In Depth – Acute Encephalitis Syndrome


  1. Highly Need to improvement in healthcare in Bihar!!

  2. Good explanation

  3. Shameful health care status in India

  4. Bihari ko hagg ne nahi aata or chale hain bimari theek krne
    Abe gandagi failne se hota ha ye sab bimari
    Sab gov ko gariya rahe chutiye log

  5. in depth episode hindi version bhi launch kijiye kyuki village me rahte aur english ki utni samajh hai nahi

  6. instead of showing what leaders say give us the information more about AES. Nobody cares what these shit politicians say

  7. Hindi med pls

  8. Failure of Health Ministry department, required strict action against Health Minister……

  9. Acute encephalitis syndrome is very danger deases which effect especialy childrens

  10. This is the failure our government and health policy.

  11. The condition of hospitals are pathetic.. governments always ignore this because they nd their love ones don’t use these hospitals

  12. just look at that hospital…pathetic…3 children on one bed…well done Nitish Kumar!!!
    Basic reason are poor hygiene and poor immunity (definitely not because of lychee fruit….if so….ban it…why still producing it?)
    ….Govt shd take steps to vaccinate everyone with JE vaccine in those areas….

  13. Nitish govt ₹4 lakhs for death children, if cm Nitish already this money on health expenditure than this miserable wouldn't be happen, let think about this that after some death in any state or area in country the govt give lollipop to take away from the issue

  14. God please help all babies

  15. Where are we headed at? With all these diseases what do we expect our futures to be.

  16. The Acute Encephalitis Syndrome which is causing death in Bihar is because of a bacteria because if the pathogen were virus the level of glucose level should be normal but if caused by a bacteria the sugar level will go down and the level of protein will go up.
    So conclusion is that the AES in bihar is caused by a specific bacteria .
    Thank u.

  17. upsc

  18. Thanks RSTV

  19. This is the failure of our political leader.

  20. plz provide in hindi also

  21. We wish to make vaccine nd good health all childrens

  22. O god plzzzz don't take more other babies' lives 😢😢

  23. this is end of humunity

  24. Get well soon Who are still serving.. Please Vagban don't take all those innocent lives. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Omg!!!!

  26. Is this man made disaster?

  27. RIP to all children's whoever loss life.

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