I Tried A Vegan Keto Diet For A Week

this meat smells weird today is a dark day I just want real food today I have to go vegan so last week I lost a bet to my friend Carrie is one of the best vegan news we’ve ever had it is I lost and I will be vegan for a week and I survive and I will survive Carrie actually sent me a message I just realized that you have to eat vegan for a week enjoy eating your veggies okay here’s the deal I fully support veganism I’ve heard all the facts about being a vegan I just it’s not for me I just started doing keto I’m all down for eating a plant-based diet but when I’m doing keto carbs on a part of it so I can’t eat beans I can’t eat quinoa I don’t know how I’m gonna get protein in this diet I don’t want to have to give up eggs and salmon and bacon I refuse to eat tofu I really really don’t want to eat tofu now I have to figure out what I’m gonna go eat today for the next seven days I’m gonna go online and do as much research as possible to try to find out how to do this I did not plan this out too well today day one I was not able to eat anything in our free lunch that we got I had to suck it up and basically just have some almond butter and some avocado also went and bought some MCT oil that I’m gonna put in some coffee to try to fill me up but I need to go to the store tonight to make sure I can get some protein at the end of the first day I was planning on going to the store but I had to work really late and I didn’t get a chance to go to the store so I’m not vegetarian or vegan but I am doing this thing where I have to eat vegan keto right now can I just do the Beyond eyes well the patty like the beyond burger patty this is all brand new to me so I’m pretty lucky I live in a city like la it makes doing this vegan thing so much easier I don’t know if I’d be able to do something like this in another part of the country so being a vegan is definitely kind of a privilege one of the things I realized early on with this diet is you really have to plan ahead alright so I just finished my morning workout and normally this is the time when I’m gonna go and try to have some breakfast probably eat some eggs some avocado something like that some of the fits in the keto diet I can’t have eggs I need to go to the store let some vegan protein powder I’m gonna have to prep every single meal and cook ahead of time especially since I’m not trying to eat tofu no tofu all right so we got some just beyond chicken I’m a big texture guy when it comes to food so this is throwing me off I don’t know jury’s still out either way I’m gonna eat it because any protein and this is all I got so I hope you’re enjoying this Kari I didn’t have time this morning to make myself something and I forgot to make a protein shake to bring with me so I was really really hungry just had a little bit of almond butter forgot to bring a hot picado so this is the thing where I really really have to try hard to make sure that I’m doing it the right way so I love Thai food I’m meeting a friend here at a vegan Thai place see how this goes I’m gonna try some of this soy chicken I’m not very excited I just want real meat you know what I mean this is pretty good I’m having a big craving for cheeseburgers I’m gonna try to make myself a vegan bacon cheeseburger I am not very confident this bacon doesn’t look well it doesn’t look like bacon okay if you can bake and here we go it kind of reminds me a turkey bacon it’s not bad it’s definitely not bacon but it can kind of satisfy that craving one gram of fat two grams of protein since I’m doing keto I would like there to be more fat in the bacon which real bacon actually has so kind of missing out on that which means I have to substitute something else to get extra fat see and keto is so much easier where you can actually eat real meat real eggs and things like that this actually tastes pretty damn good I’m not gonna lie but the only issue I have with it is that it has four grams of carbs and zero protein if I’m eating real cheese I’m gonna be getting more fat less carbs and more protein overall this is good so the funny thing about vegans is that as soon as they hear that you’re gonna try being vegan every one of them is really really helpful and wants to try to help you so what are we making we talked about tofu I don’t like it’s high protein tofu which are those your kids a lot of grams of protein 2 grams of carbs let’s do this [Applause] [Music] y’all heard me at the beginning I said no tofu I said none so I’ve already broken my rule but here we go this is so good do I think it would be better with regular protein maybe but right now I can’t even tell the difference honestly this tofu is really good the texture is good this is fantastic this is fantastic mmm this is good that’s all I have to say we’re done I’m definitely getting the hang of this whole vegan keto thing brought the curry to work to eat so once she’s done [Music] I last day of being a vegan I’m not gonna lie it feels good but you know what to be honest I haven’t actually been missing food too much I’ve been going through a jar every other day in this almond butter now I’m literally eating my own words as I said I would not eat so food this is the second dish I’ve had with tofu in two days this is a tofu scramble it’s pretty good all right so foo I like it I may have overreacted with my initial hatred for tofu that vegan curry was one of the best things I’ve ever had I still crave it and the thing I really liked about having to do this was it it took me out of my comfort zone and it taught me how to cook new things and try things I had not tried before moving forward I doubt that I will ever go fully vegan but I can’t see myself hearing more towards a plant-based diet in the future I was a man of my word I followed through with the bed I ate vegan keto for a week it was cool I feel better I learned some things but I’m not losing the next one [Music]


  1. Does somebody know the recipe for the curry he did? That looks good

  2. I'm just glad you stopped complaining.

  3. This was AWESOME! As a 14 year vegan I've tried it all, low carb, high carb, raw and yes, "Veto" Vegan Keto. I stick to a mainly low carb high proteinplant based diet now, but i'm gonna give Veto another try and this video helped me with meal ideas! PS Vegan protein is SO easy to get! Worry about your vitamin C as a meat eater, not protein as a vegan! 😉

  4. Begin a vegan is a privilege

  5. If you are vegan for anything other than the animals you are by definition, not a vegan. Diet is not vegan, diet is a consequence of not exploiting animals.

