I tried ASMR, healthy high protein vegan meals for gains (Calm triggers)


  1. Get enough rest for the next 21 Day Abs Challenge Series, start non-stop next week 💪

  2. Hana milly can u please tell me your body measurements

  3. The sound of cooking is so YUMMYYYYY .. thank u hana for doing a meal plan

  4. Hi

  5. Everything looked appealing, but I’m not vegan. Thanks 🙏🏽 !!!

  6. Hey Hana, could u please tell me if u grow ur booty with ur exercices that u publish on YT or by going to the gym lifting weights?

  7. ASMR, when I heard this word, it was like wtf is that? but now I loved most of them videos

  8. Excited for your 21 Days Abs Challenge Series… watching from Philippines

  9. Something different today, ASMRRRR 😴. You can hear different sound of cooking like tap water, chopping on wood cutting board, boiled water, skillet zizzle, peeling garlic, onion…the calm triggers will put you to sleep while leaning some healthy high protein recipes for the next day when you wake up and make them for yourself. tried my best 🙂

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