IFBB Pro Jessie Hilgenberg's Strong Back Workout

being fit and living healthy is what I know and love I look at my body as an artist sculpting and transforming the ideal physique using my fitness modeling fitness coaching and figure competitions as a platform I hope to inspire as many people as possible I'm here to help you change your life I'm Jesse hildenburg changing your body and your life is not just about coming to the gym and lifting weights in order to succeed you have to set major goals for yourself and see them all the way through to the end in my experience one of the best ways to do that is to set smaller more achievable goals along the way so think of today's workout as an example of one of those smaller goals on your journey to become the best version of you possible today's back workout consists of one warm-up exercise followed by seven working exercises your back is a very very large muscle group so you want to focus on a lot of compound heavy lifts plus isolation exercises to complement that let's get started I always start my back workouts with one warm-up exercise I usually end up picking lat pull-downs because it really kind of wakes up my lats pre-exhaust my back muscles a little bit and just reminds my body that it's my back muscles that are working and to have a great workout I set the weight pretty low and I add weight each set of the warm-up to kind of see where my body is that day and decide what weight I'm going to end up okay so that felt pretty good it was a moderate weight for me I'm going to add some more weight and do my second set of 10 I don't rest a lot during the warm-up because my weight is actually a little bit light for me so as soon as I start my working sets that's when I'll get into a little bit more rest stretching in between sets but right now I'm just kind of waking up the body and figuring out what weight I'm going to use for the day 90 pounds felt pretty good during that second warm-up set so I'm going to keep the weight right where it's at and finish my third set of 10 and then we'll get going now that I finished the warm-up we're going to move on to the very first working exercise which is pull-ups pull-ups are awesome it's a great compound exercise that hits so many different muscles back there if you can't do a body weight pull-up you also have options there too you can use a training partner you can use bands you can use a pulp assist machine or you can do negative pulse which I'm also going to show you an example of I always use straps on my back days you'll see me wear them with almost every single exercise today I like to take my grip my forearms and my biceps out of the exercises as much as possible and I usually do the first set roughing out so I'll try to get as many reps as I can today it'll probably be somewhere around 8 the final three sets imma do about five reps and I'm going to use negatives during those five reps extra cool I got 10 when I really thought I was going to get 8 on back days I keep my rest short and sweet I want to keep the blood moving through the muscles back there I do some stretching in between to keep that blood flow going and I get right to it with the next set I'm starting with my pull-ups at the very beginning of the workout because I have the most energy for them at that time I'm not going to go through an entire back workout and then do pull-ups at the end pull-ups are hard for me I've been doing them for a really really long time I used to not even be able to do one I worked my way up until I was able to do one and then I could do three and then I could do five what I'm trying to target with pull-ups muscle group wise is my entire back it's a compound exercise it works so many other muscles so for the second set I only got three probably because I did 10 reps on the first set but this is my first set of negative so you'll see how I got myself up there I held it for a count of about five seconds and then I lowered myself down as slow as I can it's a great way to build up strength to become an absolute pull up badass it's so important to train your back for me I'm a figure competitor so you know I've got to do four quarter turns and you've got to judge me from the back so if I don't have a back and I have all these other great muscle groups it doesn't make any sense even off the stage you want to look complete you want to have a really great balance physique and you want your back to be strong you're not going to be able to squat you're not going to be able to do a plank if your back is really weak okay pull-ups done on to the next the next exercise is a parallel grip bar lat pulldown again I have hooks on I have different hooks on this time these are my actual hooks and I use them for just about any rowing exercise I do what I feel when I just come off of a set of few sets of pull-ups and I go into the very next exercise I do have my strength compromised a little bit because it takes so much energy and effort to do my pull-ups but something like a parallel grip bar pull down is great for that because it's not another compound movement it's really kind of an it's really kind of isolating my lat so I get to kind of use a different muscle group a different angle on them and I'm not doing another exercise back-to-back with those pull-ups that takes that recruits all of those muscle groups I'm gonna keep my rest periods nice and short about 30 seconds and I grab on to anything I can find to stretch out those back muscles in between sets my elbows are far out to the sides using a parallel grip bar I pull it down I really get to squeeze those lower Lots back to me is the hardest to train for one you can't see your back and so a lot of times you can build up all these other amazing muscle groups but your back ends up lagging a little bit just because you simply don't see it you know the back is a very very large muscle group so it's a lot of fun to just get in the gym and just kind of go nuts on your back with heavy weight feels awesome and there's a time and a place for that but most of the time in my opinion the most