Infectious Disease Expert: Coronavirus Will Overwhelm US Health Care System | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Americans are in Trouble with
    Lungs disease… JUUL
    Cancer………oil/gas industry
    Addicts …pharmaceutical industry
    These industries/corporations are killing USA

  2. Caught between a rock and a hard place


    17,000 DEAD
    300,000 HOSPITALIZED

  5. It's a virus not a germ.

  6. Search for George Webb.

    He has investigated COVID-19 origins and it was started from patient zero Maatje Benassi of Fort Detrick.

  7. Suspend AIR BnB's.. Offer hosts unemployment.

  8. Yes, let's see, people filling hospital beds and fighting to stay alive. Does that define war?

  9. Event 201, look into it……vids 4 months ago describe THIS perfectly….have an open mind. This could be engineered….planned

  10. Of all Trumps disastrous decisions and actions , his response to this pandemic is truly criminal and he stands condemned in ,not only the American people’s eyes , but the world at large ..

  11. don’t believe this channel this is bias channel!

  12. trump hates them

  13. Will Donald mingle with the many attending mass this Easter?

  14. There are over 1000 deaths now.

  15. 2017 Facui says Trump will face a pandemic….2017, look into it. This is a takedown and implementation of the NWO

  16. "Very irresponsible" would be a huge improvement for donnie.

  17. America: We're the Best in the World

    Coronavirus: Hold my Beer

  18. Infectious disease expert?
    On whose payroll?
    I can't believe you anymore, M.S.M.
    You used to be something that I could believe in.
    You've betrayed my trust time and time again.
    Cry wolf much?

  19. Where will everyone get their health insurance when they lose their jobs?!!!

  20. I remember this "expert" just 3 weeks ago singing a 180 tune.

  21. According to Trump this disease was the new democrats hoax ………….


  23. Captain Bone Spurs is not a wartime president. He's a putz.

  24. 60 employees at New Orleans Oshners hospital have tested positive for coronavirus!!! Wow….

  25. Irresponsible is Trump's middle name

  26. Where is the rest of the segment with Dr. Michael Osterholm?
    This seems incomplete based on what all I've seen from him on Joe Rogan and a Minnesota broadcaster.

  27. I wonder how many of the paid trolls up here putting out bogus claims that this is no big deal are working for malign foreign governments and how many are just Magatrash who will say anything to defend Trump regardless of how many lies and distortions it takes.

  28. Bill gqtes, smh the man who is know for so call vaccination

  29. The US is officially governed by an evil force.

  30. I am not worried. So bring on the virus

  31. For the non-paid trolls pushing the 24×7 doom and gloom.

    You seeing it?

    The constant rolling out of the “experts”.

    Just like every other doomsday the media has pushed over the past 3 years.

    Are you believing it this time, AGAIN?

    The media plays you like a fiddle. Push the false narrative and you fall for it every time.

    They think you the fool and you prove them right.

    Believing the trolls posting here.

    How foolish you look. When Obama let all those people suffer in 2009, you didn’t care.

    What happened to your outrage over the border?

    Oh, that’s right. The media told you to be angry about something else.

  32. Joe Rogan had him on first brian.

  33. We lack much needed equipment. That in itself is a crying shame especially when this country has an abundance of money to have prepared itself prior to a national emergency such as this. There is no excuse!!!!!! Out country lacks common sense and is irresponsible. In the end, it’s too late baby!🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶


  35. Go figure, this is what happens when you have a completely dysfunctional for-profit health insurance system. This needs to end NOW. Bernie is the only one that can solve this crisis and your garbage channel does nothing but prop up the empty husk of what used to be Joe Biden. When Trump gets reelected and a quarter of the country dies from corona, that blood is on your hands.

