I Was Randomly Drug Tested For Steroids (What Real NATURAL Bodybuilding Looks Like!)

that's crazy man I see the lights please damn I'm Brown yeah that's right thank you good Alice did you drink any water yes first you just drink white fat nothing yeah you're good if you only buy back down for a bit yes I sleep good morning everyone it is Saturday which means it's the day of past show so iPad is competing today and men's bodybuilding at the WM be F natural muscle mayham basically we slept in a tiny bit this morning so we're on our way to the athletes meeting right now Pat actually woke up first at 5:00 a.m. this morning to have his first meal and that's something I like to do to make sure people are feeding kind of throughout the night and surprisingly when he woke up he was actually super full looking normally on the morning of a show it's almost always the case that people will wake up really flat without much vascularity minimal striations but Pat woke up looking really good and that's a good thing it just means weary fed properly yesterday and he absorbed the nutrients well so since then we've been kind of playing it cool not really eating too much because we don't want to push it too far but then after that he lived back down again had another little nap and then woke up actually looking pretty flat that's right now he's he's eating up he's got got some pop-tarts and some bananas just making sure you know we're filling out properly and it's crazy when you get to these like really low levels of body fat your body composition how you look can change on a dime so you really have to monitor it closely as the hours go by so yesterday for example I was looking at Pat every two or three hours making sure we were on track and things were going smoothly and now today basically just going to get it a little bit more water in a little bit more carbs and then it's time to hit the stage let's get more get a little pump first a little put few push-ups so this is this is the spot where we were two years ago here I should put like a little clip up here from two years ago this exact same spot we were out here it's crazy man time flies we still need to do a little bit more but we're good like we're pacing it well there's some veins here they're starting to come out here and here when Pat gets like really really full this these striations will come out like crazy and they're there but they're not like yet but anyway time to eat remember last house oh dear I was so nervous man like you're so crazy I'm Way more nervous in case you can't tell we've got a rice cake with some peanut butter a little bit of salt on there the salt will help bring out the vascularity and then honey honey with peanut butter on a rice cake is delicious if you try that it's just so much better than Jam yeah morning food I actually want you to get like a little bit of a pump foam like like it'll do some push-ups kind of do something like can do some body weight roads it a little more come on let's go how do you want what it's really like the tree everybody everybody under plays the pom-pom path but look at this look at the difference from the pump up like people will forget to pump up and it's like that is so big like pump versus no hump to make such a huge difference some partner assistant rose throw me so it's just a matter of like having one more good feeding before you get on I think keeping everything nice and tight going up and do everything yeah that's sick what's yeah I've shot you're in I've been watching your journey my best friend someone that actually turns me on to you guys the first video I watched was the cheat meal oh I've been turning my clients on to use this video I love how you apply science everything and you back it up and it's really awesome so well I appreciate you let's have a look do you have a key or something yeah okay from Tatiana ohh crap zeph is gonna lose her mind yeah you're the bomb thank you in terms of like from here on I would say around 45 minutes out have a you know a good meal with some carbs a few fats like 10 grams of fat maybe 30 40 grams of carbs a little bit of protein if you want it and then just before like maybe 10 minutes before have some kind of car be snacks look your M&Ms or something like that shoot back half a teaspoon of salt you're golden and it's just a matter of getting a good pump oh well I probably won't see you now until yeah scared of me coach underscore K Richmond okay I'll put it up on the screen so you guys do them in years are gonna be around this is like out as good as it gets like natural pro bodybuilding right here we actually just met your posing is amazing to man like this is enlightening talk about what he was like yeah yeah okay a lot of work how long is your friend fourth on one side for five months strictly quite actual I know I did most of it myself how old are you 23 yeah actually I'll be 23 no it's over so yeah pick my mom with my dad but I'm on the bar there's so much change [Applause] good perfect [Applause] just left the show I just want you guys to have a look at Pat right now look at this great actually let's face the other way this is nuts bro very easy right now let's see the legs again look at the vascularity here this is nuts man you're gonna absolutely destroy it you just need to be darker man after looking at the prejudging like you really were a light up there and it just didn't didn't you do you justice so hopefully tonight they can get you a little bit of a shade darker but yeah yeah honestly everybody was pretty light except for a couple guys but then they stood out right people underestimate how dark you have to be like he looks super tan right now but like on stage he looked like me like well not quite that way but free a pretty light like pretty fair I just guys we're headed back to finals right now we just went back and had a little nap I don't know fort of her he's in prejudging went on for like what was five hours but heard my quick thoughts on it I was really blown away by the men's and women's Pro bodybuilding classes those were absolutely amazing level of muscularity that those guys bought brought was absolutely incredible I put it on my Instagram for I think I just had like one or two little