  6. You would like the VEGA SPORT Vanilla or Chocolate protein powder. I think you need less processed "vegan" meats and more whole/natural protein sources like BROCCOLI, EDAMAME, TOFU, and TEMPEH- tempeh has the texture you're looking for…

  7. You look healthier, leaner, and more handsome (in your face alone!) 1/2 way through the week into the diet. I think vegan looks good on you!

  8. The Curry Tofu looked really great. Can you share the recipe?

  9. i just want that curry recipe it looks good

  10. Did you see how much mct oil he put? Talk about 💩💨

  11. Sounds like a great time to go on a 7 day fast

  12. Watching all this vegan comments while eating a steak

  13. he says the tofu is really good whilst looking at with a strained face

  14. What brand of vegan bacon is that ?

  15. Any chance that curry recipe will be posted?

  16. Anytime something about veganism comes up, a lot of vegans get hotheaded if something is done wrong! I think he did fine, for doing vegan keto and not having the ability to eat a lot of fruits and legumes💁🏾‍♀️ he did just fine to me and didn’t complain like people keep saying he did

  17. I need that curry recipe!!!

  18. Being VEGAN is SO much easier when your not keto

  19. By the way I get people who are vegans because they imagine a cow getting killed (sorry) but for the people who think its healthier to be a vegan………. I dont like you at all because cheese might be bad but meat isn't bad milk isn't bad I'm not trying to switch you to non vegan whatever it's called I'm just saying I strongly dislike (not hate but strongly dislike you) if you think being vegan is healthier

  20. LoL, a vegan keto.
    I'm a magical time traveling butterfly fairy.
    Also, MCT oil in you're coffee in the morning breaks you're fast…

  21. What if you’re allergic to soy? 😞

  22. Try again after doing some proper research. This was just lazy

  23. Processed vegan foods are NOT a very good substitute. It's like eating vegan McDonald's.

  24. Love the video. Sometimes I think it does us all good to get out of our comfort zone and try different things.

  25. Tofu is absolutely delicious if cooked the right way. It's just like mushrooms, it takes on whatever flavor you put into it.

  26. Vegan bacon is delicious! I get it at the Supermarket near me but they sell it everywhere.

  27. Don't you understand the intelligence and friendliness of pigs they're just as friendly as dogs and more intelligent. Why would you want to kill a pig to eat bacon when there are about fifty different types of vegan Bacon's that are very good.

  28. Cheese is so bad for you

  29. A really crazy simple way to make tofu is open the package and trained it cut it into four pieces pick up one of the pieces and put it in three paper towels over the sink. Squish it as much as you can until all the water comes out then throw it in absolutely anything you are frying. Tastes good with onions and peppers, or anything you're frying it all. Once you learn how to cook it with a little oil and veggies, you will love it especially if it's a little crunchy! Not the healthiest way but it sure delicious 🙂

  30. This was so positive! Absolutely love!!

  31. "…tofu, I like it."
    His face disagrees.

  32. Meat is still better than this…

  33. Oh man watching people be on a regular keto diet is so freekin scary. I am so scared for their long term health.

  34. Can I get that tofu curry recipe??😍

  35. He’s so manly 😍🥰

  36. Why are y’all always acting like veganism is bad, hard, or even a punishment? Smh it’s not that deep

    Bless her for helping cook, she knows what’s up lol

  37. I love my vegan keto diet – I'm sorry this guy feels it's a punishment …

  38. I want recipes! Lol

  39. Thank you for promoting vegan keto 🙂

  40. With 1.5 Grams of carbs per tablespoon of almond butter, how are you actually staying keto?

  41. Oh my god how annoying

  42. The hungrier he got, the better everything tasted😂😂😂

  43. ~where all my vegans at~

  44. i bet it reeks with soy

  45. This guy is insufferable.

  46. No!!! Get your carbs! ALL OF THEM!

  47. No!!! Get your carbs! ALL OF THEM!

  48. This dude was bitching so much în The beggining, but in the end it seems like he became more open minded. I appreciate that he tried the tofu and admitted to liking it. It all depends on how you cook foods, and if you eat tofu Raw no condiments, yeah, it 's kinda boring but in a hummus veggie Sandwich lets say, it getts pretty good, IT takes The flavours.

  49. "Being vegan is a privilege"…. if you're keto and want to eat out. Beans and rice are cheap as hell brother

  50. I learned to like tofu. I used youtube and facebook. Its not that hard try a few different ways till you find what you like

  51. it’s funny how he mentioned “i’m not vegan or vegetarian i’m just doing a challenge” like he has to even mention that??? he was obviously embarrassed idk why ?