  36. I'm very proud of our Presidents response to this crisis. NOTHING he does satisfys the Leftists. They blame him for everything. Orange Man Bad….#Trump2020withoutADoubt. MSLSD

  37. Fake fabricated scripted propaganda production

  38. 60% say Trump is doing a good job. What are you people trying to do.
    Remember morons Trump closed down Chinese people coming into our country. This ridiculous station complained about that.
    These comedy channels should be shut down.
    It’s all BS all the time.

  39. Trump.. it's hoax. It will be over by april. Trump: I like this stuff.
    In april👈 we will have 380 thousand freshly infected✔ 2 days after that 640👈 thousand.

    So we have about a week before millions are sick because trump said this was a hoax?

  40. why nobody invite Donald trump to visit new york now?

  41. Will this convince you now that what the Bible says about end times is true? Will you still say the Bible is a fairy tale? Turn to Jesus. While people are losing their minds over this, God gives peace and joy in the midst of this chaos. Jesus loves you.

  42. Brian Williams…no credibility…get a new stick sir.

    Joe Rogan gave this guy over an hour & 1/2 days ago and your just now catching up:

  44. Brian Williams' math skills are more impressive than his objective reporting

  45. What at great time to share the gospel.
    Will this convince you now that what the Bible says about end times is true? Will you still say the Bible is a fairy tale? Turn to Jesus. While people are losing their minds over this, God gives peace and joy in the midst of this chaos. Jesus loves you.

  46. If Americans' ain't getting Top Salary means American's ain't worky for you for FREE

  47. What is very responsable is that you have collected worldwide peoples money by tons , and keep them for yoursef why you and few others in this world distribute those tons of trillions dollars to world populations they made you trillionaires ,
    And show the world populations some sens of humanity ., and tell us bill how did you come years ago about your release ( the world would not be ready for bilogical weapons . I think you bill and few others like you in this planet are full of it ?!!!!!!

  48. But but what bout open borders and free healthcare for all illegls???
    Oh U.S. citizens donr have enough now hmmmmmm
    Might been thinking that…..

  49. Cnn = cucknation

  50. H7N9, H5N1, SARS-COV1 and now Wuhan virus, clearly the Chinese communist government is not doing anything at all to prevent zoonotic diseases from jumping into humans. They should be held accountable for this pandemic and make them pay reparations for all countries affected. It’s 2020 these diseases could have been prevented had not for chinese irresponsible action.

  51. I'm giving 10% of my stimulus check to the re-election of Trump campaign!

  52. Sadly still have a few friends who blurt "the presidents done more in the emergency than you even know!" while they cannot seem to understand everything that has been done is on a state level, and the Sate of Emergency that the few states have declared haven't even heard of any funds coming in to help, and that we need 10,000's of ventilators AND the 100,000's of RESPIRATORY MASKS because they are DIFFERENT, a lot of people do not seem to understand the difference between the two and that is very very scary.

  53. If you want to see just how frightening it really is get a pen an paper handy. There's three categories to look into. Confirmed, Recovered and deaths. First compare the numbers of all major countries and you'll notice the recovery is naturally the higher number than the death category, EXCEPT THE UNITED STATES, where the DEATH NUMBER OUT WEIGHS THE RECOVERY NUMBER BY A WHOPPING 2/3!!!! That's the same as saying, "IF" you get it you'll have about a 33% chance of survival and 66% chance of dying in the United States. YES you read that right, 33/66! Again, examine and compare to other countries and see for yourself, WE THE UNITED STATES WILL SHOW THE GREATEST NEGATIVE IMPACT OF ALL!

    United States
    69,219 confirmed, 616 Recovered, 1,054 Dead

    Italy (Turmoil)
    74,386 Confirmed, 9,362 Recovered, 7,503 Dead

    Spain (Turmoil)
    56,188 confirmed, 7,015 recovered, 4,089 dead

    South Korea (handled very well)
    9,241 confirmed, 4,144 recovered, 131 Dead

    486,592 confirmed, 114,713 recovered, 22,020 dead

    Those are just a handful of major countries involved. Feel free to look at all of them and see the big picture, it's all the same. Statistics show, better to get it in Italy or Spain than the United States. At least your odds go over 50%. This is just a taste for what's to come.

