I Try Demi Lovato's Diet & Workout for 1 week!

hello and welcome back or welcome if you happen to be new today's video is going to be testing out or trying out Demi Lovato's diet and workout also I do plan to make this more of a series so if you have a specific celebrity or like influencer or someone you want me to test out their diet and workout let me know in the comments and I will hopefully get to all of them one day now Demi is a major like girl boss boss babe in general promoting very positive things self-love mental health awareness so I was very happy to do her Diane workout because I am a big fan of hers it was actually very easy to find the information for her since she is currently working with fabletics she has done so many interviews with women's health magazine Fitness Magazine PopSugar fabletics himself she worked with Skechers and did an interview with Skechers all about her diet and exercise and it was pretty consistent through all of the websites I was like ok this will be a really easy one to do and I will be putting all the sources in the description box if you want to check those out so when it comes to her diet the main takeaways is that as no added sugar no flour no mainly no no like breads or pastas no dairy and she only really eats whole natural foods she is lactose intolerant so there's no dairy which is great for me as you guys know I haven't had dairy in over a year now there were some times when I did eat me in this but I also did add a few alternative me it's like tofu I found some like knockoff bacon and stuff like that it was still very healthy and it added some of that in as well another quick disclaimer for the breakfast part just because I got so not hate comments but Kai yep and my Ariana one a lot of people really didn't like the fact that I wouldn't eat the oatmeal because all right I wanted to just be open with you guys for just a second a little sidetrack the reason I don't eat oatmeal isn't just because I don't like oatmeal it actually does bring up something so silly but it's not it brings up a lot of bad things from East that was actually a turning point in my life it taught me to kick my ass into gear and go back to college and work on my dreams and now I'm here living a fabulous life as a youtuber because of you guys so don't be sad that I said that and there had been a point when I had been so broke negative in my bank account and the only food I had in my house was oatmeal because it was so cheap and there was a point when I actually ate oatmeal for every single meal for about two or three days because that was all I had that was all I had and I was literally living paycheck-to-paycheck waiting for my next check to arrive so what I did is instead of doing old my own fruit I did a fruit smoothie and added outs into the smoothie because actually what that will do if you blend out the oats and add milk and add fruit it's still gonna be basically the same thing still hate the oatmeal I just didn't eat it in a bowl all mushy and you know the way I can't eat it just I can't do it I can't I'm sorry don't be mad though in this movie I have an entire orange a whole banana I don't know if you can tell but there's three huge handfuls of spinach like stuffed in there a little bit of frozen strawberries some frozen blueberries somewhere in there and I do like a big spoonful of these like quick one-minute whole-grain oats to keep me cool a little bit of chia seeds and some alternative milk nothing gonna be a huge breakfast and these are so yummy say good morning good morning hahaha they all just got embarrassed on camera but I won't tell you why I'll cut it out I don't even know I haven't but another smoothie same thing same ingredients it looks a little bit prettier this morning I'm pretty big kale salad with raw broccoli and then I topped it with a bunch of tofu and some barbecue sauce I love barbecue sauce so no one's having a big heap of mac and cheese in fried chicken oh but he's got a salad with it so all good on to her work out this girl works hard she is a hard-working female Wow so Demi works out six days a week with Sundays off and three to four days a week she does cardio and that's three to four days a week she does strength training and toning but when I chant what I did for this week is three days out of the week I did cardio two days I did half an hour running half an hour walking uphill and one day I just did an hour on the elliptical when it comes to her workout I did find an article she was talking about when she's off tour she just loved doing you know toning workout squats planks crunches all that typical stuff and adding in weights with Samet so I did that for one day and then for the other two I actually found where she did her exact on tour workout so I did add that in two days as well so did all different of her workouts this week [Applause] [Applause] then go to the gym that's not happening so I think it is crazy I wish you could really tell how much is coming down it's like little pieces but it's just pouring anyways I'm gonna go warm up and I guess I will work out in flippin [Applause] [Applause] tonight you're wondering who is this diet and workout good for I will say if you are a meat-eater this is a good diet for you it is very attainable it's very good for you she still eats tons of carbs she had so many sweet potatoes I have never eaten so many sweet potatoes I thought our eat a lot of sweet potatoes sheets Dimmie sometimes he eats too sweet potatoes in a day uh-hum so it definitely is a very good filling diet she does treat herself on Sunday so it's definitely a balanced diet that you can achieve if you're someone who doesn't eat meat it may not be for you for me it probably isn't the diet for me I probably won't continue this diet but it is a good easy achievable attainable diet if you do eat meat now the workout is for anyone who has an hour a day six days a week definitely taught me that the more I'm working out them veterans gonna my better result I probably will not stick to six days but I think I will go and add an extra day or two it definitely was really great for my mental state all the cardio as someone who does deal with depression and anxiety running that much really really clears your mind gets you focused makes you feel really good so that is something I am gonna stick to I may not do it six days three or four times a week but I will be adding in cardio maybe even even if I just did 20 minutes every time I go to the gym I'm gonna stick with it cuz I definitely love that I did notice that my booty got a little bit lifted I noticed some sculpting in my thighs I definitely noticed a more toned look in my stomach I definitely think if you were to stick with this a little bit longer you would see in sane results because she look at her she's insane and I do love also this diet is not about a number on a scale I'm all for that that's why I don't weigh myself in any of these videos because fitness and health is not about a number on a scale it is not about looking like someone else is not like look comparing yourself to demi it is about just feeling good and feeling just feeling good it's about feeling good and taking care of your body so please know that that is all this is about so hopefully you enjoyed this hopefully you got some tips you can take away from it I know that I definitely did if you are new I would love it if you hit that subscribe button right here turn on those notifications so you never miss an upload let me know in the comments if I could do another celebrity foo you want to see please give the video a thumbs up it really helps out my channel share this with your friends if you thought they would if you think they wouldn't enjoy it I don't know and yeah I love you very much I'll see you next time bye you


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