If Physical Health Problems Were Treated Like Mental Health Problems

listen I know you're sick and all but are you even trying to get better Hey look at it this way there's plenty of people out there that haven't worse often you do you stop focusing all the bad things in life and just try to enjoy it it's all in your head I don't think you need to be taking medication every day just to feel normal don't you think it's changing you listen you really just need to suck it up like everybody goes through this and you're just feeling sorry for yourself why don't you just go to the doctor thank you my insurance doesn't cover the flu Oh Stephen man that's broken you need to see a doctor to say I'm fine I get better on my own Oh


  1. Oh this video is awesome

  2. It's like laughing at cancer victims.

  3. YES

  4. Everything mental is physical. Mental illness may worsen physique if left untreated for a long period of time. Mental health issues must not be undermined at any cost.

  5. If people hear that u broke your leg they're like "are you ok? Do you need something?,, Now when people hear that you have a mental illness "You are doing it for attention. Just snap out of it. It's all in your head,, Mental illnesses should seen as a serious problem not like " come on he broke his leg and you're telling me you have depression?,, Why can't they be treated equally ?

  6. Well I can honestly say I developed mental issues because of my health issues! Bad breath has ruined my fucken life!!!

  7. It is unfortunate, but I have found that the ones most intolerant of my mental health issues (ASD/Asperger's) is those coworkers with physical issues. It's as if I don't have the right because they can't see and feel theirs is "more". The other thing I found is that coworkers with physical issues are people I thought would understand, but the opposite is true. They are the most standoffish and critical. Sometimes, though, I believe it is in self defense and that "their disorder" cannot tolerate "my disorder."

  8. It's hard to believe that people actually think that feelings aren't real just because you can't see them. I wonder how we got to thinking that way about people because it's actually strange that we somehow think that people are "overreacting"

  9. Lol buzzfeed made a video on an issue that's actually relevant and serious. People treat transgender and gay people the same way. It's like telling society to accept the flu and let people have the freedom to sneeze.

    Edit: They didn't even come up with the idea.

  10. Thoughts and feelings are physical things in your brain. There is no proof of something that is not physical and plenty of proof of physical aspects of life.

    Your body includes your brain and not just neck down. Things that are psychological are equally physiological and better explained by physiology. Our world is physical that doesn’t mean everything is not mysterious at the root of it all.
    Mental illness is physical illness it doesn’t matter if it is easily observable or not. Less labeling more specifics will help us become more accurate with our poor assumption based diagnoses by Everyone including trained professionals.

  11. Honestly the world be a far better place if mental health was mored cared for, researched and advanced as physical health. Belive it or not Theres millions of people that can have a mental illness, and yes there could be a cure if it was a more funded,researched, and teached in society just like physical health. It could take years but, One day we will actually have mental health down better than ever before!

  12. SUPRISE this is how people with invisible PHYSICAL illnesses are treated TOO. I have lyme and I've seen the lowest in humanity since I got sick, aimed at me being physically ill.

  13. I totally understand where you are coming from. I get this all the time and have lost a lot of people because of this. It makes my depression worse, but all I can do is keep trying. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Mental illness is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Just like cancer, Leukemia, diabetes and other illness are chemical imbalances in other parts of your body.

  15. to scared to kill myself but that's the o my thing on my mind last 6 month.. 19 year of anxiety, panic attacks with everythi g that comes with that… self medication.. tried everything doctor gave me "useless " meditation change food you name it and I've tried it.. or is there anything I've missed? open for help.. Ayahuasca maybe? dead scared to try it tho..

