"I'd rather see you, but I live in Connecticut"

I had this interaction the other day and it has just been driving me crazy someone said you know I'd prefer to see you but I live in Connecticut well and that she went on to talk a little bit more about her problems and hey here's the thing when you say I'd prefer to see you but I live in Connecticut either a you're not aware that I see patients about telemedicine in 40 states in this country so you're not likely to live in the states that I don't see patients in I've actually seen patients in because for example if you meet them face to face in one of the states where where you're licensed it's fine but that's usually not what it means it usually means either a I don't know anything about telemedicine I'm afraid of it or be I don't know that you're seeing patients or see telemedicine is just poor quality and I'm not comfortable with that so let's talk about a couple of things there that reaction was your why I came out of retirement again I searched for the for the actual comments from the viewer and searched for about half an hour I was in Peru when this whole interaction happened and so I can't find the the actual interaction I'm gonna take a little bit of authors prerogative to I'm just going to tell you what I remember so again yes I came out of retirement speaking of Peru I was at Machu Picchu it wasn't exactly fun I was pretty sick but it was a life-changing event once-in-a-lifetime event amazing what those folks did and I could be doing stuff like that but instead I came home early and here's why it's because of the state of Medicine in this country I mean it's it's like trying to clean up after a tsunami there is no prevention going on there are inadequate prevention meanwhile we're becoming we're getting killed or paralyzed or going blind from cardiovascular disease from cardiovascular inflammation in fact I don't have to tell you this every 40 seconds someone dies from a heart attack every four minutes somebody dies from a stroke and those are the lucky ones now what do I mean by that well if you have a heart attack and you blow out a major part of the the muscle of your heart you can end up bedridden or if you have a stroke you can end up in a wheelchair in fact strokes are the most common cause of disability in this country you have a stroke you end up in a wheelchair for twenty years decades so the the lady went on to tell me well my cardiologist has me on high-dose lipitor and I requested low-dose crystal based on your videos he refused I am and so I really don't know what to do get a new doc lipitor is great for lowering LDL it's not great for cardiovascular inflammation especially if you're a female which you are or if you have diabetes oh by the way my cardiologist told me I have a touch of sugar he said the see my PCP so you see why I'd go crazy and just go slap nuts I'm not sure what else to do I don't know man how many videos we've done on prediabetes the generation in jeopardy the UCLA study which shows that over half of it of adults in California we're not talking about 60 years old and above we're talking about 30 years old and above have prediabetes it's not full-blown diabetes that's killing this country that's causing the atherosclerosis and planked although it will if you get there it's just that there's so many more people with insulin resistance pre-diabetes metabolic syndrome and if you have that you have a constant source of cardiovascular inflammation going on yes we have a generation in in jeopardy and so here's part of the here's the point I don't know what else I can do if you think that coming to see me as a patient is too expensive I've put I keep putting everything I know on videos at this point there are over 500 videos out there and they're absolutely free I don't know how that's expensive I could get than that telemedicine sport quality I don't know how to do telemedicine it takes 10 seconds to get a to get a telemedicine thing set up and I've done it with hundreds and hundreds of patients these are 80 year olds that don't know how to work a computer well again No maybe tell medicines poor quality compared to a local cardiologist who wants to use high-dose lipitor for a female with pre-diabetes I can't figure out your videos there's just too much information on them well that's why I came out of retirement that's why we see patients you know what I don't like this patient self-directed labs and see IMT stuff I want a concierge service we're doing concierge now I tell you I have some mixed emotion about concierge because of what I call rich Richmond syndrome we do not want to be this white glove level in a five-star restaurant or 5-star Hotel focusing on service and here's why and we've had plenty of patients that have net worth well over 100 million they have their own airplanes and all of that stuff they tend not all of them but many of them tend to say you know what let me give you a few thousand more dollars and I just want you to do that and fix me I'd be happy to do that if I could but I can't I don't I can't go to the refrigerator for you every morning and pick out the right foods I can't help you get off the couch every day and move medications I mean how many times have we said medications have their place and supplements have their place but you can't medicate or supplement your way out of a bad lifestyle so yes despite all of that we still do have a concierge service and Michelle can help you with that how do you reach Michelle email my healthy pregnant heart risk calm or call 6 1 5 5 3 8 8 403 what about well we'll talk about other other other problems and reasons and issues later you've you've heard me rant and rave if you've made it this far again thank you for your interest thanks and if you hit that subscribe or like button it makes a big difference and even bigger difference happens when you share you can share on Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest when you do that it makes a big difference in terms of the 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  1. I dumped my first Dr. and did a google search for Best Dr. in "xxxxxxxx". Three results, one was dead, one too far away..so went to the third Dr on the list…and yep, he is excellent.

