I tried the Victoria's Secret model workout routine for an entire week to see how my mind and my body would react stay tuned to find out what's up guys it's your girl and T here and that stands for natalia taylor welcome back to my channel if you're new here don't forget to subscribe and turn on the belt icon if you'd like to get that notification every single time I post I upload a new video every Monday and occasionally on Fridays if I feel like it I hope you're in the mood to watch me suffer this past week has been absolute torture for me because I made the extremely unwise decision to try the Victoria's Secret model workout for a week well a business week 5 days and I documented my entire experience when you think of someone that is in peak physical condition some people might think of the Victoria's Secret models beautiful tall fit women that put in hours of work and energy into their exercise routine and I mean literal hours everyday before filming this video I did a little bit of my own research to see how exactly do these models get in peak physical condition before the fashion show and I discovered I wasn't the only one that wanted to know there are tons of articles available talking about Victoria's Secret model workout routines and a lot of them seemed pretty consistent a lot of weight lifting and just general cardio like normal people but that didn't seem extreme enough you would think in order to get an extreme looking body you would need to have an extreme exercise routine and then I discovered this last year Bella Hadid raised eyebrows for working out up to 3 hours a day in the lead-up to the vs I've been working out for 3 hours a day she told People magazine it's crazy but I think that you know if you set your mind to something I think you can succeed it also says down below to prep for last year's show Bella up to the hard protein in her diet she told people I like to still make sure my diet is good I stay hydrated and stuff that's basically all I do now after reading that article I was hesitant on making this video simply because I never want anyone to think that I am promoting over exercising because that can be very dangerous if you don't know your limits and you haven't consulted a doctor but the reason I decided to follow through with this is so I can try this for you someone that knows their limits knows when to stop to see how it affects my body and my mind so you don't have to try it yourself as you guys know we like to experiment on this channel and I like to think we're capable of gauging whether or not an experiment can go too far and this one definitely got close but I am here I have made it and I have documented the entire thing to show you guys what exactly happened although in this video I did incorporate some of the Victoria's Secret model diet restrictions this is mainly about the exercise routine so now I'm going to show you the before shots of my body these were taken before I hit the gym for three hours a day for an entire week I like to think that my body is fairly healthy I'm pretty fit naturally my normal workout routine is kind of non-existent I burn a lot of calories running around all day because I'm very busy and I never really make time to specifically go to the gym although I do have a gym membership I never really put it to good use until now I really don't think I needed to change anything about my body I'm really happy with the way it looks before I was actually hoping that this routine would help me gain a little bit of muscle weight also at the beginning of the week before I started exercising I weighed 130 pounds I wanted to document my weight as well just as a form of measurement that we can quantify I'm really satisfied with this weight I'm happy and healthy at this weight and you should feel the same about wherever you're at as well so please don't take this video the wrong way repeat after me experiment experiment so without any further ado let's just dive right in to day 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physically but easy mentally I had a positive attitude on day one I was in a good mood and everything seemed to run smoothly so like I said I am trying to stay positive it's gonna be really difficult to work out for 3 consecutive hours when I haven't worked out for quite some time but it's a really beautiful day outside today so I'm thinking that I could just hit the gym for maybe an hour and a half and then finish up my workout outside I don't think that's cheating personally I think I'm gonna be working out smarter not harder so I'm gonna head to the gym see how long I can go for and then finish up my workout at home outside [Applause] first workout day is officially done it is crazy how amazing I feel even though I actually feel like I might have died but that's a good thing though we have died we've gone to heaven to become a Victoria's Secret Angel so at this point my plan is to finish up my three hour workout at home I'm gonna do some relaxing yoga get some stretches in which would be a good idea considering this is gonna hurt tomorrow so before I do that and finish up my workout I'm going to get some food because I am starving the Victoria's Secret model diet before the fashion show consists of high amounts of protein and lots of greens vegetables and fruits so I'm gonna swing through get myself a protein shake maybe go home and make a salad with some egg I'm actually feeling really good about this though I'm going to eat my delicious salad that I've prepared and then as soon as my food settles we will be out to exercise some more did these girls ever take a break I don't know also leave me a comment down below our eggs good or bad for you I truly don't know it seems like every year they come out with an article that either says they're really high in protein and they're great for you or they raise your cholesterol like crazy stay away from them so I don't know I really like them I think they're delicious leave me a comment I just finished yoga which means I am done exercising for the day I feel amazing I feel really great but here's the catch okay here's the problem I have with this regiment it is already past noon and I have things I need to do I feel like I have spent half of my day exercising you know even though I feel good I feel amazing three hours a day is just too much for anyone that has a normal life and forcing myself to do it every day this week that's gonna be a challenge so I guess we could say day one is done Victoria's Secret's here we come good morning it is currently 7 a.m. on day 2 and I woke up early to try and get this workout in but I can't I can't do it right now because my body is seriously in so much pain how anyone can workout for three hours a day is beyond me I think I'm gonna have to rest all day and try my best to get back into the gym later on this afternoon I will keep you guys updated but yeah I do not feel good day 2 now that was a different story because I don't normally work out this hit me like a ton of bricks my entire body was so sore but I got up got myself together and forced myself to go pack I'm going back to the gym although I really don't want to actually I take that back I really want to go to the gym but not for three hours this is only my second day and I already want to quit but for the sake of this video and the sake of our Victoria's Secret model bodies I'm gonna go back for three hours this is when I was really feeling the effects not only physically but mentally I started to feel almost angry angry that this was a thing angry that I decided to try it but overall we push through it it's a little colder outside today so I won't be able to split up my workout with yoga I will literally have to stay at the gym for 3 hours not excited it's interesting because going in the first time I felt really