I tried the Keto Diet (it sucked)

I’m not a diet person. The idea of sticking to a set plan or rules
for a long period of time makes me wanna not do that But the ketogenic diet was just so intriguing
to me that I had to try it out and it was a fun time that’s for sure! In all of my research I could not find anyone saying one negative
thing about it so this is gonna be the first I guess So yeah Queue the intro! ♫ Chipflake Theme 8-Bit Remix by Tim de Jongh ♫
♪ Original by Lovprod ♪ Okay I’m going to explain this extremely
simplistically there’s tons of resources from ACTUAL scientists
and stuff online so please go look those up if you wanna know
what it’s actually about but very very VERY basically on the Keto diet you eat mostly Fat some Protein and very little to no carbohydrates. Usually your body gets its energy from the
carbs that you eat but this way you’re cutting those out and making it burn fat for energy instead. The main reason I wanted to try it was because of all the stuff you can eat that is highly unconventional for a diet y’no bacon cream a whole lotta cheese and apparently you could eat as much as you
want and don’t have to go hungry That sounded epic Of course all I heard was “bacon” and “as much as I want” And everything I heard about it was that it was this miracle diet that changed people’s lives gave them more energy, made them fitter, cured their depression, brought their nan back to life now I was overweight at the time as diagnosed by my doctor Y’no I liked to drinka tha beer and eata the ice cream when I got sad And I got sad A LOT! So keto was really intriguing and I decided I would try it out for myself At first it was going pretty alright I was thoroughly enjoying eating lots of sausage
bacon and eggs and at first I was like “wow this is the tastiest diet ever I can’t believe people lose weight on this” After a few days I was not yet experiencing any of the side
effects of ketosis and while reading more about it I had my first realisation: you have to eat a hecc of a lot of fat. And there’s such a thing as eating too much
protein. And thus began THE FATTENING in which i dumped oil into everything to try to get those fat levels up. And it was disgusting. I dunno but even though I knew it was what
I was supposed to do and that it wasn’t bad for me eating and drinking all of this grease was so gross I would always feel this gross film on my
lips and the inside of my mouth I could not get used to it at all it felt like I’d chugged a litre of pure
oil every time I ate or drank something I soon became acquainted with another problem as I went out to eat with friends. We went to this burger place that tries REALLY
hard to appeal to millennials you eat off of trays & drink pink lemonade out of mason jars and they’re all like “don’t forget to give us free advertising by posting your epic burger pics on all the social medias” we went there ‘cause it had a low carb option they had a burger where the buns were replaced
with lettuce It was alright but this was the point where I had my second
realisation: I really like chips. (a.k.a fries for you non-brits) & burger buns. And potatoes. And rice. And chocolate. And beer. Pretty much all of my favourite foods are
full of carbs. But I still wanted to stick it out for a while eating out was gonna be a bit annoying but I could always cook some nice stuff at
home And while shopping for ingredients for said
nice stuff I had my third realisation: carbs are in a LOT of stuff. Even things you would expect to have none would have a little bit in them. Which meant there were a hecc of a lot of
foods I couldn’t eat a lot more than I expected. So I turned to the internet for some recipes, there I had my fourth realisation: Germany was not really the best country to
be doing this particular diet. While Keto was becoming a craze in America it was not really known over here so many of the ingredients needed for most
of the recipes either were super expensive or just didn’t
exist. And you can forget about finding keto-friendly
alternative foods in supermarkets. Germany has only just discovered what Vegan
is. So, during one of many very tiresome shopping
experiences constantly checking details and putting stuff back because it had a few too many carbs for the meal I was planning I had my fifth realisation: this is a lot more work than I thought There was so much planning, tracking and calculations involved that doing this diet was just too much work. In the end I was in ketosis for maybe like
1 or 2 days I knew this because I had INCREDIBLE stank
breath which is one of the fun side effects of keto and after that I stopped and ended up losing
exactly 0 weights If I kept it up I probably could’ve lost
weight and I’m still kinda curious about if it
would’ve worked but the moment I started hating it was when I bailed because I’m not about to keep up a lifestyle that I don’t enjoy Since trying keto I’ve lost 10 kilos and am no longer overweight that was just from eating smaller portions and dropping my beer allowance to one or two
on the weekends I had this bad habit of eating to the point
where I was about to explode and die in an extremely
gruesome and bloody fashion I can imagine that keto might be faster but to me being skinny but miserable is just
not worth it. And I’m lucky enough to not be in a situation where I need to lose a lot of weight immediately so ima enjoy it okay? So yeah Keto wasn’t for me unfortunately but it was a fun experience Sort of And that was my story. I hope you enjoyed this video and until next
time.. Have a nice.. bagel or something idk


  1. Your not 21 years old why are you drinking beer

  2. Just putting it out there, all that oil/grease basically makes you poo poo.
    I am more-so a pescetarian, which is basically a vegetarian-light who eats no land animals, but has an occasional hankering for seafood. As long as you stay away from the sugars, it's a great way to maintain your weight, but I love my potatoes. Hot baked potatoes with cheese, chives, sour cream, tofu and diced garden fresh tomato is literally god, so no Keto for me, even though I'm not a huge fan of bread. Beers not bad though.

