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things day one as you guys know breaking their legs this will be the heavy leg day today just gonna make some out some excuses because I'm some pre-adamite excuses so yeah I can make myself look good for doing light I'm still carry that back injury you know that's no excuse you can just work around it you know so you know we work around these things you know so at the end of the day I believe in frequency and you know I'm trying here my lease three days a week in different parts and comfortable compartmentalize on what areas I need to bring up obviously so today is like an overall kind of League day for weekend he carves answering squads of doctors again I'm trying to copy the movements that I love to do so obviously you guys know a lot of squatting all my heavy free weights but just – RJ join and like you all still give me a lot a lot of great you know sorry this abyss is filled today in a wall so silly guy but you're just nursing the exercises today that I'll talk to you guys about you know you can imagine where I use it up to squat also machine sports like you know instead of heavy front squats our module syntax for so just assistant stuff so you know the whole point of this series as well as so you guys can understand that you know we all have our problems and injuries and we're going to work around them the other thing too is frequency you know you want to build something up I look at different athletes and what they do and you know you can say gymnast where they have massive access opossums and really good midsections we're doing chin-ups and and setups all day you know in their apparatus so you look at swimmers they have very wide shoulders you look at cyclists they have massive quads and they're doing these things all day every single day you know so I'm still looking for progressive overload but that's one thing I'm bringing up bringing into my program to help bring up these chopsticks is all right time comes my warm guess we going I actually used to just stop with jobs originally the class lately and you know I'm sure so we wish I win the content sessions and we get the it's funny you know even since since Arnold's I said I come into cars every morning before my first client how down here ten weeks post Arnold say straight with yourself and I'm about to cancel things just won't you have I'm lucky in that spot my hamstring and accommodates everything over there just kind of warms everything up get something going when I saw those hamstrings first Yakima cops were Swiss all this muscle okay so that's what we need to have our defense to be doing this copyrights obviously sitting in the water here we're working on the actual it's like a small bit of cheese underneath the main pilot cough so it really gives that job and work it's a very small muscles and your guests right which is a make me pal you cop easy to take over it's always creepy take that at what area first straight lady copyright to learn to didn't pop raise like risk operates always saw the same conference this always with calves stretch stretch the out of them you guys know like the stretch to the patient at the cows drove all day you're doing car praise every time you walk all right bridge between sets your rest time is just stretching so a long Dumbo kill I want to get into it I've got a fuckup anything is what we try to do is we just pre-activated through some we maxed out now single line lick show which allows the adductor you decide to activate soon someone coming to here this long don't go kill there's two ways you can work it you work the outside the hamstring on the inside Sachi and oh yeah I think it's personally better if you're doing it the second way with your doctor you main focus here is not just a hamstring curl it's restricted because the dumbbell works you get the ground okay so you go in the hunter a limited range of motion if you come too far to you actually lose tension off the hamstring – so pretty much your own tension the whole weight talk whole way through so you know you'd stay about 20% off the bottom and about 20% of the top centre mid range of 60% here solely under common attention the main objective here though is to focus on squeezing the knees together as hard as you can and the heels together as hard as you can that's what activate obviously the adductor the killer and again cuz it's Taman attention and you're doing it right you should be able to file in 10 kilos 10 20 30 kilos 40 kilos whatever how strong you are doesn't matter how strong you how you should be able to still file when you warm up because it's one of those ones which one attention you can really make this hot as you want to really make it with tip all the rest the wardens here I brought you some the warden is checking checking me out on yard time so I get my I'll get my god time before I could look back on myself so yeah that's the Borden's drop does a very good job making sure everything's all right yad Tom's not so healthy there's no aggression out he yeah so as a model for you doing checkups some doing some jonah kills and yeah with this one you want to make sure all the weight is on your knees okay a lot of people make mistakes see these little leaders down here they press your heart into it okay overcome saying the cord and hamstrings get it in yes a instead I really try to relax my feet as much as I can sometimes I'm warming up actually have my feet hanging over the edge until gets heavy enough just to remind myself not to press into those believe as we got we just want to rest the feet there and keep all the weight on inside the knees so that we know we're contracting at all times with your duffel so it's my high chair my baby chef he's my little booster seat and what does is is uh it allows me to fully extend and lock you out as hard as I can only since you know because I'm sitting up at a high angle I can really lock you up but I won't put any pressure through my fertility underneath like so especially 57 or something really moves some heavy weight now with this I'm calm for aggressing up in