I tried Chris Hemsworth's Diet (THOR DIET) & Workout| Jacked Thor Vs. Fat Thor

I am convinced that soccer fans are the most dedicated fans out of all of the sports I'm talking American soccer European football if you will already at the bar at 8 a.m. on a Sunday to watch soccer that's pretty cool so this is now the third diet that we've tried that incorporates green smoothies ok so they called this I dream of greeny you know I think it's safe to say if the color of your smoothie is green it's just not gonna taste that great but according to Chris Hemsworth's trainer he starts every day with a green smoothie and he's pretty jacked so he's doing something right we're gonna give it a try today and we are going to try this entire diet for this video and this is something that you guys are not going to like that much because in the Joe Rogan video I asked you for suggestions and this name kept popping up and I was like who is this dude and I was just assuming that it was a character or a player or whatever you call them off of Game of Thrones so clearly I have not seen any Avengers movies any Marvel movies ever or Game of Thrones which is probably gonna trigger some of you guys out there don't get me wrong I'm sure it's a great movie and I'm sure Game of Thrones is the best show ever invented but because I just don't have time I'm always always grinding let's just forget about the little fact that I watched every friend's episode in about three weeks so this probably isn't the best time to ask you guys to like the video this is so apparently afters green smoothie he goes for a breakfast burrito which I am absolutely game for him so down for that but in another report I did see where sometimes he eats out meal and eggs but the breakfast burrito sounds a little bit better and actually we're gonna get breakfast tacos I'm just gonna get two of them to make up for one burrito right because I don't know breakfast tacos are really like look at these beautiful breakfast tacos typically I'm not too impressed with velvet taco which is where I'm at definitely prefer tor cheese but this was convenient so let's dig in you know this really is more like a burrito this is a very very large taco I actually went out and bought all the ingredients I needed to make breakfast burritos I bought a healthy gluten-free wrap I mean I was ready to go but I was already out and about when I was you can see I desperately need a haircut in my appointment is right there in about 10 minutes so I figured for efficiency purposes hey most importance of this entire diet plan is eating very frequently six meals a day every two to three hours which i think is a royal pain but we're gonna put it behind the rules for this video so next meal is interesting there's a lot of dairy going on here so we're gonna start with a yogurt this is my favorite the Light & Fit vanilla mixed nuts which these are mixed I guess it's all I had but the reason that they're in this bag is because I proportion them every time I buy a bath and then a turkey roll-up I didn't know what that was so I I wrote up some turkey and here's the one thing and I'm a little bit scared about cottage cheese there's just something about this food that makes me a little bit uneasy I think it's mostly those curds like just the word curd just sounds like something you shouldn't be eating but here's the thing if you close your eyes and don't think about it and don't pay any attention to the texture you could be like it's alright but when you look at it then just think about what it is I couldn't eat this on a day-to-day basis another foods I don't like at all is Greek yogurt but for some reason this one is actually very very good I see so many people actually put nuts in their Greek yogurt which I don't understand I mean I just I'm a person that likes to have all their foods separated but for the people out there that are into this type of thing let me try this out I don't know I mean I guess I get it they're sweet and salty it gives you some crunch but if it was me I prefer to just eat this and move on to this and then go on with my day [Applause] hmm I'll say this is my first time ever seeing a preview or seeing anything to do with the Avengers that looks pretty awesome I still don't understand the hammer I just know Thor has some kind of hammer that sounds like Captain America took said hammer or something I choose we don't know would I understand any of this if I just watch endgame please let me know I don't need to go all the way back to the beginning that's my problem with Game of Thrones it just seems like a whole lot sure I love it but we'll see you guys can tell me in the comments I'm so excited right now guys first caffeine of the day believe it or not it's almost noon I've got a cold brew and I'm gonna mix in my pee science select cafe 20 grams of protein 100 milligrams of caffeine and it tastes delicious so you never need sugar cream anything ever again you just pour it in there you stir it up and it will be a life-changing event for you and and you can save 15% losing Travis happy science DICOM the only downside when something tastes so good is you don't even enjoy it really because you drink it in like three seconds you know but then you get that caffeine rush to your head it just feels incredible especially as you're getting ready to go to the gym which is where I am headed I'm not gonna try one of his workouts in its entirety because I still have to stick to my programming I have separate goals but it looks like he does a little bit of everything he does some strength building things he was getting that he was doing to get ready for the Thor role but he also just some circuit training at least he did at some point so maybe maybe I will that in at the end all right guys we got the whole crew in here today we got Mikkel behind me deadlifts we got rocky over there hit some arms looking jacked as usual I'm hitting up some bench press today I have a direct quote here in the States Thor's upper body gets much more attention from the camera than his legs so his trainer zoki i believe is how you pronounce it and Hemsworth primarily targeted the shoulders and arms man that is one hell of a split this is my kind of workout he likes being skinny you only gotta pay for the movies but he loses the weight really quick I want you to take some tips from me a fitness professional here alright so the number one piece of advice I have for you is never ever ever train your calves okay you just wasted time and you actually start to lose size and your biceps if you decide to make that mistake okay so apparently this dude is a big fan of