  3. A fine BOI

    He Chomnk

    A heckin choker




  4. Your so animated boi_ your awsome

  5. Can you try make a vid with only german ?

  6. My dad is on a keto diet… I know he’s suffering

  7. Chip after Keto: well that was fun… lets never do that again

  8. Chip is one of the only animators I've seen that likes alcohol


  10. Yo you drink beer? Mate I use ale or gin or anything to get drunk. Jesus Im drunk now. But not super drunk just drunk

  11. Knowing you live in Germany, I am not surprised in the least that you drink a lot, lol.

  12. My mom is on keto now for 2 years

  13. Your fursona is a perfect candidate for your voice, i love it, keep up the amazing work

  14. Im diabetic


  15. Yeah, it’s a pretty hit or miss sort of diet. It’s great at first but you get sick of it right before you start losing weight. Diet drinks and stevia helped me though!

  16. In Germany we have a diet called „Leberwurst Diät“ its eating everything but no Leberwurst

  17. I found the Keto Guide Shows How To Start ad in this Keto diet vid… wtf

  18. Exercises: i'm the best way to be fit.
    Nobody: i'll definetely do it and love it.

  19. To start lose weight you have to wait 12 days of diet

  20. This form really likes alcohol and ice cream

  21. Had a girlfriend following the Keto-diet.

    We also had the difficulty when going on dates to find places that provided keto-friendly meals.
    One way we got around the situation, was to request only parts of the meal served.
    For example, not to serve the accompanying side-dish of fries (/chips),
    or me taking her portion of fries (and/or un-keto food items) whilst I ordered a smaller dish from the menu,
    that worked most of the time.

    However, there was also the additional dietary consideration that she did not eat any red meat due to medical reasons.
    So, you can imagine the sheer amount of calculations, meal deconstructive analysis and planning whilst on a date.

  22. He sounds like the most innocent 13 year old

  23. Just wanted to say greasy food is disgusting if its absolutely drenched in grease, my school sometimes has "Breakfast for lunch" on the menu which is pancakes and super greasy sausage. Disgusting

  24. I've done it before and I lost less then it looks it does

  25. You can lose weight by eating whatever you want but in small and reasonable proportions, load up on veggies and white meat (fish, chicken, turkey,anything that isn't red meat), and doing cardio.
    Basically military diet but you're not taking in too much bc you don't have to do extreme workouts

  26. chip, search amazon chipflake

  27. My house hold did the keto diet but my mom went into it more than my step dad, sister and i did, the food wasnt that bad, actually. My mom did the no eating for 60 hrs part of it a few times. So chip, consider yourself, lucky.

  28. i vegan

  29. you…you're an alcoholic??

  30. Just dont eat lol

  31. Chip hasnt changed her theme for the lingest time, and now its just a more remix version .-.

  32. I did Keto. I stopped after realizing it also affects PH balance, which leads to always having terrible breath. I'd brush my teeth, 5 minutes later: Stink breath. Couldn't do it.

  33. I like the edit to the theme!

  34. Your overweight I’ve been underweight for years what

  35. Want to lose weight fast?
    Stop eating.

  36. Hello cat man

  37. You drank alcohol on keto?!

  38. just throwing some criticism out there, maybe change or experiment with the eyes, It looks unnatural-ish

  39. why is there a furry in my recomandations…

    i mean he isnt dat bad but god damit

  40. How old are You

  41. dude your animations look like a cartoon network animation it looks so SO professional what do you use to animate (its not free isent it)

  42. SwaggerSouls shakes in fury as you disrespect keto

  43. I'm fine with any art style tbh

  44. How much years old this guy have? or its girl… i dont know…

  45. xD I've invented my own diet: The "I''m Not Hungry!" Diet
    It's easy:
    1. Eat very little breakfast (A Nutrigrain Bar and a CapriSun should do)
    2. Eat a medium-small sized lunch (A sandwich or a hot dog, maybe)
    3. Eat a BIT of dinner (Some cereal, or something of that size)
    4. Do this for your entire school year
    5. Repeat
    See? Easy. I've kinda been doing this without realizing it, but I don't mind. I've lost weight.
    Disclaimer: If you do this, YOU WILL BE HUNGRY BY AT LEAST TEN IN THE MORNING. The price of the I'm Not Hungry! diet.