    Good luck, and take care of yourselves.

  54. I hate to say this my daughter is learning more about how the Government of the USA works, and she is learning math, not the way she should learn it, and science and how the Trump Flu is spreading and how easy it is to spread and the only way it doesn't spread it when it has nothing to spread to. Because everyone is at home, and how most kids are either driving there parents nuts or parents are driving there kids nuts LOL.

  55. why ask bill gates?

  56. Bill send me a check so I can stay home for the rest of the year, I would love too but I can't afford to.

  57. Brian still suffering the effects of PTSD from when his chopper got shot down.

  58. This is irresponsible journalism. Trump clearly said he hopes to see some relaxing, but we will see. Then Dr. Fauci said Trump has high aspirations, but he is listening to the doctors and following their lead. Trump is not trying to ignore the data. What American wouldn't love to see this thing end before July or August, the ACTUAL timeline the president shared? Your fearporn is garbage MSNBC.

  59. Vote Democrat in November

  60. The United States healthcare system is pay to play. It’s nowhere near prepared for a pandemic.

  61. Take over on hotels n turn em into emergency rooms

  62. The hard TRUTH has been spoken in this video……..The moron in office has no clue

  63. Just think, a virus with only 8 genes and no brain is outsmarting "stable genius" Donald Trump.

  64. Bill gates is talking about saving economy . they are trying to save life’s first

  65. Universal health care was possible, and still is. Other nations with good economies have it. Big pharma and greedy insurance companies want huge profits from health care.

  66. yeah, let’s ask a #BILLIONAIRE

  67. A blue plug-in. Could get you killed.

  68. Bill gates is one of those genius idiots. He knows math and vomputers but gates couldnt change his underwear with out someone helping him

  69. We have jobs to go to and bills to pay! They want to start martial law and take our rights away. Red flag law coming soon

  70. This all has shown one thing to be true. Society is unprepared and it's response is inadequate.

  71. Coronavirus is busting out all over !

  72. MSNBC is a RAG !!!! MSNBC refuses to show statistics when they make a comment because they are idiots.

  73. If you are not a mature Christian, this whole thing scares you. Immature Christians who don't know their Bibles are scared by this too. Just sit back and enjoy the show as God performs what He said He would do in the last days. It is inevitable, Mr. Anderson.

  74. I agree with Bill Gates. Our President is delusional! But I think he believes that this coronavirus will be over by then.

  75. Who else saw this guy on Joe Rogan podcast & started to take this coronavirus seriously?

  76. No it won't. The media will infect your mind and make you believe it will happen at any minute. It's all fake. The virus is real…been real for 3 decades. The news isnwhat changed.

  77. Bill Gates is the founder of this virus. He unleashed it in Kirkland washingron..his hometown where his investment firms are located. No coincidence there.

  78. The places that have yet to implement shelter in place orders are going to become hellholes in a couple of weeks. Look at Italy, once the hospitals were overloaded the death rate rose to 10%, and that doesn't include people who died from other conditions who only died because they could not get access to a ventilator

  79. Yes! Time to look forward and set some aggressive/forward looking goals. Leaders inspire. Trump did not say that everything is absolutely opening by Easter. He is open to considering the possibilities of opening areas if the data supports it. Don't understand the problem w/that.

