I Tried A Muscle-Building Diet App For A Week 💪🏾

hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel as always we've got something extreme on tap and for the next week I am going to be trying a muscle building I'm actually in between trainings right now for my MK ULTRA series if you haven't seen it be sure to check it out I put a link to the whole playlist below so I figured I would change things up and try something new you guys really enjoyed the video where I tried a weight loss app a few weeks ago this week I'm going to be trying to be like some app let's get into this whoo what is my goal aren't we all wondering that these days be healthier lose weight gain weight you know what guys I'm going to choose gain weight I really do want to improve my muscle mass and get stronger so I'm going to use the premium version of this app just because I want to experience all features cool so i got classic dieting and you excited let's make this one one of the features in this app is figuring out your life score I'm going to find out what that means right now what are your food preferences I don't have any allergies how often do I have through often tomatoes tomato sauce pieces off not be this out head I have tomatoes this is vegetarian protein nuts everyday how often do you have super green quinoa bulgur am orange thing is how I don't know what half of these things are I'm going to say not often so this license is like really comprehensive it is asking me 41 questions about everything that I eat like it's making me really think critically about what I eat I do not drink enough water oh man alright oh wow okay not perfect though so first of all it looks like I'm going to need to eat more seafood which I don't really do right now because seafood is expensive and it also looks like I'm going to have to reduce my olive oil intake as you can see my unsaturated fats and proteins are off-track well let's get them in track this we shall we so we just left our grocery store with all my groceries for the week and I will say that the salmon did add $10 different grocery bill which was less than I thought it would be but I hope that it's like worth it like I said I usually don't buy fish cuz pretty good where I left but I guess we'll see all right this is what we're looking at for dinner okay just finish it actually looks pretty dang good guys check it try it this is pretty great so yes cooking with fish or salmon can be more expensive but it is nice it tastes good this app really made apparent to me how dehydrated I am all the time I just got back home after a really really long and stressful day and I look at my app and it says that I've only had three glasses of water right now right before I get on with the rest of my evening when I want to be relaxing I'm going to have to drink five glasses of water the app isn't making me do this all at once it's just I want to be verbatim by the app this whole week and now I've got to talk about water so here we go ah at least I'm hydrated I also noticed that my hunger levels differed a lot I'm about to go to sleep and usually I feel a little bit hungry when I go to sleep I thought it was just because I'm like always a hungry person but today I don't I feel pretty full actually I chose the gaining weight gaining muscle weight option because I know that I need to gain muscle for some stuff that I'm about to do in other training videos but I have to say that this week I've been a little bit apprehensive and worried that like I might be gaining fat and I hope that's not the case I just wanted to share that guys look at their empty today was the first day where I finally got in all eight glasses of water without having to have some form of a chugging crisis at the end of the day so I am proud myself protip water hack I realized that when I put lemon juice or lime juice in my water it makes me drink it so much faster just because there's a little flavor well hydration hey Gloria so the wave of Lifeson was actually pretty good the most difficult part of this challenge was remembering to put everything I was eating into this app however that also helped me really really accountable and prevented me from reaching for like small snacks or pretzels or whatever because I knew that if I had something that I shouldn't I would have to enter it in yet in short it's a cool app calorie tracker that has some fun elements to it but I definitely want to continue to incorporate in my life moving forward first of all I didn't realize how you hydrated I was I know I've said that a couple times in this video already but I noticed that once I started drinking as much water as I needed to even though was kind of annoying I felt a lot better my skin looks better and it helped me wake up a lot of them earning initially I was pretty apprehensive about incorporating so much fish into my diet because this can get a little pricey where I live but eating more fish definitely helps me feel fuller which I do feel like was worth the added increases to my groceries oh I feel like when it comes to weight loss being healthy Fitness we're so focused on the number on the scale when what really matters is first of all how you feel when you look in the mirror and second of all what makes up that number on the scale even though I gained weight I lost fat and put on muscle which is exactly what I was going for this week if you guys want to try out the lifetime after yourself you totally can download it for free via the link in my description if you enjoyed this video please give a thumbs up comment below with what crazy diet extreme thing I should try next and as always subscribe this channel because it's fun and we do crazy stuff whatever just make great to have you have a great day