snaps and I was just inundated with messages of people being like do you really think those guys are natural oh they're not actually natural I'm sure I'll get the same thing here in my experience and I think if everyone I've talked to the wmb F which is this organization world natural bodybuilding Federation is the most stringent drug testing everybody has to do a polygraph test which is a major deterrent if you're actually using and then all the winners are your analysis tested and they do random drug testing of their athletes in the offseason so for example I just had got picked out of the audience in the middle of prejudging they were literally like Jeff differed please come to the center of the stage and I was like what's going on like I thought they were either gonna ask me to like make some kind of statement or something or something was wrong with Pat but anyway it was a random drug test and so I've actually got this slip of paper right here to try to cover up so the important stuff that you can see tested for steroids Jeff Nippert signed by geoffery deferred so anyway they collected that and yeah so I mean the drug testing is as good as it can get in this fort I know guys personally who look like that who I know are not using stuff so just like in anything there are genetic disparities and how people look so you'll have people who are 3 foot 2 all the way up to 7 foot 10 and people know that those are just fully determined by genetic factors so I think that muscularity is really no different and you see people on both ends of the spectrum and the people who are on the extreme muscular end of the spectrum just so happened to have that inclination to compete in bodybuilding anyway a bit of a rant as for path I thought that he brought his absolute best package to date and we were talking about this after prejudging and I think that this morning he had spilled a little bit I think we were perhaps a little bit too aggressive with the carb load he also ate some fat so basically probably a few too many calories on Friday that's a difficult thing to correct for and it's really hard to know because in previous competitions he had done similar or even more aggressive carb loads and handled it perfectly fine but this time he had done a much more aggressive deplete than he had ever done before I'm so I think that his body just perhaps reacted to it a little bit more aggressively in terms of like you know spilling over and then it would have been the past but in any case that's something that you kind of just have to live from and learn from but what we did was basically continue to feed him because what a lot of people do is if they wake up the morning of the show and their spills a little bit they'll try to pull back so they'll actually like cut their cars back cut their water back that's the worst thing that you can do because then you end up still looking a little bit more blurry because you've spilled a little bit and then you also look very flat so the best thing you can do is kind of try to push through it continue drinking it's a new eating don't cut your sodium and then you'll you will fill out once you get a pump and that's exactly what happened with Pat and I feel like his conditioning was still very solid so tonight at the finals I'm hoping for if if he places in the top two I'll be really happy that's that's what I'm thinking he's gonna finish but there's a young guy josh is his name and he's really genetic anomaly and he looks like an absolute freak it's gonna be a battle I think but really looking forward to seeing him do his thing tonight so checking with you guys back at the finals [Applause] [Applause] we're just out here circling around the side of the high school it seems totally random gonna go meet Pat we ended up with a third-place finish I feel like Pat brought his best I mean the judging is what it is like it's out of your control at the end of the day so I feel like Pat brought his best and I think all competitors really looked good in that class and there's quality competition overall so congratulations Pat if you guys have been following he's been killing it on YouTube so I'll have his channel now linked down below but go meet up and see how he's feeling Nicolay use made you blow like yeah honestly you did everything you could right yeah no I'm super happy with it like me I come down to this show cuz I know it's the best like I want to compete with the best against the best people accepted the show this is where he won his card and like I wouldn't want to show some results where I'd sell myself short so this is where I stand and that's the stand I want to hold and jet the super competitive so I think we're gonna eat out tonight yeah yeah let's go get some food how long has it been bruh over like eight months I had an alcoholic beverage so we're here at Applebee's we decided to come here because the other place BJ's was just super crowded we're just here at the bar waiting for a table that's having a look through the menu and you can catch in your eyes I'll show you guys what we get okay so guys I don't know if you remember this I did a video science explain video on how to last longer in bed this this is the genius three huh he recommended that I do that video on an Instagram comment and then we ended up becoming friends because it was just so hilarious with him first starter here so we got some nachos got some boneless wings buffalo sauce how do you go on bear bear mode baby let's get it I'm gonna give it not for the taste test first aesthetically the more pencils it's like a standard nacho do you think Patrick oh man I'm too happy right now my god this is a fajita roll-ups oh you got some chicken in here some lettuce and cheese these are just that Applebee's fries has been eaten all kinds of nachos and all that kind of tastiest wings nachos quesadillas tacos that's gonna wrap this one up guys thanks so much for watching please leave me a like if you enjoyed it I'll have a video of our one day out vlog here if you happen to miss that one I was a really cool vlog I hit up the button to subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys all here in the next video


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