  46. dead

  47. beer?

  48. Nice

  49. It's not for everyone but for some of us it's an amazing option! Glad you gave it a chance though!

  50. Chip: have a nice… Baagel? hmmm

  51. My dad is on a keto diet and every time I ask him
    “Would you like some of my ice cream”
    He says no
    So I mock him by saying
    “Oh is it because the devils have taught you not to eat carbs or sugar and only FAT”

  52. I did not know animators drink beer most animators I watch don't drink beer but ok

  53. Oh wow you had mah diet for bit whell its REALLY STARVATION

  54. A diet huh

    (high metabolism person going through a growth spert caused by puberty)


  56. Jaidenflake is always watching you on the shelf……. 0:09

  57. I eat keto

  58. Im just gonna say that your genderfluid.

  59. I did it lost 70LBs and I'm still going, I 10/10 reccomend it, I never had stinky breath, and never really had to do calculations for what to eat, besides less than 20 Carbs a day, and that was something I could easily do in my head.

  60. 4:36 thats a lot of chonk

  61. keto is not like that you eat healthy fats

  62. The Keto Diet is for epileptic people.

    That is actually true. So if anyone is as retarded as you are, unless you are epileptic, DON'T DO THIS SHIT EVER!!!!!!!!

  63. My mom dose the keto diet

  64. A Heccin' chonker

  65. If you do want to diet, then try the butterfield diet. I have only heard good things and has a full and comprehensive informational video on youtube, so check it out.

  66. To be fair… Everyone is a diet person. Diet just describes your eating habit, regardless how it may be classified. Regular/standard diet, low fat diet, keto diet, etc.

    Just because it's not exclusively cutting stuff out, doesn't make it any less a diet.

  67. Do not do Keto you are not allowed to shove 10 cans of spaghettios in your mouth.

  68. Chipflake is fricking awsome

  69. 1:36
    Me when i have to eat fast for minecraft

  70. the character in the thumbnail is kinda weirdly drawn

  71. yea, i tried the keto diet too and couldnt stick with it. it only lasted for a month or two.

  72. yea, i tried the keto diet too and couldnt stick with it. it only lasted for a month or two.

  73. omg my mom does this… btw your suppose too eat organic food for it too work 😐

  74. There is only one diet I ever did is as follows:
    1. Take your usual food bucket.
    2. Fill it up with food.
    3. Dump out half of it.
    4. Enjoy eating everything, just in slightly smaller quantities.

  75. In that diet all I heard was cheese

  76. Keto is a scam, the reason it works for most people is because the fact that so many foods have carbs so in turn they have less food to chose from and end up eating less.

  77. How old are you?

  78. Alcohol consumption is like eating 30 slices of bread.

  79. Oh for gods sake I just started doing this also YOUTUBE STOP READING MY MIND I NEVER WATCHED A VID RELATED TO KETO DIETS


  81. I make videos on Microsoft movie maker

  82. Im not a furry

  83. I got a keto cereal ad before this XD

  84. Y r u eating ice cream with a shovel XD

  85. How about it some CHIPS-FLAKES am I right

    (Sorry that was bad right)

  86. Wait I thought he was like 13 but he’s over 18????

  87. Me and my close family members went vegan, and lost weight and lowered our bad cholesterol levels.

    My extended family did keto, and they all got even more obese.

  88. Who else thinked about the 7 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE BABY (solves all your problema).

  89. YouTube thought I was watching this video because I want to do the Keto diet so on the side of the video I saw a keto ad so GOOD JOB YOUTUBE

  90. I like that 8-bit intro

  91. And at least you not a "oh boy he coming" chonk

  92. Thhhheeee beer

  93. The techy version of da intro….I like it 😛

  94. 10 day liquid diet. 16 lb in 10 days.
    8oz every 2hr.
    Chicken broth
    Skim milk
    8oz water every 30 min

  95. My dad forced me on it he got soooo surprised when I had to go to the hospital for lack of nutrients and being extremely underweight

  96. new to the channel and I must say:

    why the hell is your mouth in your eyes what is this hp lovecraft witchery

  97. U drink beer

  98. 2:58 Its burgerfi. 50 bucks on it.

  99. Oh boy wheat jooze

  100. Switzerland is on it a long time

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