Importance of full continuum care with outpatient treatment | Rogers Behavioral Health

it's so important when our patients leave residential treatment that they have structured and step-down unit afterwards such as PHP or IOP because in our setting they have structured bedtime meal time their whole day is planned and they're also not around the normal stressors that they experience in their lives such as family issues or peer difficulties or the pressures of school so if they can go to PHP and get the support and therapeutic skills reinforced while they're immersed in those difficulties we find that their relapse rate is considerably lower they feel better about the transition the family's skills are reinforced and they continue to do better as they go forward I needed to be given a little bit of independence at a time you struggle less when you're in treatment I probably would have relapsed had I gone rate from residential to home I had had an evening disorder for seven years like that was my life so to think that you're gonna be better in a month is not realistic I needed that month of intensive care and inpatient and then a little more freedom in my six weeks of residential and then what seems like a lot more freedom in my 10 weeks of partial before I went home so you're given more independence but you're still being supervised eating disorders are very sneaky and very tricky and it's a slippery slope going from skipping one snack to not eating for three days it's just another stepping stone to full recovery that more gradual step down one of the things that it accomplishes is it provides an interim level of support because when you're on residential you have a ton of support literally 24/7 and you have access to people who are gonna be helping you and access to people or if you're in crisis and then to go from that level where you may feel like you've got it to go down to once a week or nothing at all that to me feels like a pretty big challenge in terms of generalization of gains it's our task to try to say look we want to make sure this we want to make sure that the work you've put in turns out to be useful to you and helpful to you in the long run another analogy I've uses is that it's so like I'm handing you the baton so we've run I've run my lap with you now you've got to run this next one by yourself and we want to make sure that's happening

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