Indoor Cycling Class at LA Fitness


  1. Did this for the first time today, and it was amazing!

  2. Indoor Cycling Class at LA Fitness

  3. cycling is very good for  releasing  tensions  .. that is good advice .. thanks

  4. Thank you for all information in these videos

  5. I have to say that I just began to go back to the gym after my surgery and the cycle class is my passion. The instructors at L A Fitness in New Hyde Park NY are amazing. I go 5 days a week and all 5 instructors don't play games… they want you to succeed and make your work hard… 

  6. does anyone know what brand of exercise bike it is that LA fitness uses. i love them and would like to buy one for home. a great bike with resistance

  7. I'm a big girl and I want to try the class but I'm terrified. I went in and tried the bike in the classroom last week. My but hurt, I had one of the trainers adjust it on Monday. I'm going to try the class tonight. Hope I can make it through at least 30 mins.

  8. Going to try it out today!!!

  9. Your personality shows through this! Love love love!!!

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