  1. Hey guys!!! Hope you like this video!!!! Lmk what u think!! We are in the middle of filming for the next MK Ultra video and I am so excited to show you guys!! 😍😍😍

  2. Youre gorgeous !

  3. So what's the difference between a piece of salmon and a salmon burger?

  4. I love salmon it is so worth it

  5. Vegan for 1 week

  6. You are great keep doin what you do

  7. I started to use this app 2 months ago and my weight keeps the same

  8. Wait what, did she just say MKULTRA training program?

  9. Michelle if you have a Trader Joe’s near you that is a good place to buy fish for less $. Also you can buy those Nuun hydration tablets

  10. Anyone know what ?verbasive? mean???😂😂

  11. Maybe you’re thirsty when you go to sleep, not hungry x

  12. I wish you would be more detailed in your “trying (whatever) diet” videos … you summarize too much and focus on points that weren’t related to the goal. As in, you talked about your water consumption and didn’t say or show us anything about your muscles. I wanted to know how the diet helped with gaining muscles and you didn’t show that at all. You do this in all of your diet videos and it keeps me from subscribing.

  13. Try swimming

  14. Very nice review about the app – I didnt know it could do so much 🙂 I would love to see you make a video about rebounding as your only workout maybe for a week or more..

  15. Hey girl! Love your channel! Just saw that you use aluminium foil for cooking. Please don't, aluminium gets in food and it's highly toxic. We consume too much heavy metals and toxic chemicals as it…anyway, one of the best ways to get rid of these metals and the rest of toxins is too add barley grass powder or chlorella to a smoothie. These also give a lot of energy if added to a green smoothie.
    Lots of love and keep doing what you're doing, you are so entertaining and nice! 🙂

  16. Ok.. that background music is driving me fucking insane. If it's just me, by all means go ahead. If this post gets some likes, it's something other people have noticed as well. (The intro music with the tick tick tick, the other music is fine lol) Love you Michelle!

  17. I know this is really random but I think you would be a great mom

  18. You should try gymnastics for a week!

  19. hey michelle i was just wondering if you can please try the whole30 diet

  20. Pls, don´t drink 5 glasses of water is unhealthy (you can even die from too much water) and your body can´t absorb that much water at once.

  21. Шади

  22. PLEASE DONT CHUG THAT MUCH WATER AT ONCE it can cause cells in your body to burst and die……which is bad

  23. This is a cool video but I’m not convinced I think you should have shown before and after pictures

  24. Lol the mess on her bed in the background. Love you Michelle!

  25. Your skin is glowing in the end card.

  26. Why don't you show as a before and after pictures of ur body ?

  27. You should try calisthenics for a month 😸

  28. Wow! Watching your videos really made me inspired to really try and work out again! Seeing you talk about how your body feels after these fitness challenges reminded me why I wanted to start a healthier lifestyle in the first place. Thanks Michelle! 😀

  29. Would love it if you actually show us a before/after so we can judge results. 🙂

  30. 139 missed calls damn girl pick up

  31. You deserve more subscribers 🙂

  32. Ugh same for my area (London), if you want a good piece of meat or fish, it’s really expensive, for example if my mum wants to make a good roast or beef Wellington, the meat can cost £40-50 if she wants a good piece, it’s ridiculous. It’s okay for our family, but for a lot of other families it’s really hard

  33. Love your attitude!
    Just subscribed!

  34. Love this video thank you so much !

  35. You’re beautiful, so gorgeous!!

  36. http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/02/21/172589997/one-in-three-fish-sold-at-restaurants-and-grocery-stores-is-mislabeled

  37. I'm in love with you

  38. Drinking water all of a sudden wont hydrate you. The LifeSum app suggests you drink two glasses of water around breakfast, one mid morning and one before lunch. One with lunch, one mid afternoon, one before dinner and one before bed.

  39. Does this app cost money ?

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