I Try Creatine For The First Time (And THIS Happens)


  1. It's your favourite Fitness Influenza here. Back with another video.

    SparcMac11, send me a DM on Instagram @omarisuf to receive your free tub of Ouroboros.

  2. Lower Leg Pinkies

  3. omar you're strong, probably stronger than most roided bodybuilders here in the philippines, but at least you can do some bicep curls and tricep extensions, its not taxing you too much, i know you've done that before, incorpoorating some exercises for the guns

  4. Your taking creatine not steroids. No one cares. Lol 😂

  5. Your calves don't get a name because they don't exist

  6. Call ya calves Omar's baby peaches

  7. MANDANA MAGIX MANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Strong af dude, but idk if you're natty anymore

  9. great vid dude.. nickname for the calves can be "peg legs" cause they look like a pirates wooded leg(s) lol

  10. Your calves should be called
    Calf raises are for pussies

  11. Creatine click bait is real

  12. oh ya omar assmuffin hows it goin

  13. Calves? More like halves! Love your videos brother.

  14. Calves: Unborn Child/Children
    They never even had a chance to grow up.

  15. How can we name something you don't have

  16. Bro,at first i was thinkng like how can Omar have such small calves,what’s wrong,than i saw larry wheels’s calves … omar is a soccer player compared to him…(sidenote: Larry wheels is one of the strongest humans ever) 🤣

  17. Call your calves Krillin, 'cause they're small and wishes are wasted on them.

  18. What stack are you on

  19. Left calve: Non
    Right calve: Existant

  20. So you are not natural anymore then?
    Except your calves, your calves will always be natural

  21. Halves

  22. This guy is such a clickbait

  23. Earth is flat and not a planet.

  24. Clicked for the clickbait.

  25. Nickname for the calves- 'Eyes Up Here'

  26. Calves should be called Calvin klein since klein means small in German. Ye..

  27. Omar’s calves = Piss Sticks

  28. Omar’s calfs should be called: calfocus pocus since he conceals the truth of his calfs situation

  29. So what exactly does the Pin Press do differently from let’s say Floor Pressing?

  30. Upper case individual, lower case calves

  31. Sorry Mr. Isuf but I do not believe in the mythical therefore I can not justify coming up with a name for your “calves”. I desire to try your amazing pre workout and will wait for a contest I can support. Good day sir

  32. Your calves shall be called "Omar's stubborn walking bois".

  33. Name your calves white oaks cause those FUCKERS are strong as FUCK

  34. My own grave

  35. The Gemini Thins

  36. Calves on calves off

  37. Invisacalves

  38. So creatine worked for you or not???? Blah blah blah

  39. Nickname for calves: Yamcha

  40. Omars Calves – gone. Just like my dad.

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