Important Supplements to Maintain Brain Health

are there specific brain nutrients that we need as we age and are we have age related cognitive decline and that kind of thing are there some that we could do using oh yeah definitely l-carnitine RFC L carnitine carnitine is a very important one for brain health that improves everything but apparently especially useful for memory phosphatidyl serine that one is one that's important of course the fish iodine mm-hmm aid really a cognitive decline is probably a cumulative malnutrition or exposure to toxins such as psychotropic drugs that may be what's happening for years before that an interesting example was a physician who found out that his mother aged 60 had like 30 percent shrinkage of her brain and she was always in good shape she ate well she exercised she was in tip-top condition the only risk factor of that doctor could think of was that she took every prescription drug her doctor recommended she took a valium and she took Prozac and she took all these drugs and that was the only thing that in that mother's history that could have accounted for this the Alzheimer's so she had Alzheimer's was after forever a brain so we know that these are toxic substances and neuro toxic dry sand who knows maybe she was eating nutrasweet and Splenda and a whole bunch of other MSG's which is all toxins so what we need to do is the long-term prevention we need to avoid all the things that can lead to that and of course the industry doesn't think there's any they don't try to figure out what the causes of it are they just say oh it's there maybe it's these abnormal proteins we can give you you know they do all this research information yeah information they don't worry that's not a big is it yeah Parkinson's disease for instance is highly correlated with pesticide exposure so farmers that use pesticides and herbicides and and are exposed to these poisons are highly a very highly prone to getting Parkinson's disease well Parkinson's disease anybody will get if the substantial Niagra one other little nuclei 19e nuclei in the brain one ninety eighty percent of the nerves are destroyed there and with age you know we knock off some 80 percent and everybody gets Parkinson's disease you know that expressionless face and the tremor and the stupid gating and depression is common with the nightmares are coming well the the correlation there is with solvents solvents are the other one in a mirror that dissolves fat solvents is off that so you're you're exposed to gasoline feel I'm sorry our benzene arm or pesticides and herbicides you probably at high risk of getting a degenerative disease such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's etcetera so what we so by then can we reverse it know when brain cells die they're gone you know you do not reproduce brain cells brain cells do not reproduce themselves so they can't regenerate they might they're surviving ones or the ones that are just wounded on your death maybe can be revived and so I never say you can't revive them so maybe the remaining ones are that aren't dead yet they're just on death's door maybe they can be revived with appropriate nutritional supplements so that's where we then use the antioxidants I would give a person with cognitive decline an acetylcysteine which is the precursor for glutathione and the brain and liver and need loss of glutathione to kill off toxic substances and lots of fish oil and then I would use the amino acids that are useful in memory acuity such as serotonin are the precursors of serotonin such as such as 5htp a five address tryptophan or tryptophan and I would use a tyrosine which is a precursor of dopamine and norepinephrine which are help with acuity and memory and things like that and then just avoid anything that might possibly be a toxic substance so the food needs to be cleaned up to now of course nursing homes or in most institutions buy pretty cheap food they buy it from the cheapest supplier it's probably not organic and I may have pesticides and herbicides that may make things worse and of course the nursing homes if a little old ladies are a little agitated right away they get risperdal or they get some antipsychotic drug mm-hmm which is also neurotoxic so the food supply and then the ease with which elderly people get on medications is probably going to make them worse in some ways that's depressing but thank you for the information welcome all right


  1. Thanks for speaking the truth!

  2. you can regrow brain cells, shrooms and cannabis both can regrow brain cells.

  3. Your brain is about 60% fat. Now imagine being 20 years on a low fat diet!!!

  4. That's depressing but thank you for the information.

  5. This quack does not know what he is speaking about.

  6. omega-3 fatty acids from high quality fish oil, they will also help you get your tryglyceride-HDL-ratio right (should be around 1) in case your lipid profile isn't the best.

  7. Nuts & Seeds/Turmeric/broccoli/raw cacao or dark chocolate
    Avocados/blueberries/pomegranate/spinach/coconut oil/beans/lentils ect.. are all great Brain foods 🙂

    And yes you should be able to grow them back with a healthy lifestyle.

  8. thank u , excellent content , super ……


  10. We are screwed-all our food is either toxic with chemicals or GMO'd. We need mineral supplements since we are all deficient since the soil has been stripped of them.

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