Individual Plan or Family Floater Health Insurance – Which should you take?

Oh so what kind of plant should take for your family individual plans for each one of them or a family floater so this is what I will try to explain in this video I would always advise you to go for individual plans for each person rather than a family floater which covers all and here's why I think it's correct the biggest benefit of health insurance plans are one of continuity once you take in the plan the insurance companies cannot refuse renewal to you as long as there is no fraud proven in the process and that can be a very big advantage and the only bigger reason wise suggest that you take individual plans now let's take a scenario where a husband and wife have taken a family through the plan at the age of 40 they continue paying premiums for 15 years and I need 55 due to an unfortunate incident suppose the unless member passes away so that person was the policyholder and now the spouse will no more have the benefit of that policy because the policy stands cancel or it's it's sort of being nullified because the policyholder passed away now at this age if you try to go and get an individual health plan you might find it difficult to get a plan because you would have some illnesses and insurance companies will typically refuse it and this is the age that you actually want the health insurance plan because you there are any messes which are which happen at their old age and the cost can be quite substantial so when you actually need insurance you will find it that you you will find a scenario where you will not find health insurance for yourself also if one member makes claims in the policy the no claim benefit is deprived to everyone and the nuclear benefit can be quite substantial at your later wages so here are my suggestions for some family types first keep your grandparents or your parents out of the picture in a family floater always take individual plans for them one path for your father and one plant for your mother don't try to Club them into one single plan now suppose we have a family of four our husband wife and two kids best to actually take two plants one for the spouse and one for the father or mother with the children again so that it's not clubbed into one please also remember that as of now children below the age of 18 cannot take an individual plan so you will have to take it with one hand on it now suppose you have your a family of two a happy couple then best again to take one for the husband and one for the wife so cool you want to take it cool at our or 2.5 count for each one of them and collectively you will have a 5 lakh cover if you want a large cover and want to save money the best way is to go in for a super top apply in that case you will not have to spend for a big single cover instead a super topper plan will come to your rescue I'll explain more about super topper plans later if you have any comments all questions on this topic please drop in a comment or tweet us at my insurance club and we would be happy to help thank you I hope you enjoy you


  1. Hello sir very good information.. please suggest me a good health insurance My age is 32, my wife 27, my kid is 18 months. Please help me for this.

  2. Hello Sir,
    My age is 27 and My Dad age is 55 MoM age is 51 which health insurance plan you would recommend

  3. which is the best health
    insurance plan for women

  4. My father age is 52 and my mother age is 47 , which plan would u suggest better for me, with low premium

  5. Thank You

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