back development is to go lighter to visualize what you're doing and to really plan things out it's really a mind muscle connection with your back and you want to have a lot of compound exercises and a lot of isolation exercises two arms one arm you really have to mix it up and hit your back from every angle possible lat pulldown done on to the next the next exercise is seated cable rows with an underhand grip I set the weight a little bit lighter on this exercise that I can really focus on the contraction holding it at the contraction and really focusing on the lower locks because the weights a little bit lighter on this exercise I can bump up the reps just a little bit while I'm focusing on that contraction so on these exercises I'm doing 12 reps all the others I 60 by 80 to 10 range workout intensity does have different meanings for me trust me I do go into the gym on a leg workout and you know I'm not really a grunter or a screamer or anything but I definitely can have some pretty intense workouts my back workouts though they're very delicate to me not delicate and in weight but just they're very important they're planned out so carefully a lot of times I close my eyes and I really pull that weight back I hold it for a second at the contraction I feel the muscles working that I want to be working the next exercise is single arm dumbbell rows I like to mix in some single arm exercises in with the rest of my back workout just to keep things interesting and keep different muscles working I'm going to do these today off of the back of the bench I like doing them off of the rack but a lot of times if the gym is busy I can get in the way and so what you want to focus on with these is make sure your core stays tight because you don't really have any support except for your hand on the bench the weight is moderate I'm going to keep the dumbbell low so I focus on my lower left and another thing I want to point out is bring the elbow as far back behind you as you can to kind of tie in those mid traps the main goal of this workout is to really focus on that mind-muscle connection that you have with your back muscles it really want you to work on visualizing every single exercise and I really want you to focus on the details with this as I mentioned before it's really easy to grab a heavy barbell and just bust out some rows but do yourself a favor challenge yourself and it's hard to lower the pin it's hard to grab a lighter weight but your body will thank you and your back muscles will thank you our next exercise is high cable face holes I use the rope attachment so that I have some freedom with what I'm doing with my grip again a little bit lighter weight here you don't want too much weight either otherwise the exercise really becomes pointless you want to be able to feel the contraction and hold it for a quick second before you go to the top of the movement we're working on our rhomboids our rear delts our mid traps kind of a compound movement I added face pulls into this back workout simply because I love doing face balls I think it's a really unique exercise in that it can be on your shoulder day or your back day I can work just my rear delts with it or I can squeeze a little bit farther and start incorporating in my rhomboids my upper traps my middle trap a good rule of thumb on any back day is to keep your butt out keep your lower back arched and keep your chest out if you incorporate that into any setup before you do the first rep of any exercise you're probably pretty safe with practicing good form that really really comes into play with face pulls it's another exercise where you have no support around you your chest isn't supported on a bench your back isn't supported on a bench you're not laying down or anything like that so you're really just kind of floating out in space your core needs to be stable and you really have to have some good core strength to be able to do this I come back to seated cable rows twice in this workout the first time with an underhand grip so I could focus on the lower lot this time I change the attachment handle to a wider grip that clears my entire torso so I can really squeeze my shoulder blades together and work on this mid truck lower the weight down you're going to bring your biceps into it if you add too much weight but if you use an appropriate weight that's challenging but not you know where you're going to have to recruit a lot of other muscle groups like your biceps the final exercise in today's back workout its incline bench high cable pullovers kind of a finisher exercise for me the weight is somewhat light and I'm really focusing on just hitting those lats one last final time to kind of burn them out before the workouts complete what I'm targeting with inclined bench high cable lap pullovers is my last so it's kind of a finisher I start that way with my lats the warm-up set and I actually finished that way too I choose to do the one where I'm in the incline bench and I pull all the way over because I get a huge stretch on my last and then I get to isolate them as I pull the weight down pull the bar down you can avoid using your triceps too much in a pullover by focusing on your wrist a lot a lot of people let their wrist kind of break up like this and their elbows will start to bend and then it really starts to become a tricep dominant exercise you can lower the weight enough to really feel the burn in your lats but also keep your wrist perfectly straight keep your elbows nice and locked and you should be able to avoid it and that's it exercises then workouts complete back feels awesome now it's time to go rest and eat and grow as I mentioned earlier in the workout you want to train your back at least once a week if not twice I'm about to log into my body space account and log this exact workout today along with all the other workouts I have logged in there you can follow me on body space Jesse fitness is my username and for more great content like this always keep coming back to bodybuilding.com you


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