we're gonna talk about the anti-diabetic drug metformin today also known as glucophage this drug is for type 2 diabetics it's anti-diabetic drug it's in a class of drugs called the big one IDEs and it's been pretty popular topic for bodybuilding community anti-aging community etc you might have heard things that it might cause carb loading to have a better effect it could cause fat loss or maybe muscle growth a lot of things have been said about it however throughout research and what I've gathered is not even scientists and the researchers know the exact definitive mechanisms of action of why it does some of the cool things and some of the negative things that it does so we're going to talk about some things to consider when ever thinking about incorporating this product now on to the good the way metformin works is through inhibiting mitochondrial respiration now when it inhibits mitochondrial respiration that's great for metabolism and fat oxidation it does this through stimulating something called amp K or adenosine monophosphate protein kinase and amp K has been known as whenever it's promoted in a supplement or something is exercised in a bottle you know you can take amp K and it does all these cool things at rest glucose uptake it causes a glycogen preservation effect etc amp K is awesome sounds amazing exercise in a bottle who wouldn't love that there's a negative side to it of course now here's the negative side negative side of the amp before AM K is anything that stimulates amp K amp K will then has been shown to inhibit anabolic processes and cell growth that's a big red flag for anyone that's interested in utmost muscle mass accrual especially natural athletes that rely on their endogenous testosterone production their pituitary for natural igf-1 production they want anabolic processes intact and cell growth intact on the flip side it's great for anti-aging people that are cancer preventive that one IV or they have cancer in their bloodline that want to prevent it you know decreasing cell growth is wonderful decreasing anabolism is wonderful for cancer prone people that's a plus side now for someone that's enhanced you're using andrew ginger using exogenous growth hormone you might not really need to pay too much mind to that you know negative side effects but it will have a some type of a factor in there now a cool thing about metformin onto some positive things is that it was shown in a study a side by side study with tro glitters i'd another big one ID class drug for anti-diabetic purposes tro glitters ID was shown to cause whole body glucose disposal that's great awesome for type 2 diabetics whole body glucose disposal means that it disposed of glucose and nutrients in the muscle cell and fat cell whole body like i said great but metformin on the flip side was just shown to favor muscle cell lucas uptake not fast cells that's wonderful it did this from inducing trans Porter for proteins or glue for transporter proteins in muscle cells and not fast cells whereas trocol it aside showed the translocation of glue for transport proteins and fat cells and muscle cells not good so that is a really awesome thing that I found that metformin has been shown to do that's something that every bodybuilder or someone to buy supplements or whatever we want that's that's phenomenal – just favorite muscle tissue and that's another thing I want to talk about is metformin could be I'm just I'm gonna say everything is just my opinion it could be better than using a glucose disposal agent over the counter and often people buy these herbal or mineral complexes that you know they'll take the bullet and the something kinda like the bullet points and be like it'll cause you know body recomposition effects it'll cause a glycogen synthase it'll do all these awesome things that make you recom pand get stay lean but what they fail to – men of course is that it doesn't the studies haven't been shown to differentiate between fat cells and muscle cells but they're just showing the muscle cell benefit of it so I've never seen a mineral or an herb definitively like I did with that glute Foreman study to show priority in the muscle cell so that's an awesome thing for metformin to consider another thing to consider would be that it does and going back to the negatives it does lower mTOR stimulation or inhibits an mTOR stimulation which also coincides with a lower response to igf-1 receptor synthase that's not good M tor as well which if anybody knows anything about mTOR is stimulated from leucine and branch amino acids for the most part and that's that's imperative for growth but once again going back to anti-cancer preventive medicine that could be a great thing for people with bad genes in that department for cancer so metformin is a pretty versatile product I actually used to use it back in the day whenever I used to practice targeted ketogenic diets cyclic ketogenic diets etc where I would have my cheat meal or my cheat day and I want to get back into a low insulin environment so I take met forum before bed to lower my insulin get my blood glucose in check so I'm burning fat by morning cardio the next morning back into my ketogenic type phase also pre-contest metformin can be used to blunt appetite has an appetite suppressing effect that's a great thing whenever you're starved pre-contest but you got to be careful with the dose and just go up slow I know there's tabs that are 500 milligrams there's a thousand milligrams 850 I believe started like 250 because it could cause some gastrointestinal distress but it could be a great savior in fact for preconscious people that just have a ravenous appetite and you know will peg out some that form of could stall you or save you from picking out and ruining your diet that's pretty much it on metformin I mean it's a cool drug there's a lot of pros but there's some cons you got to consider and you know next time you think about using it maybe refer to this video and decide for yourself


