Identifying Tomato Diseases on Yellow Leaves: Pruning Prevention & Spraying – The Rusted Garden 2013

welcome to the rest of garden today I want to talk to you quickly a little bit about pruning the bottom of your Tomatoes but more importantly what yellow leaves mean or what kind of clues did they give you that you might have something going on in your garden you can see with this tomato from the bottom where the soil is all the way up to the first line of leaves I have about a foot maybe 16 inches of a gap I do that to create a splash barrier so when it rains or you water and it hits the soil lots of spores of fungus kind of stay in the soil so it doesn't splash up get onto the bottom of your plant and then take hold and spread we've had a lot of rain here in the last last week and a lot of times when you have a lot of rain the bottom of your leaves start to yellowing start to yellow and you also start noticing different patterns on your leaves I want to show you what some of these patterns mean and you know some of them you need to worry a little bit more about some of them you don't really need to worry if you look at this leaf here that I just took off you see a leaf that's pretty beat up it's browning it's yellow this kind of pattern isn't really something to worry about it's just really a leaf dying out and you can see it up here to kind of looks the same just drying leaves yellowing you can take a look at this leaf you see more spotting brown spots that's just a leaf dying out there's no yellow ring around it and basically for these you just prune them off either pluck the leaf off or take the whole branch off when you start noticing circles on your leaves here's a good example where it's brown concentric rings that's just circles within circles and you can see it when you have to leave and you look close but when you start getting the brown circles and then a yellow pattern around it you might be concerned that it's some sort of fungus taking hold there's a good example right there the yellow ring around the brown circle and you still want to do the same thing when you see the brown rings remove that leaf right away don't leave it on your plant if it is a fungus you're removing it so that it can't produce spores and split two other leaves you also want to spray your tomato at that point with some antifungal I use 1 tablespoon of baking soda per gallon of water spray the plant down and you know you hope for the best but you're going to see a lot of yellow leaves and the biggest I guess yellowing it you want to be concerned about is when you get circle patterns like this where again just to review it's a brown circle you have concentric rings inside and then around the outside of the circle you have a yellow ring it's not a point to panic just remove the leaf remove the branch spray your tomato down with an antifungal and you just hope for the best hopefully enjoy this video please check out my blog at


  1. Great video . I always wondered why the leaves yellow. Now I'll just clip the yellow leaves off .

  2. Thanks for sharing this one Gary! I know Browning and yellowing is really hard to detect on what it can be sometimes because it can all look the same at times.This will come in handy for many gardeners out there! Every year it seems I get blight here in f.l. It gets crazy sometimes because we have perfect temps for months at a time for fungus to grow.

  3. Hello! I have a tomato plant whose bottom leaves and branches are turning yellow and dying. The three bottom branches are like this and it's traveling up the plant fairly quickly. I don't see any other signs on the leaves. Some of the leaves have dark purple veins, so I've used miracle grow for tomatoes (thinking it was a nitrogen deficiency) and put used coffee grounds on top of the soil, under the mulch. No improvement. Any idea what it could be?

  4. Thank you ☮😊❤ Solo gardening/ relearning as I go 👍👍

  5. I just planted my garden 2 weeks or so a go and all my zucchini tomatoes I'm getting yellow spots.

  6. My tomatoe plants are starting to look funny

  7. Thanks man

  8. Hi, sorry my English is not very good. So that means the tomato shouldn't be expose under the sun for whole day?? Should I move the tomato plant to other position but not expose directly to the sun too much ?

  9. will remove dry leaves and look for those spots

  10. Why can't my 3 inch tall tomato starters look great but we're gone over night? It didn't get cold enough to kill them & they looked healthy but disappeared ??

  11. Gary, I think you are very smart. however, when I tried your pulverized egg shells and vinegar solution, it did not come out like yours. I forgot to put it in the hole before planting, so I added water to the solution and poured it around the plant……and then the plant died. What happened? I am sad, because I started these tomatoes from. Last year's seeds.

  12. I enjoy your videos, Gary! I left my tomato pottlings outside, and down to 38 degrees F. Since then, the leaves are yellowing and wilting around the edges, but the stems are strong and healthy looking. Just temperature sensitivity, do you think?

