I tried a DEEP BREATHING exercise for 30 days to strengthen lungs

hey guys welcome back to my channel I
have been on a wellness journey and I’ve been good about like working out you
know stretching diet all that stuff even like skincare and I just realized like I
don’t really take good care of my lungs like I don’t have time to do cardio
every single day I know my lungs are not as strong as everybody else my age I’m
very well aware of that you know I’ve done what I’ve done lots of lung spirometry and I do get sick and so I figured this is something that I think a
lot of people can benefit from you know whether it’s like deep breathing
exercises for anxiety or deep breathing exercises for stress I do want to say
that I am in no way a doctor I’ve not taken any doctor classes wow that sounds
really I really don’t trust somebody who calls them doctor classes in order to
make my deep breathing exercises I pulled from the deep breathing exercises
offered on websites for lung diseases because that’s pretty important there
and then also like deep breathing techniques used in yoga so I figured I
kind of condensed it I want to make it as short as possible but the whole goal
is not to just rush through it because you’re supposed to be doing deep
breathing my nice deep breaths are good for you to expand your lungs so I want
you if you’re following along take as much time as you need just remember like
you know you can cut it short this is not a competition just do what you can I
think it’s about being mindful about this every single day but for me I don’t
get to because this is a real challenge so I don’t have any like really advanced
equipment for lung spirometry the what I have is a an asthma peak flow meter so
some of you guys might have seen this usually anybody who’s been diagnosed
with asthma they give this to you and so it’s this really cute like those advice
I’m hoping you guys can see it but you blow through it and this little red tab
moves up and down there are these markers so I can keep track of what’s
going on so for today I’m going to be doing three big puffs in here and
gene the best number and making that like the record for day 1 then I’m gonna
be doing these exercises I’m gonna show you guys exactly what my routine is for
30 days straight and then by the end I’ll do the same thing again will I’ll
be doing 3 puffs taking my best one and then comparing the two to see if maybe
there’s a little bit of a causation I can’t tell you if there’s an affiliation
and in all honesty you don’t need this but if you’re someone who’s really
curious about tracking your progress I’ll leave a link down below they’re
pretty cheap on Amazon so you can get your own if you want to be like a cool
kid um I prefer to do the standing so let me like lift you guys up okay I
haven’t done like any cardio or anything today so this is like the low of the low I’m like a little awkward and
uncomfortable doing this on camera just being honest
so just bear with me like I’m gonna be trying my hardest so I’m gonna be making
like the most embarrassing face possible so yeah okay
so it looks like that I got 360 let me try this again
Oh 200 less or no 20 whoo okay okay that was just like a little bit worse let me
try it one more time okay that was back to being the same so let me try to move
this marker up just a little bit okay I am done with this and so this so the
score I’m sticking to is 360 not for sure like how that competes with other
people my age I know it’s lower but who cares because
the only competition here is myself so I’m gonna show you guys it’s a routine
it’s going to be kind of an abridged version but I’m actually going to do
like this breathing routine in its very own video in case you guys want to
follow along with me just have that in your back pocket let’s go you it’s day 15 this experiment is a little
bit harder to track my progress because I I felt like a lump in my throat when I
was filming my very first day doing this it seemed like the entire exercise
existed for me to cough up stuff which is great like it works like I coughed up
stuff gross yes yeah it’s very gross I’m not going to show you guys that okay but
like as a report like obviously I had some congestion in my lungs and so I’m
thinking yeah like maybe it did help me get over it naturally because I didn’t
have to go on antibiotics but at the same time how am I supposed to know if
this is helping when then I get sick I got it right here
I don’t want stand up do some big breaths okay wait oh my god ahh like
that was like such a big breath this wasn’t all the way here okay ready it’s
at the bottom wait wow that kind of hurt and it didn’t even go up and even move
okay let me try again oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh I’m at 400 Wow I mean
it’s like you can see where the marker is for this yellow and red one it’s not
much higher but that’s higher and the fact that I still have like a little bit
of a runny nose I guess I’m more optimistic for the final report bag it’s day 30 I am so excited and what’s
really been so great about these deep breathing exercises is even if in the
end it’s not really making my lungs more powerful I swear it is what kicked my
sicknesses but anything that was in my lungs though I was having such a hard
time getting out I did cough them up yes yes yes yeah don’t get me wrong because
I saw a progress on day 15 that I’m really hoping that I see even better
progress today but it’s been a little bit harder doing the deep breathing
exercises it’s something where you know like I’ve been somewhere where I’ve been
staying with the roommate and it’s a hotel room so it’s not me you know like
I can’t just be going and then you know even if I were not to tell her and just
like maybe go to the bathroom again it’s a hotel I can’t be like so like I’ve
been really focusing you mean like when I’m lying dives like holding my breath
and just concentrating so my routine has been a little bit rough
however I’ve noticed that you know I haven’t I pulled out of my sickness I’d
barely coughed so I think we’re gonna see some good results I’m agitating my
lungs too much so I think instead of doing the full deep breathing technique
that I’ve been doing I just need to you know cut it in half and just do some
deep breathing exercises so like take a deep breath or at least that I’m a little
light-headed just you know really call myself down but I really you know I want
to feel good about this what me no I’m not procrastinating okay it’s time I got
to do it here is my asthma peak flow meter oh my god I am over five hundred
oh my gosh where am I at I’m at five five twenty thats amazing so oh my god
I’m just so excited because I think I’m finding something that really works for
me now again I know not all of you guys are struggling with your lung capacity
and needing to pass a lung spirometry yes that rhymed but I hope you guys
really enjoy my routine I plan on doing a video when I can just solely of the
routine so it’s a lot easier to play it and breathe with me and then you can be
done for the day so I’ll be doing that I don’t know when
that’s gonna come so don’t rush me but if it is available you’ll see it down in
the description thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe if you want to
join the fam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam love you mean it bye


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