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hey what's up YouTube its John here anyway I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of physical exercise you know in my channel I talk a lot about saving money preparing for the future and so forth but when you talk about health this is one of the main expenses one of your primary expenses as you get older is going to be you know health health expected expenditures healthcare expenditures so you want to try to avoid that right you want to you want your savings and your retirement money to go a long way as you get older so if you take care of yourself now and prepare just as you save and just as you invest well then your your savings and retirement money's gonna go a long way so one of the ways that you can do that is of course the dietary pattern is primary right you know they say health is 80 percent diet 20 percent exercise so but exercise is important now I do advocate consuming a plant-based diet I believe that you know the recent research shows that the healthiest populations on planet earth they consume a diet that is about 90 percent plant foods some of them may get about 10 percent of their calories from from animal products but they're more celebratory foods that they eat on occasion and most of their calories are coming from from plants things like rice beans potatoes corn stuff like that but anyway I don't want to labor that on that too much what you can do is if you live in a small space or any space for that matter is they have these resistance bands that you can purchase online they're really inexpensive so I bought some of those I've had these a few years and 52 I'm six foot one weigh about 165 pounds I consume a plant-based diet so I think in the in the United States the emphasis quite often is on over compensating for poor dietary habits long term dietary pattern observation by over exercising right you see those quite often with cross fitting these other things so if your focus is more on your dietary pattern and observing a long-term dietary pattern that's health promoting you can reduce the amount of exercise that you need so these resistance bands would come into play then because you're not trying to use the resistance bands or training in any aspect and in any you know in I guess you could say I guess any to any aspect to try to overcome the dietary pattern that you're consuming right you can serve you consume a health promoting dietary pattern and then something like these resistance bands become something that basically accentuate what your dietary pattern is doing it's like your dietary patterns low fat lower calorie and health promoting so you don't need to use exercise to try to overcome anything you're already moving in the right direction and then these resistance bands will help you you see what I'm trying to say pardon me but anyway so you can get these resistance bands on the on eBay really expensively Amazon other retailers online and you can watch videos on YouTube on how to do the various exercises now what I normally do is I split my body into three parts like on day one I'll do my arms and my shoulders and then I'll and now I've gotten to the place where I'm just doing maintenance so I then I'll take a day off and then the next day I'll come in let's say Monday I'll do my arms and shoulders Tuesday I'll take the day off Wednesday I'll do like my chest and back and then say Thursday I'll take a day off and then Friday I will do my legs you know and so so you get your whole body and Monday through Friday with days off in between each for each part and then then I'll start again then I'll take a you know I'll take Saturday off and then Sunday I'll start with my arms and shoulders again so you just do like enough to just keep your your muscle tone good and keep enough strength hey you know I'm not as I lift the laundry basket I'm not trying you know show off my arms or anything it's just it you want to remain functional you want to remain active and you want to remain strong enough to perform the duties of everyday life without it taxing you too much that's really the emphasis right when you when you talk about a dietary pattern you know weighted quality of life experience rather than an exercise way to quality of life experience you know your focuses more on diet and less on less on exercise so anyway you get the you can pick up one of these trainers for a bicycle I got this on Craigslist quite often people buy these these trainers and they buy them for you know three or four hundred dollars and they use it for a couple of months they get you know right normally around the the the new year right oh I want to get in shape in though and then it they'll use it for a couple of months the person I bought this from I bought it for a hundred bucks and this unit brand-new was over three hundred dollars I looked it up so it's a it's an older one but it but it still works great you can pick up these that like on Craigslist quite often you know for pennies on a dollar and make some great setup and so I'll put my bicycle in this and and you can adjust the tension you know on the on the resistance thing there and it makes a great way to get some cardio vascular exercise in when it's raining outside or something normally I ride my bicycle you know outside but sometimes you might want to ride it inside during the winter or something like that so you can get something like this relatively inexpensively and then you have the push up handles you don't so it's like there's there's a way that you can stay in shape economically and plan for your future print plan for your health future I think people that are the people in the investment community understand this they they they understand life is it's not just about piling up money you want to be healthy you want to contribute to society in your old age you want to live a productive and healthy life so this is a part of that you know and if you in it and if you can do this inexpensively at home like sometimes I'll set up I'll be doing this as I'm watching the markets on my charts on my computer so anyway I just wanted to leave that as something to think about and I wish you all the best have a great day bye-bye

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