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what I love most about my physique more than anything is that it's unique [Applause] I don't see that much people with the type of body that I have I am rocky Giovanni personal trainer business owner and content creator I absolutely think norms you work out working out as far as women not about the way you look it's about taking care yourself eternity I think I am definitely addicted to bodybuilding yeah so the most I've ever squat it was five hundred five pounds that's about 230 kilos I definitely can crush watermelons with my legs sure I can crush a couple of cup of fruit it's crazy as it may seem I see bodybuilding ads building my body it's an addiction it is a road diction it is it's like some dopamine Pharrell what I love about working out I pretty much love the muscle and in mental connection like the fact that I can connect and really communicate my body as far as where I think a lot of women don't body build the stigma they're afraid what people say they think that they're gonna look like a man overnight and that's never the case and then they'll realize that going to the gym lifting weights is an alternative way to deal with problems it's a good way to deal with reality it has nothing to do with booty muscles and looking like a man I think I'll go and relieve stress good way to get rid of it so I got into a training specifically weight training about 2000 and me say 15 or 16 before working out my body was all maxed out of there I was huge I was a weighed as far as inside I was like rotten I just ate candy I ate sweets I drank alcohol when she was in high school I noticed that she was gaining weight and hanging out with friends and just going out to eat pizza and burgers and all kind of fried food and chicken and everything and then she got a membership to go to her own gym and she just took off I was a mess inside and out but I remember like it was yesterday the first like five pounds I lost I felt like I was like 20 okay mom so what we do right now you're gonna do a squat I think I'm the best thing about personal training is the fact that you are actually physically here helping people get closer to their goals and lose weight and get there put their health first come on let's go you're just one yeah let's go squat mom now you gotta go lower you cheating uh-huh it's now heavy come on you can go lower let's go come on nice and low nice and low go low go low you got it mom don't be scared use those me tray mom is really important to me too because you know of course her health becomes first like this it's gonna make my legs strong if there's one thing that Rocky has taught me is that every day is the gym day you have to exercise every day I want to look like her I feel like a superwoman now thank you I love you and I'm proud of you in a car let's go I feel young again yeah I've had Instagram came out so right now Instagram I think I'm like a little over 300 thousand flowers now as far as reactions and comments that I receive online I care all kinds I can definitely say 90% of his love so like some of the comments I received from people as far as in person or like online hey you're stronger hey where'd you get those legs from how are you like so big girl want your butt or your waistline small but they always always always talk about how strong I look I used to get asked about steroids so so so so so much like I used to not even get asked I used to get accused and people used to commonly ask me back then now people kind of question but at nowhere near ask me now I will ask at the comments online I definitely consider myself an influencer for sure how do I see influencing somebody that definitely has an influence on you that can motivate you for example Serena Williams she influences me somebody that has an effect on you and hopefully a good one so I usually have to buy clothes in different places because my body clearly liked my physique I can't usually if the bottom fits the top doesn't fit the bottoms are extra-large the top I mean some maybe think I'm extra-large but I'm not extra-large I got this at the flea market a local flea market which Miami doesn't even have anymore I'm so sad because they keep closing the flea markets this cost me about $30 spandex one size fits all so easy so simple my arms are gonna fit in my arms cannot fit in any clothes I like this outfit because it hugs me on at once it works in as simple as fast no drama every day at least two or three compliments every single day of my life if I walk out of my house we're just cool I don't bother anybody I feel like my strengths like cuz a lot of people say wow you look strong you like you lift weights and then those who are intimidated by me they just look but they're very curious don't stop looking so I leave I love showing off my body because I never looked like this I remember being huge she's like a celebrity but it's like they want to talk to her they want to take pictures and it's nice it's a good feeling I just want people of my generation and plus to be more active and to understand and know the benefits of being active and working now I think there's always a time to step away from leaving the gym relax chill vomit out be human but as far as stopping never why why this is an addiction that's good for me as long as I know what I'm doing you know then yeah I would do it forever I think my body wants me to win as much as I want


  1. Hashtag LEG GOALS… hold my beer.. I’m going to the gym

  2. Wont be eating your watermelon and my head underneath

  3. love it ur beautiful

  4. I really applaud this lady! She’s very beautiful too inside and out. I have always wanted to literally build my body to what I want it to look like and not what it wants to shape itself into just by losing weight or gaining it. Like I really want to be able to go into one area of my body and proportion it to what I want it to be, each body part or area. Like legs and thighs one size, butt and hips another that isn’t naturally proportional to my waist and legs. I have always wanted my butt and hips much wider than my legs thighs waist and torso. I want to look like i was drawn to be sexy like Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boop or somebody. I want to actually look built. Sadly the only way I am going to be able to get that is through cosmetic surgery by fat transfers, so unfortunate.

  5. So is john going to be every commercial now

  6. She is awesome! Great attitude

  7. Mamma dont look bad either!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ladies don't get scared off you can be in a calorie deficit to be lean muscular. Or don't lose weight and turn the current fat you have into muscle. You have a choice

  9. Gorgeous! Inside and out. Those curves are the friggin BEST!

  10. Damn.

  11. When her mom so Rocky I thought she was talking about Rocky bowbo

  12. MUCH healthier addiction than plastic surgery! Go gurl.

  13. Hooorrrriiiiibbbblllle

  14. Beautiful Queen!!💪🔥🔥

  15. You was fine as a fat kid lol

  16. Not my thing but good for her! She looks healthy and confident which most people on this channel arnt

  17. Que desperdicio de sandias

  18. So beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

  19. Legit mesmerized by her face

  20. I used to work out. I loved it.

  21. She’s squatting cookies 🤧

  22. This is inspiring! NOTHING but love for her and her journey!

  23. She is gorgeous! My pride of being a black man and man of color

  24. Looks like buffalo not good

  25. If more Women exercised Religiously More men Would Marry Them.😍

  26. bomb figure.

  27. Marry me……..I found my goddess!

  28. Rocky your personality is infections you are a doll ❤ I love you and your mom, it's so sweet I see you takeing care of your mom, you go pretty girl GODBLESS YOU AND MOM!!!

  29. Girl!!!! You look awesome. Don’t listen to the haters. Your an inspiration.

  30. I love the african-style & her african body with typical strong glut/legs 💕

  31. you and youre momma <3 <3 <3 god i wish i could of seen my moms 60th birthday. rip momma.
    everybody reading this, treasure your moms. theyre only here for such a short time

  32. She admits she's addicted. Hope she doesnt turn manly

  33. Give it up delicious you look like a man🤣

  34. Hair so healthy

  35. This is the best motivation I miss being strong (track sz.) I gained the wait now I would like turn in to muscles

  36. This girl is amazing

  37. if this chyk only squats 500 why does her muscles look so big? when i was 17 i did 600 lbs but my muscles look nothing like even this womans… i dont understand is there something im supposed to be taking or doing different?

  38. She's such an inspiration. Wow!

  39. I need to grow my quads…but I REALLY don't know how to eat

  40. She looks GREAT! She has an Mc Escher tattoo on her right leg which is impressive too.

  41. This seems to fit a woman body builder better than what one would see in the past

  42. Vc e linda queria ter uma mulher igual a vc

  43. Que bundão gostoso e bucetao vc tem vc devi transar gostoso

  44. Srry god

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