IGM Art Gallery's "Creating A Healthy Life" Forum

discussion in this conversation to connect the dots there is inclusive health there is integrated medicine incredibly healthy and there's upstream medicine take your struggle is how do you integrate a chronic disease such as this into your life that led to an interest for myself in the concepts involved in the field of mind-body medicine we eat badly and we begin to be more dehydrated the standard American diet is predominantly water or very dehydrating and we got a half of the twelve element that's going on in the social environment and human needs the social justice we built an integrated model for the Los Angeles Community College District in our process was integrated into that neural network because a T 7 we can't make this product with one skill set we all these asses are inside of the community so since we're here at the Institute for genetic medicine I'm wondering in your model be used for the human genome so where they are to where they want to go what if any financial drivers and I would love to be a part of an upstream team if we are provoked more like vegetables and stuff tonight like spinach like Popeye Popeye and cinnamon I used to like that part two regards and I used to like to eat spinach because of papaya and a cellular level that the muscles just release this is from signed by Gloria Molina from the Board of Supervisors and she says the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles hereby congratulate and commend you for breaking new ground as an innovative pioneer you

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  1. i have this book, it's really amazing book and so nice art

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