  16. Please DM @_their_suicide_hotline on Instagram if you ever want to talk.

  17. Dude physical problems get overlooked a lot too. Your body can take a lot of damage and I've had a lot of doctors who had the "can't see it, not an issue" attitude as well. This isn't hating on mental health issues, because I honestly believe it's all the same when you're unwell. However, when you're in the workforce you can gradually destroy your body without proper medical attention, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get the recognition, care, and coverage you need to keep going. Do not create a case of physical vs mental, but rather a case of healthy vs unhealthy. I like the intent of this message but not the portrayal

  18. These are the things that no one with mental illness wants to hear.

  19. That first one almost got me to throw my phone against the wall.

  20. Exactly! I told my therapist I wanted to die and she said ITS JUST PUBERTY.. I tried to kill myself after that.

  21. You know it's funny, you can say many things when your in front of a screen but in real life you can't say anything at all. I have depression and anxiety and it sucks. If your like me you go to school and pretend your happy, pretend you prefect in every way but when you get home you cry, cry your eyes out for hours until you realize your parents will be home soon and you don't want them asking questions so you stop.
    I finally get the guts to tell my friends I cut and suffer from depression then months later we get into a huge fight over this, they tell the vice principal, I go to conciliation and I ignore them and they ignore me. I have 2 friends, I went from having a whole squad to having 2 friends ironically it's the friend who I fight the most with now she's the one standing by my side.
    I never asked for their help all I wanted was them to stay by my side while I helped myself. Now it's spring break and do you know what u do when my parents aren't home?
    I think about dying, I think about what they said to me, I think about them saying I'm making this all about me when really I don't want attention I want you to leave me alone so I won't get hurt anymore. I don't want attention I want a friend, I want a friend who can break down my walls and make me feel safe. I don't want a friend who abandons me because I have depression, because I'm always sad, because I have a negative energy.
    If you see this then good, I hate you don't ever talk to me again, I want to be alone, I want to save myself. Your not depressed, your not me so stop pretending to care.
    "So do me a favor and never talk to me again unless you want to sit down and talk about this serious topic."
    Don't wait for me, I'll never come to you. No one has broken down my walls in years and you won't be the first.

    Sorry about my rant, needed to get it out there. If you care (which I doubt) I'm getting help, don't worry.

  22. wonderful video!

  23. This is so accurate. People think we're faking, but no. It's called a mental ILLNESS for a reason people.

  24. This video is right on the money ♥

    One thing I'd also like to see is a kind of "If Physical illnesses were diagnosed the same as Mental illnesses"

    Mental Health needs Evidence based testing too! ♥

  25. Two years later, and this video is still up, disregarding the fact that they stole the video’s content and design from a film student who applied for their internship program. Vultures. 👿

  26. It was time for a LONG time ago. Yet no one is taking it seriously

  27. If physically problems everyone would be locked in padded rooms against their will

  28. This is just sad.

  29. This is so true

  30. It's the same thing

  31. Omg yess

  32. The amount of times I have heard “Just get up, you’ll feel better” or “you worry too much,” from my own family or otherwise is more than I even have space to say. It’s the most frustrating thing when you try to tell someone and you try to get help and all you’re told is “wow you know you should just (insert thing I can’t do rn because of mental health issues) then you’ll feel better.” I hate it. And I would say that people haven’t been like that for my physical issues but I would be lying. I have weak ankles, trick knees, a heart condition, asthma, allergies, airway scarring, and there’s more, but my own parents have told me multiple times (despite doctors’ visits and suggestions) “you’ll be fine.” “You can walk it off” “many people have (insert health issue) and they do just fine.” “The doctors don’t know anything these days, just stop babying it.” Is truly and utterly appalling. I’ve thankfully been in therapy for 8 years (over half my life) and I’m starting to get on the road to an actual recovery.

  33. Ya, because all this isnt told to chronically ill/ disabled people. Mentally ill and physically ill people share similar experiences and should try to advocate together

  34. Just get over it just get over THATS ALL I EVER HEAR GOD DAMMIT PEOPLE

  35. My mom in a nutshell

  36. Physical health is mental as well everything is a product of consciousness. So I didn’t get the point of this video for example you can have heart issues that come from anxiety

  37. I don't know if I sound weird but I didn't expect that Insulin shot … and actually her response irritated me I know it's a video but I hear this alot in real life . Is Robin even diabetes?

  38. Capitalism and our current political climate is making my mental health worse….

  39. This is how the right wing trump supporter treats all of us… its tucking sad

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