  13. It seems like I can get blight on almost anything and everything in my garden.  I'm going into my 4th year of learning to garden, and so my question is, would it hurt to spray with the baking soda before any signs appear, and can I spray potatoes, cucumbers, squash etc with this mixture to prevent also?  Thanks for all the great advice and info!

  14. Joseph MacPherson1 week agoI live in Vermont. As soon as the leaves show signs of white flies,black fungus under the leaves,middle of June,I start to mix and spray,every 3 or 4 days,alternate the fungicide mixture, not before the rain,need at least 2 days after the spray: one gallon of water plus 4 table spoon of "Liquid copper fungicide" .One gallon of water plus 2 table spoon of " GreenCure fungicide. Make sure you spray top to bottom,over and under all the leaves,branch and main trunk too.Wear gloves,long sleeves,and not windy,no sun when you spray. It works perfect,no sick leaves,

  15. Hey my new leaf getting the same pattern (the first one you mentioned) , I wonder what could be the reason of new leaf dying so early? There's no circle on the leaves. Please let me know what should I do? I precautionary sprayed rose fungal spray. Thanks in advance

  16. what could cause the leaves to have a lot of tiny holes. they are not brown spots but actual little holes. should I look for insects or its some kind of virus? thanks

  17. Thank you sir, that was very helpful I did as you instructed and my plants survived, thank you very good advice.

  18. At 1:23  into the video  there are white dots on the leaf ..I have them all over the plants that I just purchase are these some kind of insect eggs or whiteflies eggs …Help

  19. What would I do if every leaf appears plagued? They look as yours do, but I don't want to remove every leaf. Can I use a strong fungicide and wait for new growth? What would you recommend? Thank you!

  20. Gary I have a question. Lately some of my vegetables in my raised beds have started turning yellow. Broccoli, kale and kohlrabi mainly. Do you have any advice? Thanks Best wishes Bob.

  21. This video contains a wealth of knowledge! I think I'll add it to my "useful videos" playlist. Thanks for all you do.

  22. Blight aka, the tomatoe mosaic virus, is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of if not impossible. Once you get it, the disease can lay dormant in the soil/etc for up to 60+ years. I really Fucking hate this disease Wash you're hands, especially if you are a cig smokers. And yeah pray for the best even tho you're crops gonna be fucked sooner or later.

  23. Thanks…that looks exactly like what i have.   No the circle ones.   I will trim the leaves higher to prevent fungal splash and make some  of that baking soda solution to spray on foliage.

  24. I've just spent the past 2 hours researching tomato woes from various resources including Cornell University's indispensable Vegetable MD and I learned at least as much about differentiating "trouble" from "normal" in your 3 minute video as I did from any gardening forum or university website. Kudos to you, sir. And thank you for the informative video. I look forward to checking out more of your offerings.

  25. OO

  26. +valentine barboza Leaf curl is usually normal and comes from stress. Leaf miner and chewing insects, I have been using Neem Oil with very good success.

  27. Garry, the video is really helpful. I need some real strong tips on leaf cute and leaf miner problems.. Can you help???

  28. Guyabano G

  29. Hi Gary, I enjoy watching your videos. I planted my tomatoes to close to my wooden fence and some of the leaves are rubbing against the fence causing some damage to the leaves. Should I remove the damaged leaf or the whole branch or just let it alone.

  30. I have some tomatoes fruit that have brown spots on them, I removed the leaves that where effected with early blight but should I remove the fruits?

  31. What would make a tomato leaves turn brown and crusty after planting them. Could it be the heat, or over watering etc.. I live in Ohio.. My grafted brandy wines and grafted pineapple are doing this..

  32. Salam Allison
    I think the curling that you have seen indicate to presence of tomato yellow leaf curl disease
    It belong to begomovirus genus
    It is transmitted by whitefly

  33. Just wondering if you have any suggestions on tomato leafs curling. Mine have started curling on a few and I'm not sure why.  This is my first time ever doing seeds.  They are gorgeous and huge but I noticed the curling yesterday.

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