weight 77 1/2 kg you notice when you do enough for 12 reps 7 sets that it's great you guys know the deal catches up on you but you know that unfortunately the fossil gets stronger the tenants don't so I gotta compensate for that sorry and I have to listen to my body and right now I'm trying to hit a different part of the court as well so you'll find and the more stretch you want to get you know you could be working that teardrop a little bit more we're here I can really work on that final detail on squeezing hard and green in the final line Sir Michael Morris and upper part okay so whoever the hits of seven sets so I fully pre fatigue my thighs and my hamstrings and on my adductors really really fry the quads and then we can hit some heavy squats and see what we got [Applause] [Applause] funny like I think we're spinning gear okay like I've done League we've got today my last day of the day and my supposed to be fun like legs are cramping up and laughing about it cuz it cramped in here a lot of blood flow and that kind of stuff cuz I mean items we talk about I'm working on the injury so I tested my real heavy heavy heavy stuff and I'm doing my real heavy heavy heavy stuff so I go as heavy as I usually can the point is though is when it's time to spawn it's a different feeling minutes things things in life just get put aside you know and I don't even now now now I'm doing this so I don't even saw what about the workout that I just did I'm gonna see him out squatting tom platt says squatting is a separate sport and so now tell you the intensity the heartbeat the adrenaline sweat pain the agony even it's injury that I've got right now is just disappeared aren't gonna sign up to journaling going through my body right now seeing myself because I'm gonna suede wall about what's gonna happen next you know that's why we did in this world it's really commerce is we're gonna we're gonna stand up as a brothel set your tasks and set your goals and push through these barriers I could be living a little bit in the edge right now because I'm done this way the wall but I'm I'm not gonna say on my next show and wonder what do you suffice it to get back up did what Bridget eating work today you know my driver was still heavy besides of the high volume of hot again try to keep it more hamstrung going on today obvious anymore hamstring that's all I got so Swift out of the hamstrings sub-accounts votes in the hamstrings whoever those times they trench into the adductors then to the courts kind of start out at the back move to the middle ends up front well you guys want to see those crazy more today I'm up flat up later in a lot honestly when I find you know what I mix both quads hamstrings even abductors together the secondary public workouts obviously my points today they just cramp up so much there's so much blood in the panting area that when you recruiting someone flood swishing like a high volume like FST 7 estado the earthquakes on which one you said he is cray pop you know like I came together as they came for sports which is are up it again you see them I warn me up of squats the very very slow and the past the brush into it and cramped up and almost all my hand stirring or quad and the first warm-up set so just really slow you know you notice a the squats as well I always like to stagger that's right mark for myself again judging juggling with my back a moment the six reps is a good mark for me because I feel I can really hit that white-hot remark and a good pump but it's not put on there Petula when my back actually has to hold away for too long so I thought was a very successful workout I'll give you the full judgment once I come down my back oh yeah but for right now I'm feeling pretty good so today is Thursday at that part of the week and you'll be smashing out quite solely on set on Sunday which would be a a higher volume day very very fun and then obviously next week we're back to back and hamstrings and posterior work or work and the stifling dead lips and like kind of stuff so yeah very action-packed for this hide the ball no four legs and how I'm going why things in liable season okay so stay tuned guys and as always just want to say thank you again and appreciate all your support myself same piece I can be pro in team peace until next time bye guys I told you that I'll be giving back and I'm doing the drawing out first drawer I'm actually live a home run to today out of the draw for my youtubers okay so the love on YouTube so as I said you need to comment on both videos Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 p.m. with a suggestion on how to give me more content okay so I'm trying to get back to you guys as far as what content to provide and you guys getting back to me by showing alive and giving me the support and ideas needed so I'm going one step further and I'm going to be giving a 20 minute free Skype consultation so that we know or both this draws first one is don't be looking so upside down there are team Edwards you get a 20 minutes consultation with my soul next one okay so join up to so I'll sit down as I right there right will T gets the free 20 minute Skype consultation with myself so look guys this is gonna be happening every week we're actually putting more content and jam packing more content into these videos okay so protein be dropping back to once a week because we are forum quand all I'm asking for you guys is when you watch the video you like the video obviously grocery gives us subscribe refer-a-friend as always but my main thing is comment on the video okay with suggestion for furthering the content for us down here at CPS and myself and I'll be giving you guys a 20 minute free Skype consultation we going in the draw to win that every single week so get on board this is me getting back to you guys and once again saying thanks again from myself and all team peace


  1. Another great video. Thx Sam appreciate your knowledge. Very impressive physique and a awesome athlete as well as a great champion.

  2. Nice work on the Smithy – SP! –

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