bodyweight circuit training which you guys know I do not do much of at all cardio is not really part of my vocabulary but for you guys I'm going to try it out and keep in mind I am at the end of my workout so I'm already making excuses for myself and it might be a little bit clunky with the filming here because I'm doing everything myself and I got to be here than there and then get you down with this thinker buddy put some grip and take this mark on this Jam put it down for the father a breath and if you happen to get class trip some trap you come back get back that's the part of success if you believe and then I guess you just keep repeating that cycle time and time again fifty times six times or just until you get tired unless you're Kevin gates and you don't get tired but I personally I am finished is it appropriate to eat your post-workout meal before you shower sometimes I just get so hungry that I don't even want to take the time but it's kinda disgusting because I was just sweating but I don't know you guys let me know in the comments down below I did my best to make this as aesthetic as possible but I'm not working with a whole lot here so he has for lunch three chicken breasts which I have cut up into strips topped with some hot mustard there so it's not plain and dry I tried my best to make quinoa quinoa is so hard to cook we'll see how I did and then we have a cup of beans as well as a couple okay so here is what we have left quinoa is just impossible to cook I'm convinced it's it's not even good enough to be bad because it would really taste like absolutely nothing it just tastes like air I don't know I mean I've heard I can probably get through it the beans not a big fan of kidney beans but what's good about his diet is he's really just sticking to the basics so he's sticking to foods are gonna keep him full fill his body up with good nutrients you have good protein you have good carbs and fast sources in there so overall I'd say if you're looking for a diet to follow this is probably gonna be the better ones that I've seen but even with that said you would never want to take someone's diet and copy it exactly expecting the same results that they've received because everybody is different there's a lot of different variables especially when it comes to the quantity of food that someone eats now you might want to choose some of the same food sources but definitely a different macro split depending on your body type your experience your genetics apparently this dude's brother is pretty jacked as well that's what Rakhi was telling me and I guess he's married or dating Miley Cyrus that's quite the life accomplishment but either way I do get some more food in about two hours hurry hurry I've always wanted to say that I've no idea what that actually means and I guess I still don't understand the hammer thing but next meal that we have here this is dinner number one so I've got an entire bag of asparagus I'm kind of cheating here I included this as three pieces of salmon because it doesn't specify the size and if you guys don't know salmon is pretty expensive and I guys got a pretty big budget I would imagine although I was reading and said he only got paid $200,000 for his role in the movie but just seems whoa I mean there's Instagram thoughts making that you know on a quarterly basis so I don't know they also said he's getting paid a percentage of the profits which I'm sure are very very large I've got some more quinoa instead of brown rice because they have any got another Greek yogurt and a glass of milk which is it so overall you can tell that this diet is very well thought-out and aimed at building muscle there's a good amount of protein a lot of calories so making sure that you're recovering from these workouts that you're going through then overall the the food choices are just high quality so that you feel good all this is aimed at performance I've been enjoying it a lot you know I'm full of content but that being said he is very big on eating every few hours which I would prefer to just eat bigger meals maybe two or three bigger meals during the day but that is what his protocol is so we're just gonna move into my favorite meal of the day dinner number two so for dinner number two Chris Hemsworth has two pieces of bread I actually topped these with apple butter because I've been on a huge apple butter kick and it makes everything taste so much better two hard-boiled eggs and I was very lazy getting B's honestly they smell a little bit funky so I don't know how I feel about that but it's better than making them myself I might have to dip them in some fresh salsa another one of my addictions and this is the bread that I've been using Dave's killer bread it's awesome I've always seen in Austin this I don't know if it's all around or not and then my favorite food group in the entire world a protein shake you guys know I have no problems drinking that and I really haven't read too much into this but I do see a bunch of controversy on the internet about quote-unquote fad Thor I don't know that sounds like something I could get into so sick right now are you I was just looking for an excuse to eat some unhealthy food you all know I have a tradition every Sunday night I have a fat weird cookie and they actually moved their launch time to Sundays eight o'clock central time you can use Travis to save ten percent the good thing is I make no money from it so you guys don't have to feel bad or I don't know why some people get mad when I do but anyway look at this this is the big sexy you know if I had to choose this cookie or my special hammer here so obviously just having a little fun here at the end you're not gonna get fat off one meal just like you're not gonna get skinny off beating one of the earlier meals that you saw just because it's clean you know have a little bit of fun but for the most part I would say stick to the things that are old crisp has incorporated into his diet really enjoyed today's video if this video gets 2,000 likes then I will do another Avengers and I will watch the movie or I will do subscribers choice there is another one that I already have planned I'm going to be doing so let me know what you guys think in the comments down below thank you all so much for taking the time out any day to watch you could've been doing anything anything in the entire world and you chose to spend a few minutes with me that is pretty awesome please give the video a like if you enjoyed and really appreciate that subscribe to the channel if you're new and our courts are Nunez exam


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