  2. Tele-medicine is brilliant. I saw my GI A/Prof specialist via this prior to his flying up for his usual visit. And he was Great – the one that took the extra step, that saved me a ton of trouble in a few years time. And if you see a specialist via tele-medicine it is even better – because they have to read the file that you upload to them before talking – in a real life meeting they quite often only pick up the file when you walk in the office. Also you can see a tele-medicine specialist, without a Drs referal here. And I had set that up for an interstate radiologist specialist for a second opinion…sending them the CT disk first. PS: I qualify for tele-medicine Medicare rebate for specialists, because I am considered to be in a 'remote' area of Australia. (nearest real capital city 3,000km)

  3. I have recommended you to many people & will continue to do so. I view one of your vids almost daily & many I view as many 10 times. I have learned more with you than all of my other 74 years. If I ever make a fortune then you will recieve a large check. Thank you Doc.

  4. Your videos are fine. We all need to do our part, and it is my life.

  5. Dr FB, I'm afraid you will have to figure out what your gonna do for the next 100 years–retirement in the conventional sense is not in your future. I'll make sure to have more fun and be nice to you and your viewers when I see them.

  6. Good video. My cousin has diabetes and got low dose 5mg Crestor from his doctor and went from 208 total down to 97! 125ldl down to 38 LDL!! Lowered triglycerides too. Crazy response. Not sure about inflammation. Ldl almost seems too low but apparently that’s the diabetic recommendation. Bottom line Crestor is quite amazing. I told him to ask his doc about every other day.

  7. I've sent two messages through your website over the last two weeks and have not heard back from anyone.

  8. Is cloning legal yet?
    "China if you're listening…"

  9. Nice video – I have no problems with telemedicine . What would be helpful is to guide the listener to find out how to see if you can treat them in their state. For example, I know Alaska permits telemedicine- but what I don’t know is how to find out if you specifically are able to treat a patient. How would a prospective patient find that out out?

  10. Insulin Reaction symptoms, I found something that works great for me. When I do my morning fasted HIIT my BG spikes to 170-190 with in the hour, then I follow that with a staircase of reducing effort on the treadmill for 30 minutes. This slows my BG dropping edge rate down so at the end of the 1.5 hrs workout my BG is 110-115 and 95-100 at 2 hrs. This eliminates the really unpleasant feeling of being hypoglycemic after my workout. For me the 190 BG is the result of full body depletion. It does cause my overnight BG to drift up and stay elevated 120-130's. I suspect just normal reload of glycogen of the muscles with insulin resistance. I have been full on keto for 1.5 years so far.

  11. Ouch! Sometimes your honesty is very painful to hear and the reality is even worse. I get your frustration and to be honest I'm not sure how you do it (probably why I'm not a Doc). The effects of Cognitive Biases tend to steer people away if it's to painful to face head on. I think your videos are many of the best and sure some are difficult to understand. However, people just have to go in the correct general direction and that should be pretty reasonable for most. There can always be course corrections as conditions change.
    Keep up the great work!

  12. I would be interested in a script for a freestyle for health reasons, knowing that I have been insulinemic in the past, and having witnessed diabetes take the lives of relatives. I have seen the results of sugar spikes. Of course, difficulty and price would determine if worth trying to Telemed. I have not tried to get my doctors to prescribe, because I know they do not understand sugar.

  13. I'll be honest… I can't afford your services out of pocket, and you don't accept my insurance. However, I can read the medical literature –and thus advocate for myself–and appreciate the free educational content you provide.

  14. Excellent advice Dr. Brewer & I remember reading that posted thread in the comments of one of your videos. Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own state of health or unhealth. As I mentioned to you in past videos, next time I see my Cardiologist I am going to ask him to put me on low dose Crestor or Levalo, fingers crossed! Keep up the great work that you are doing! Thanks………….

  15. Thanks for this reminder that it is up to each person to take the responsibility for their health, and that may mean partially breaking away from the orthodox medical establishment which is geared towards response and not prevention.

    My wife suffered an aortic dissection while on vacation in 2015. Divinely supervised medivac and emergency open heart surgery to save her life. But I'm finding that getting local docs (PCP and cardiologist) to consider other opinions (and EVIDENCE) about LDL, IR and cardiac inflammation is actually a bigger challenge than surgery and rehab. My wife's PCP insists my wife take lipitor because of high LDL. Lipitor has terrible side effects for my wife and we know from Dr. Brewer it is ineffective in addressing cardiac inflammation in women. My wife is on Livalo now even though it does not reduce LDL as well as lipitor. This channel helped us to make that decision.

    To the viewers: I know it can take awhile to find the material on this channel. The sheer number of videos can make this a little time consuming. But it can be done. The information is here. Dr. Brewer offers a medical assessment with advanced lab orders for $1,375. That's one year of cable TV in my area. And nothing on TV is going to add one healthy year to my life. In fact, TV is one reason we are in need to help 😉

  16. Thank you for your part in restoring my faith in humanity.

  17. Telemedicine couldn't be too bad. I have had appointments with "non-connecting" doctors in the same room with me. That is what's frustrating.

  18. Dr brewer what the blood contious sugar monitor u have?? n how much an can you get it in uk

  19. What about abroad?
    I live in egypt,and iam a 40 yr old pediatrician with 2 recent cardiac stents
    Iam very willing to meet you by any means if telemdicine is available

  20. I agree. To be healthy, we have to do our part too. That is the fun part.

  21. D: I didn’t know that telemedicine existed.

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