In-Home Triceps Exercises : Warm Up Stretches for Triceps Exercises

Hello I’m Kyle Brayer, this is Carrie, we’re
going to be going over the in-home tricep workout. Just like we’re in any other muscles
group you want to start out with a nice warm up, so some jumping jacks, some calisthenics
with a nice walk on the treadmill is a great warm up for any muscle group your going to
work, after you’ve warmed up the muscles, we like to stretch them as well. We’re going
to start with the triceps stretch, so Carrie’s going to left her elbow up over her head,
reach across with the opposite hand and pull until she gets tension on her tricep. Once
you get that tension on your tricep, you want to hold it, don’t keep pulling, breath through
your nose, in through your nose out through your mouth, however is comfortable until that
tension goes away, then put a little more tension on it she’ll feel this through her
triceps, shoulders, down into her rib cage on this side. Switch arms and after you stretch
your triceps, you want to do your stretches for at least 30 seconds to a minute will be
ideal. She’s going to switch to her shoulder stretch she’s going to take her left arm across
her body, she’s going to put her hand on the opposite side of the elbow so work on the
tricep, and pull towards her body so she feels tension on the arm, she’ll hold it for 30
seconds then she’ll switch.
And again after 30 seconds she’s going to switch to her chest exercise. Interlace her
fingers behind her back and she’s going to pull her arms up away from her body she’ll
feel this in her shoulders, and chest, and a little bit in her rib cage. And if she has
someone who can apply some resistance it will really help adding tension, and release again,
making sure you breath through all these stretches. So that will conclude your warm up and stretch
for your tricep workout.

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