  80. Our "Deadliest Enemy" is sitting in the Oval Office. The virus is a cool second.

  81. Gloom and Doom. How about some hope

  82. These people act like they don't realize that this stuff is made in the laboratory in America this is a chemical War tactic or you might say a chemical war attack on China body United States which going to trigger a reaction from China that might even lead to nuclear war between Russia United States and China I don't feel right about this fires cuz I know this fires ain't what they say it is this stuff come from a lab man-made stuff in America by scientists from America China is the victim America is the one who did it under the order of Russia

  83. People in the big cities refuse to isolate so the virus spread will get worse.

  84. what helth care loool u dont have it you have no helth care

  85. Scary, but true. The Trump Administration's handling of this matter is a comedy in a slaughterhouse.

  86. I see people rationalizing their desire to compromise social distancing constantly. This will keep the virus as a big problem for our system for a long time to come

  87. Let us be united, Brian.

  88. Awake supporters of President Trump.  Trump disbanded the White House pandemic team to save money (“I’m a businessman”).  The months of January, February, until March 13th the Fox station and it’s commentators, Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, Dobbs, Pirro, Walters, created, communicated, propaganda, conspiracy theories, and disseminated disinformation and division among Americans (it’s a Democratic Hoax).  True Trump has put more money in our pockets but the hoax is on all of us now!  Supporters of Trump need to get that it’s time to get real?  It’s not “In the Stock Market We Trust” but “In God We Trust”!

  89. I fear for all the spouses such as myself of the love ones that feel it's their duty to go fight this virus probably without the needed PPE. Without any doctors and nurses who do we have on the front line. I pray that my wife stays safe everyday cause we( myself as well as 2 children) need her too.

  90. It may be irresponsible to talk about going back to normal even for parts of the economy, it's also easy for a multibillionaire to criticize since he doesn't feel the pain of not having money for rent or groceries.

  91. Who told Bill Gates he’s the master and commander of EVERYTHING! What do I care about what he has to say! GFY Bill Gates! You want to vaccinate us ALL! You’re a demon! Trump 2020…deal with it MSM!

  92. Trump's number one priority is to keep the money flowing. To make America great again. But if he does this, America will be ravaged with sickness and death. Nobody has to listen to what he's suggesting, unless he implements strict order to do so. With a person of his character, as president, it must be scary for the people of America. Unsure and afraid. People want a leader they can count on. A leader that holds the highest of regard for the People. Even if the economy completely crumbles. We as people are amazingly self sufficient. We have agriculture that would keep up fed. The land is there for growing whatever we needed. The way the people of the world were spending, on things that nobody needs anyhow, the mass marketing and advertising was getting out of control. The balance of financial gain being so corrupted. The intentions of those at the top becoming more and more tainted, with selfish gain, the world almost needs to see a critical change, in the way things were flowing. Getting out of hand. Buy, buy, buy, while others die, die, die. Our priorities shifting to a more narcissistic lifestyle because of the one's at the top forever throwing it in our faces. Even the president suggesting we keep the money flowing, during a pandemic, shows the many faces of Greed. I think Trump is counting on paying the virus off. Listen to your gut America. Trump is not the one lying in your bed. Trump is not the one you tuck in at night. Trump is not the one you live for and would die for. Listen to your gut heart America.

  93. Agreed… A failed administration..

    Unfortunately, we have a FAKE president..

  94. The "Blame Trump" crap is really getting old. Find something else to talk about.

  95. This is a haters Forum. To all you unstable, unhinged Misfits out there, you need therapy badly. The funny thing is none of you even know why you hate the president. You are a bunch of brainwashed sheep. You negative morons are the type of people that sell toilet paper for $399 on eBay. Don't you haters realize that you are a minority? You might think you're a majority, but that's due to your mental impairment. Have a nice day you bunch of nuts. Any reply you make to me won't even be noticed because I will not pay any attention to your Misfit thoughts, so type away.


  97. The Administration and Congress rather treat this than curb the spread of it. Some Industries on Wall St are not going to flounder.


  99. Democrats are actively preventing Americans from getting medication for the coronavirus. Which is Crime against humanity. If you think it doesn’t work just ask the people of France who are taking it regularly. Democrats just don’t want trump to get a win even if it means letting people die.

  100. General strike and wealth redistribution now.

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