  1. probably just the hat and glasses but you remind me of the rapper; Vinnie Paz

  2. Too much smacking.

  3. If some of you all's main objection to metformin is loose stool, ask your PCP to change your prescription to metformin ER (extended release). It releases the active drug more slowly and over a longer period of time which is less stressful on your digestive system. Cost is similar (perhaps less) and sometimes you take fewer doses per day depending on the severity of your diabetes. Helped me since I exercise and jogging tends to act like a laxative when taking regular metformin and I would have to often cut my workouts short and so when I switched I barely noticed I was taking it other than improved blood glucose numbers. I take my pill before I go to sleep since I have little or no control of my blood glucose level while sleeping and to partially counter "dawn effect".

  4. hi Matt can you do a video on what antiestrogens to use while on cycle I would like to do a cycle which consists of test d bol and deca and would like to know what any estrogen if any any estrogen is needed while on cycle

  5. what about Jardiance. I am told its safer than Metformin

  6. Are cinnamon tablets effective at improving insulin sensitivity?

  7. The main concern/criticism of metformin is that it can inhibit skeletal muscle hypertrophy due to AMPK activation, which in turn inhibits MTOR.

    Although this is true, it's not the full picture, metformin's interactions with AMPK do not inhibit the skeletal muscle hypertrophy at all.

    In human skeletal muscle tissue, metformin activates an isoform of AMPK – alpha2. AMPK alpha2 is responsible for glucose metabolism, and does not inhibit MTORC1, the complex responsible for protein synthesis.

    Quoted from optimal physique development

  8. I have type two diabeties and take metformin, I have been lifting weights for years I'm 60 and I have grown and gotten more ripped ,and the effects were seen in just months. Though if you are not a diabetic do not take metformin.

  9. I'd imagine If your taking in enough quality protein with Leuicine which turns on MTOR anyways that Metformins small effect on AMPK won't effect anabolism enough in the "big picture" to really make any noticeable difference. Especially if your enhanced. The positive benefits of insulin sensitivity and increase in GLUT 4 transaction, better nutrient partitioning probably far outweighs the negative side of activating AMPK

  10. Great video ….Question if i take misinform is it OK to also talk my BCAAS and Leucine two to three times a day thanks

  11. matt, I've read the article on your site about uses during contest prep. great information! What about off season uses for enhanced athletes? How would one utilize it as an aid in staying leaner from enhanced nutrient partitioning? Thanks! You gotta get back to posting more videos!!!

  12. So, could metformin make put us on ketogenic state faster?

  13. how does one get Metformin?

  14. Hey Matt, what do you think about its use for someone who isn't interested in maximal muscle accrual. For someone who wan'ts some anti aging benefits, insulin sensitizing effects, etc? I am on HRT so it wont really affect my testosterone output, but I am looking to gain. Do you think you could alternate 1-2 months on follow by a month off (I would think there would be some carry over effect into the month off, with insulin sensitivity gradually returning to baseline). This would also give your body a break as opposed to continuous usage.

  15. Damn never knew it was bad on test levels. Guess I gotta stop using metformin

  16. So for an enhanced athlete, using aas and gh (maybe not gh) would you say that metformin is counter productive during a gaining phase? I was under the impression that it aids in keeping fat off and insulin sensitivity, but that question of ampk and mtor being dulled is worrisome… I just wonder if that's a real world concern

  17. Very interesting Matt!! Keep uploading more vids.

    By the way, in contest prep what dosage would you recommend after starting with half table 850mg, I've use around 1500mg but IMO the magic comes when you use higher dosages.

  18. great informative video thanks for this

  19. can you not smack gum while you talk….sucks to listen to when wearing headphones.

  20. Matt I believe this would be a great video topic. Probiotics and enzymes obtained naturally and through supplements. And enzyme deficiencies symptoms. Do you eat sprouts, or fermented grains, legumes or vegetables? I've been considering using sprouts and ferments in response to digestion issues, especially since I went vegetarian or a couple of months and now I still feel in lacking in digestion such as protease and lipase. Experiencing disrupted circadian rhythm, back acne, fatigue, insomnia. Any thoughts on RO vs distilled vs BRITA filtered water. Effects of fluoride and chlorine? Thank you

  21. Hmmm…. I knew bodybuilders used insulin, but I never knew they used metformin. I seem to recall reading that it raises SHBG. Do you think that would also be counterproductive to muscle growth since it's lowering free testosterone?

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