Improving Doctors’ Wellbeing

Hi my name is Dr. Erwin Kwun. I’m a GP
registrar currently working in pediatrics I’d like to share my interest in
improving doctors wellbeing. The UK Department of Health Research suggests doctors have
a higher rate of mental illness than the general population. This will come as no
surprise since doctors experience high emotional stress at work most doctors plought through and suffer in silence until they eventually burnout. It breaks my
heart to see the doctors who go from mental and physical exertion feeling unsupported. Throughout my training, I’ve observed how doctors well-being is
clearly associated with quality care. Let me share a story
why improving doctors wellbeing has become my mission. During my placement in
care of the elderly, I had the honor of working with people who have led a
fascinating life, they pursued a life that brought them joy meaning and contentment.
I’ve also witnessed deep regret in a 90 year old Gentleman that marked me forever
seeing this dying old man regretting that he did not have the courage to live a
life true to his purpose caused me to think long and hard about the meaning of
life. I asked myself am I living a life that
others expected of me or am i living a life true to my purpose. After years of
procrastination, I decided to do something about doctors well-being. I
asked myself how can I save our doctors then I thought about using technology to
serve this purpose. If you’re watching this video chances are you have used YouTube.
YouTube is an incredible resource whenever I need to search something I
usually use YouTube and find a video where someone explains it to me when I
searched for doctors wellbeing, I couldn’t find good resources tailored to doctors.
It reminded me of this quote from Gandhi Be the change that you wish to see in
the world. I committed myself to start a YouTube channel
helping doctors to lead a healthier happier and successful life. Most people
will agree prevention is better than cure
I believe we don’t need to wait for doctors to be in crisis before
supporting them imagine the benefit of learning from doctors who’ve gone
through crisis and burnout how they picked themselves up in the deepest and
darkest moment how they bounced back after such challengers. This is why I
started successinsightsTV podcast where I invite doctors to talk openly about
their challengers how they picked themselves up and transformed their life
from a place of desperation to inspiration. The stories of these doctors
have not only inspired many but also allowed them to talk openly about the
personal struggle and seek support. Doctors are expert at caring for others.
Ironically when it comes to caring for yourself we doctors tend to be terrible
at it in medicine we are trained to approach any critically ill patient with
airway breathing and circulation a quote that has stuck with me is put on your oxygen
mask first before helping someone else. So often I see doctors trying to help
others before putting on their oxygen mask. I’ve done it myself many times in
the past and neglected self-care and my wellbeing telling myself I was too busy
saving life. What I failed to recognize was that if I don’t attend to my needs
first how could I possibly be of help to others this is why I share these videos
relating the lessons that I’ve learned through hardship in the hope that you
will not have to go through similar experience and figure it out on your own.
During training, the demand of work and the need to pass exam can be
overwhelming for many trainee doctors. I often get asked from highly stressed and
discouraged trainees how to manage stress. Managing stress is very important
to be able to thrive as a doctor I’ve talked about the challenge that doctors
face in training with education expert including dr. Nigel
Giam Dr. Mahibur Rahman and Dr. Aman Arora. When it comes to managing stress
, it is vital to equip doctors with the right skills and knowledge to cope with stress
many doctors are pushed to the right side of this curve those simple
practices that doctors can use to significantly improve their well-being
for example whenever there’s a stressful situation the way we perceive the stress
can be overwhelming so having the skills and knowledge to be
able to manage the stress allow somebody to manage the stress much better by
reframing a problem into something much more positive and seeing the situation
through a different lens so there are practices like mindfulness relaxation
exercise that doctors can use to help them improve the wellbeing. My hope is
to continue helping doctors. When it comes to patient care, doctors’ wellbeing
matter. Let’s not forget we doctors are humans – thank you for watching this
video I hope you learned something from it if you’ve not already subscribed to
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  1. Very good video. Keep it up!

  2. Great video! Looking forward to more self-care advice for doctors!

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