  52. curry recipe ?

  53. y'all tryna drop the curry recipe tho ??👀

  54. Vegan is fine but vegan keto? Nahhh

  55. This man is real handsome. Lord.

  56. studies have shown that majority of "Vegetarian" meat substitutes actually have a bit of animal fat in it to give it the flavour.

  57. Hey, what's the recipe for the vegan thai curry and the tofu scramble?

  58. "regular protein" LOLLL

  59. Acting like tofu is some mutant food

  60. I loovveee that he tried it and it’s always about doing what you can <3

  61. ugh drop the curry recipe pls

  62. id rather do a 1 week fast

  63. Model 3 with 19 inch rims @ 3:14!
    Much sexier than the diet he is on…
    & that is a strong statement from a seven years strong Herbivore!

  64. You need carbs.. keto is trash period… even with veganism

  65. “Being vegan is a privilege” its funny cause meat, dairy, and eggs are actually expensive. Most people in poverty live off of beans, rice, and veggies.

  66. Buzzfeed and their trash vlogs / research.

  67. "it's kind of a privilege" yeah, well when your being a super picky keto dieter who can't even eat beans or rice, yeah he is privileged to still be able to eat with such a restrictive version vegan diet where he is. Duh!

  68. can you provide the recipe for that tofu curry?

  69. Um. I totally want that vegan curry recipe!!!

  70. I'm just over here like, can I get that curry recipe? 🤷‍♀️

  71. All protein comes from plants ! You would of been fine

  72. I’ve been vegan for over a month and honestly it’s been super easy.

  73. this video is really sweet and optimistic. I also thought it was really nice that Joshua addressed the privilege behind being able to go vegan a lot of time

  74. Have you shared the soup recipe? We would really like it.

  75. Meat is lit, veggies are lit. Lessgoooooo 🙂

  76. Humans. The only species to complicate eating

  77. "being vegan is privilege" stfu 😀

  78. Nobody:
    Vegans: To guys I'm vegan. It's not hard, you should join us!

  79. Soy chicken?? And I thought cauliflower pizza was sacrilege.

  80. Can we get the recipe for the vegan Thai coconut curry please?

  81. i hate when people do this challenge and only eat the ‘fake’ meat

  82. Your the worst, you made no effort in planning ahead, i am not sure why you bothered to post this. I really wanted to learn about vegan protein options that i can try.

  83. That tofu curry near the end looked bangin

  84. He didn’t do vegan keto the most efficient way. There is a misconception that vegan keto is impossible but it’s the opposite. It definitely takes a lot of planning but it can be done in a balanced and healthy way!

  85. It is amazing how plentiful everything is in nature regarding food. On top of that, we have been blessed with the amazing gift of being omnivores, meaning free choice on every nutritional option. I would personally never give up on meat, but I have to respect each person's choice if they want to be vegeterians or vegans. Having said that, I would never suggest to a vegan to start eating meat or dairy if they want to follow a keto diet, but I would strongly suggest another healthy alternative as a diet nonetheless. Keto is hard enough as it is and even harder for vegeterians. To be on keto as a vegan is plain torture. One has to limit so vastly their available food choices and try really hard to maintain a reasonable protein to fat ratio, keeping carbs low at the same time. It is just Godlevel difficulty. Not to mention that it is next to impossible to stay below 20-25g of carbohydrates, so instead of keto one would probably have to follow a low carb diet of below 50g. Nothing is impossible, but there are so many diet styles out there that one need not suffer in their everyday life to achieve ketosis. Be vegan or be in keto, being in both sucks…

  86. What were the results?

  87. he’s so hot wtf

  88. Love this guy!! Love tofu! Love animals! gotta be vegan… for being cruelty free – for the planet, for well – feminism…
    Hey – wasn't milk made for a baby cow??

  89. Living in Fayetteville North Carolina where everything is wrapped in bacon and deep-fried with a side of gravy it is almost impossible to be vegetarian there are no vegetarian or vegan options at any fast food places here everything is homemade and homegrown I wish I could go to a restaurant and just order my food but I have to worry about if they pick the chicken out of it before they gave it to me or if it was fried in pork Grease

  90. Ketosis is a pretty useless trend

  91. If a person is vegan why do they have meat in there body

  92. Vegan easy its 2019 get over it live a great life etc etc..but KETO TOO even I have to say good job for the effort bro haha

  93. Those fake meat have a lot of carb

  94. So how did your body change

  95. You cant have a vegan keto because keto is a meat diet with veggies

  96. Your forgeting stuff because egan diet lacks vitamin b12 and lacking this causes brain damage a vegan diet also increases stress and heart attack risks

  97. What i want to know is whats better between the worst vegan diet and the worst keto diet

  98. listen dude your just gonna have to eat some tofu. its not that bad

  99. Vegan is easy

  100. Being vegan is not something try … it is an ethical position and not a diet. This video is ridiculous

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