good I felt excited and I still want to be positive about this video but who goes to the gym for three hours does anyone else out there actually do that let's go I guess [Applause] today was a lot harder I am not really sure how I survived but I did I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this all week for you guys I really want to for this video for the sake of this video I know I probably sound so dramatic right now and I don't mean to come off that way because it's only day two of working out for three hours a day but for real I don't feel good I'm going to try my best to do this for the rest of the week but my stomach hurts I'm having serious body aches I feel like my immune system is going down I have a serious headache like I was already feeling like shit and I didn't want to go but I forced myself to go and I'm regretting it today and I know I probably sound like a wimp to all the people watching this video that work out all the time I'm not like you I have consulted doctors about my exercise routine and they have strongly strongly advised me to not to go to the gym for long periods of time because of my body type I will lose weight and I don't want to do that I want to gain weight which is why I'm trying my best to lift weights as well ok thank you for listening thank you for coming to my TED talk I'm gonna try my best to do this but I won't be happy about it for day two's meal I decided to go with the same salad that I had before only I added a little bit of chicken in there and I also added a protein bar you know high protein [Applause] I actually discovered that I like salads while making this video day three was definitely a struggle because I was starting to feel the effects of basically spending the entire day in the gym I hadn't gotten any work done I had no social life or time to do anything else I really don't want to go to the gym today I mean aside from me feeling like absolute shit I basically had to give up my life this week yesterday I decided to go out of town you know to relax and get away and I couldn't even focus on enjoying myself and relaxing because I was thinking about how I had to go to the gym for three hours we literally had to rush home so that I could make it to the gym today before it closes but at least I have my fabletics gear you know I wouldn't mind going to the gym regularly like a normal person you know for maybe an hour and a half's like maybe every other day on and off but no this experience has been torture and somebody might be wondering why my hair has been curly throughout this entire exterior you want to know why because what's the point is straightening your hair if you have to wash it every day because you've gone to the gym for three hours this is my life now but I'm still going and it's only day three the people that worked at the gym knew me by name at this point it seemed to me that the gym was my permanent residence yep that's right I live here now [Applause] what the fuck is happening stop stop after my workout on the third day I decided to eat some subway I know this isn't necessarily high in protein but frankly my dear I don't give a damn day four was probably the most difficult day I had completely put off going to the gym the entire day until very late at night my body was exhausted my mind was exhausted and I absolutely did not want to go this was the point in the video where I was the closest to calling it quits I really didn't even feel like filming myself at the gym anymore I truly felt like my soul had left my body we have approached day four once again I have opted for an evening workout I have no updates for you except my spirit has been broken [Applause] no this is not a mirror this is in fact a window because it's nighttime in hi I'm at the gym not in bed where I'm supposed to be all right guys this is my honest hour I wasn't able to make it for the full three hours today because guess what it is 10 o'clock and my gym has closed post workout day 4 I didn't have time to eat because it was bedtime so I went to sleep now day 5 our last day was surprisingly a pleasant experience probably because I knew it would all be over soon I use that as my motivation to get it done quickly I woke up early in the morning at 7 a.m. so I could just get it done and never do it again this is the end the last melon yes I am wearing the same shirt that I wore last night and no I didn't have time to wash it let's go to the gym for the last day my spirits have been lifted once again and knowing that I will never have to do this again finally after we'd had completed our last workout on day five I had a protein shake for breakfast to tie it all off it's really strange how my mood and my motivation affected my workout it seemed like day one and day five I had amazing workouts and therefore I had a great day I woke up earlier I got it done earlier therefore my body felt fine and my mind was in a good place I discovered this really became a painful experience when I didn't want to go and I had to force myself to go also another thing that I noticed after going to the gym for three hours for five days my endurance really started to slow down after about an hour and a half it seems like that's a perfect amount of time to go to the gym every day is an hour and a half anything beyond that can be borderline too much in my opinion so that's probably what I'll continue to do from now on is just that amount of time instead of the full three hours just cut it in half but forcing myself to stay and go past that to hit the three hour mark was actual torture I wanted to go home at every moment so that was the entire week so now it is the time we have all been waiting for the before-and-afters here is what my body looks like before and after working out like a Victoria's Secret model for entire week I have to say I don't see too many major changes in my physical appearance I think if anything I look maybe a little more toned not much changed really but then again I think it's difficult to make a drastic change in that short amount of time and I'm kind of happy that I didn't change that much because I didn't really want to but something that actually did change I did lose a little bit of weight throughout this experience although I was hoping to gain weight in muscle mass I did lose about four pounds thank goodness I didn't lose any more than that and that I won't be doing this anymore would I ever recommend anyone trying this workout regimen no but what I recommend going to the gym every day for an hour to an hour and a half yes exercise is really healthy for us in the right amount overall I can't really say whether or not going to the gym for three hours a day has helped me at all I really think I went from one extreme of not really going at all to living there basically every day and extremes are not good for anyone I think if we can find a healthy spot right in the middle that would be best for all of us so that was my experience trying the Victoria's Secret model workout for an entire week let me know what you thought down in the comments would you ever try this experiment could you ever do it could you feel my pain a huge shout out once again to fabletics for sponsoring this video thank you so much and thanks to the viewers that support the sponsors you guys are the best but once again you should always consult a physician before you make any changes to your diet or exercise routine just to be safe these videos are always for experimental purposes only and I don't know about you guys but I would never be able to be a Victoria's Secret model ever it sounds like way too much work for me but thank you guys so much for watching I thoroughly hope you enjoyed but most of I hope you have a wonderful beautiful day god bless ya bye


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