herald bomber Graham and Johnny Nelson but there is one name that all young boxer from the city truly remember well yeah there's a lot of boxes in camera dolly there's Mike Tyson this person as a man I destroyed him when he made with her it was loader bucket but I really look used to look up to because I'm from Sheffield I looked up to prison I think I made and he's from the same gym and I always looked up looked up to him blur as a box I like to spend many boxes are known for having their own trademarks fast hands quick feet the ability to switch stances much like his idol Nazim Hamid where he was a southpaw and he believed that since training at Engels gym he has developed his own brand new boxing ok I can switch I can hit with warp hands and every day I'm being fitter and fitter being at this gym and I think I found one boxer will a normal good boxer should click on my own style in this gym everyone's got their own style it's just it's an Engel style in it just confident we're not cocky but we just took confident former Hebe boxing is his life he lives and breathes it there is no place he would rather be than here at Engel gym training the atmospheres buzzing buzzing I come into this gym all right no matter what's in your head but soon as you walk out them doors just like it's a whole different time scale of in here is that my second wall industry has been more technology from spending all my family and like most young boxes from the gym it was one man who was supported muhib every step of the way Brendan Engle well yeah he's like a father figure to me like whenever whenever I was at school and I had problems that come on ask him and he'd come and help me out with and like like you I'm telling you like being mixed at your idol and a legend let's see in a legend every day it's like a dream come true I ask for more is a legend to be around for Brendan becoming a boxer starts outside the gym in the ring something or kids who train here quickly learn look at the results here and the kids say that wouldn't go to school they come down here and shame on the fight how do you see it I want to fight and it says what your attitude like and take bad he says what about school you Wagner from school say yeah it says you've got to change your attitude I said you got to go to school if you're when you're from school Europe you've got to come in here and do as you're told they see time trial and patience it says you will become champion Brendan's no-nonsense approach to training doesn't just help individuals become better boxes but also allows them to become better people something's Rendon has taken pride in since he opened the gym it says the first thing in here is manners if you come up to get your gloves tired you come up and say Brendan with your timely glove gloves please I tired up I says then what I says a hold your gloves until you say thank you that's the way grey from the start displaces walk boxes from all over the UK come here to Sheffield to train with Brendan and follow his philosophy no one knows it's more than October and Leo de'longhi Leo is currently undefeated with five wins one draw and 0 losses following in his father's footsteps Nia became a professional boxer when he left school my dad was a boxer got to the final in the Harvard Championships University champion America and it's something I brother had a fight when we were kids I left school I took up probably like many other kids Leo tried his hand at a variety of other sports when he was younger but he felt that boxing was his true calling card yeah I really liked it I still played on a sport I was good at football tennis basketball I used to race motocross but boxing I think I can be better than good be a make money good money either having seen many legends of the boxing will pass through the hallowed doors of Engl gym Leah believed it was his turn to join up with the best in the business I'd seen some fires like former world champions like Quincy and habit bomber gray m.r I engage and they will come from me I like the way they boxer style we've had a good friend gaff couch who were we went on amplitude yet he was 40 knows afro and he told me that investing around so I tried a few other gyms and the I try this one this one just way better the rest and I come here and loved it and have it back being a boxer a-tingle gym isn't just about training to become a world-class athlete it was much more to it than that there was a sense of community and French around the place something that Brennan has developed over his time here Brennan's brilliant the frizzies is a character like myself he's fun to be around always have it always thought it's always got very good advice the best advice you yeah he makes every day interesting more fun you learn you teach you things about other being sparkling boxing about just lightening by light and how to be a better person hey sage them life's all about helping people helping one another I teach in here in the starting of the teach life and social skills communication skills interview take what about the lay enough are I says well you go for a job and says the magic words is please and thank you enough abracadabra can friend and knows that by coupling these values with hard-working dedication a box has the potential to become the complete package boxing's all about time and distance coordination mobility flexibility agility accuracy rhythm pace under will to win if you can hit hard then you bring your own referee richer one man who knows it's best the most is Sheffield Zone Kell Brook Kel is currently undefeated in his 35 with 20 of his wins coming by way of knockout he is currently ranked as a number four welterweight in the world behind Floyd Mayweather jr. Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao Cal's next fight is in late October Bray takes on the Ukrainian sansheng ko who beat Ricky Hatton earlier this year he seemed happy to be fighting in his hometown again but explains that he will not be taking his next opponent lightly I'm just happy to be on in Sheffield again and you know it's definitely it's a step up with only lost one fight and that will run a court you know he's you know he's ranked high in the governing body you know I were it were a world champion you know anyone who's been a world champion you know and I lost on a court and you've got to take very seriously so you know he's you know he's gonna come over here like he did against Aten he's got this got something to prove you know I'm on be and he's you know wants to check my my scalp and you know and being the position I mean you know mandatory for the IBF and I'm will rank so you know definitely between of area one in wanting to you know make a statement know he come over here and people write him off against at and so you know he's a good traveler you know I traveled well you know perform ly start again and you know it's a big name it boost his confidence so he's coming into this fight you know knowing that it can come you know come over to this neck at woods and it can perform so you know is coming you know in a real high dog or scalping he not in and you know it's definitely going to be about taking very seriously the 27 year old will be approaching this fight in much the same way as his previous ones and believe the correct preparation will be enough to see him throw em you know this is going to train hard this is retraining you know trainers and you know that's all we can do work hard up in box in 18 years now I feel that you know I definitely not to box and when I get when I gain that ring you know I'm just going to do what I do and that's why with four of his last five fights taking place right here in Sheffield quell success has really reignited the boxing fire in the city he seems to have developed a special relationship with his hometown fans every time I was in Sheffield love is let you know they're passionate you know come I can feel their energy yet you know you know it comes through me you know it makes made me feel great and that you know feeling you know coming out to all them to all of the lies and you know listening to all the fans screaming and shouting so you know it's going to be a great nap to Sheffield still sick so I'm looking forward to the night having failed to secure a title fight with Devon Alexander earlier this year due to injury Kell is still itching at a chance to fight in America again definitely you know I bought that in boxed in in America B once before you know it's a great place you know back then all the Macra a boxing there's some massive massive you know fights out there you know you've got your big arenas you know MGM and Madison Square Garden that's why I've jumped about as a young kid you know a boxer and them big dolls so yeah it's definitely my dream to go out there and you know top of bill against the top top top firing in America however the one there when every Kel Brock stands lips is of course Amir Khan you know it's very talking about that it's very very close you know I think that the fans are going to command it and it's thinking 2014 we will see myself and Khan in the ring together name after name have passed through the doors of Engl gym and that will continue to be the case the years to come but for Brendon is not just about the big names it's about the younger ones and getting them to enjoy the sport and develop responsibilities they can use in the future so here they wanna come in here all the time I swear the place if you make it enjoyable you make it entertain Dana they will want to cool and leg as I said before you've got to go to school there's no wagon it there's no given she to the teachers for almost 50 years Brendon has seen hundreds of boxes come and go from his gym with some making it and some not his passion and enthusiasm for the sport is unrivaled with everything he has accomplished over his career and contributed to boxing over the years he is seen as one of the true legends of the sport you say t-72 we're gonna go nuts 73 173 there isn't enough hours in the day there was enough time to do what you want to do and I don't again has probably said you before I don't know why the times gone with another fantastic time the Sheffield Rover came over with thank you down through shy green so shady he whistled inside till woolly wood rang and he won the heart of a lady Adi do I do dad day Adi do I the Navy he whistling sighing to only one try


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