Increase Stride Length With This Power Victory Ropes Drill

hi my name is Trevor Theismann from i’ve got a power drill here that’s gonna
utilize victory ropes if you haven’t got your hands on a set of victory ropes
they are extremely unique there are two power cords with four multiflex
resistance bands inside we can double those up and almost get up to 45 46 feet
of resistance and it’s really gonna weight you down if you notice in the
video now we’ve got an athlete pull the loop through so we’ve got a nice waist
belt now we’re gonna run forward at about eight to ten feet and you’ll be
hovering over the top of a cone touch as fast as you can moving those feet
quickly we’re gonna change direction have to stabilize with that rear anchor
you’re gonna do that two times before a final sprint out now if you notice I’m
walking forward with the athlete ever so slowly so each individual stop you’re
getting more resistance you’re not getting less I’m not coming all the way
forward letting off all the resistance the athlete will sprint I’m walking
forward taking a little bit of the tension off as they touch over the cones
and then they move into the next cone the great thing about victory ropes is
you can flip in and out with no belts tons of power in these cords and you can
just drop the victory rope the next athlete can hop in pull it up around
their way since you just a little bit and you’re gonna be ready to move it’s a
great team exercise because you can turn it over so quick complete about six to
eight anchored sprints touch over the cone transition properly use your arms
to drive forward any type of an anchor drill with Victor ropes is working on
stride length remember the two keys to speed is stride frequency and stride
length this specific exercise is gonna be working on how far you can stride
with power so add the resistance but make sure that the athletes never get
stuck when they’re running they want to be able to maintain that good range of
motion and keep working for speed for your very own set of the victory ropes
head to we’ve got a great duel kit we’ve got the elite speed
kit with the victory ropes in it it’s gonna give you the Kbands, reactive
stretch cord, and the Victor ropes. or you can grab just your victory ropes if
you’ve already got a set of Kbands there

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