I Trained Like Michael B Jordan for Creed 2 ft. Corey Calliet | Men's Workout Routine

what's up guys Alex Kosta here and I'm here with celebrity trainer Cory Calle all right this guy is gonna kill me today we're at the mussel farm fertility and he transformed Michael BJ into the Beast that he is agreed to how did you do that dude I mean of course that's what I do I'm the body transformation specialist training Michael if you've been together for a couple years and I was able to learn his body but this time I'm free too we were able to do it different because not only that I want him to be in shape but I want him to be chiseled and conditioned so what I'm gonna do today is to bring my guy Alex through a couple of exercises not gonna hurt him too bad some things that we did preparing for the movie now some of the things you can do if you pay attention you can do them at home I'm going to teach you a little bit but you're gonna learn a lot all right man I'm ready I think so I don't know if he's really ready but we're gonna see in a few seconds most people think that getting Mike ready for free it was all boxing conditioning work well there's a lot of boxing conditioning work this time but the most important part was the weight training and not weight training and when you just lifting weights just to lift weights actually focusing on form focusing on squeeze and focusing on getting the muscle stage actually shaped and formed so we're going to include a couple exercises moving around a little bit just to kind of help him get a little bit of experience and helped him out with trying to bring your shoulders off his chest nice biceps things that you know I call it being movie ready a lot of stuff that the girls like you know all right so first exercise we want to always start off with just when it's an incline presses and you don't have to always use heavy weight we're gonna start off with 30 pounds when you're people out there that can lift 30 pounds or more perfect if you can't grab your 10 on 15 pound dumbbell you'll be fine you want to bring it all the way up and we get to the top wanna make sure that we're flexing and squeeze another top of the chest and try to come down right here pause right here so back up fast going squeeze good right back down and as you can see he's contracting the top his upper chest every time because elbows are not going past his shoulders because we're gonna go into the upper up and show the front the front delt now I'd like to do is I like to switch it up I'm never going to just focus on one body part when I'm training I like to move it around kind of like a hit training more weight wise so shoulder wise is to come this way we're going all the way up and all should twist at the top these are over here press we can do about four sets if you're gonna do it by itself four sets of 15 or 20 reps right I always like to focus on contracting the muscle where I'm focusing on the muscle I'm actually working so right now I'm focusing on the front delt coming all the way up and down good and I like to fatigue the muscle so I'm breaking it down I love doing biceps I mean you can't see my right now but they're pretty big a lot of people do do curls their elbows are here we want to focus on a peak of the bicep so we come in here watch I'll bow if you get outside kind in the front coming all the way down squeezing back at the top and always squeezing whenever you're doing any exercise make sure you're contracting the muscle so I want to come right here squeeze all the way out to the elbows in front of you bring it right here at the top as you can see when he's coming even a slight slight squeeze at the top so we're focusing on the UH upper here of the bicep that was the first part of it now we're going to you're gonna we're gonna mix it up a little bit now be going from push-ups to sideways and you see he's doing it on the curb or now he also has to contract his abs so that the bar doesn't move so when you do this at home make sure that your abs are contracted are real tight you're coming up squeezy and chest at the top I love the trick the body never do anything the same a lot of people do shoulders wrong doing the side delt so we want to do is when our elbows to be in we want to focus on bringing the bringing the the dumbbell up using our using our elbows so you try to make your elbow coming up we right here have your mind right here there you go good what's important numbers remember this hand placing your feet placement arm placement can change the whole shape of your body it's not listening away that's how you lift the weight so we're gonna go back to incline press we come down some more and good back exercise from here so we come in here boom boom let's go good good good keep going good what we're doing right here we created I'm throwing different exercises and confusing this body I don't want to always do the same stuff the key to changing your body is always tricky tricking your body let's go good two more I think I think three three I might cast him I don't know what the script is yet but we might get him on the video we can do this I said I said now I want you to come here we're gonna work on the rear delts take our hands out you can turn in out now what I want you to do is I want you to come down fast release slow alright we really want to contract that those toes let's write a good squeeze out the Box coming down squeeze back up come right down squeeze back up all right let's go it's not what you do it's how you do it we're exploding down and let me back up slow easily pause at the top squeeze down hold every time you come down you're squeezing I always say if you're not squeezing give me a good reason that's what I say that's my thing I'm like Muhammad Ali I like to start rhyming when I'm when I'm working out in time I talk hell of shit I just say it go lat pull-downs most people just do it just full of just pulling I like to focus on the form attack to create the shape of the leg you want to have wings that's how you create your wings right some renegade rows alright we're renegade rows people's dumbbells in the hand stand up with now we're going to curl with a press so coming here all the way up throw it a press dude good job I like to do a lot of remix so what I want to do now is same thing but I'm doing it with a curveball we're going to work more the front does he come in here straight up here straight up for five and then finish off with bent over row all right that's a combo that's the three piece up good guy down again do it again up yup do it again good six seven eight nine ten good shot relax another thing is you don't have to be in the gym for three or four hours I mean I might be enough for three or four hours because I just love it but to get a good workout you don't have to be in the gym all day efficiency can happen very really quick if you do it correct if you do the workout right not taking a long breaks you get to workout done in 45 minutes we've been working out for the past couple of minutes and you've already covered a lot of the upper body and also you have you feeling good I mean you can see how your chest is out right now you have a full pump the next thing I want to do is of course work on core core is very important of course might have ripped abs but we did the very minimum we didn't do a whole lot all right so we're going to do is I want you to bring that 20 to your left foot then you go good try to get your shoulders all about the ground good one more good job relax we're doing butterflies let me go in and out baby don't do it right there – good three four five this is something that's good for obliques I want to take both of your feet up now let's go here here side to side good these are really good at bringing that V out that V shape out really good obliques really really good good how you feel listen ah I'm just trying to show you all that at home in a gym by yourself you don't always have to do the most when it comes to these workouts in get in here get it done and get it over with v analysis went through a kind of a brief workout what I did on Crete not the full thing but listen I have a Creed challenge right now you can visit my Instagram mr. Kelly a comm full workout 30 days to get it done I mean if I had it in for 30 days I think he probably beat Mike a little bit I think so with that started from here I think I think I think you might have Vito you know I treat challenge part 2 I don't know what's gonna happen alright this guy just put me through the wringer right now but it was good I gotta feel good and I feel like the exercises that we did weren't that difficult like my guys at home they'll be able to do this at the gym or even at home some of those core exercises but what I wanted to get at is that this guy has a website filled with more information that you guys can learn how to be in your best from the best shape of your life and you can go ahead and tell them your website and your Instagram my website is Cory Kalia calm right now I'm promoting the Creek challenge the creat inspired challenge called level of challenge 30 day truck challenge that I have people all around the world doing and getting maximum results from it you can find me on instagram at mr. calle s mr. mr. C 8ll IET you also find me on Facebook Cory ka kaam if you can't find me just boo my name on Google Michael do drugs playing it and I guarantee you're finally I'm everywhere yeah you gonna find me everywhere alright it was really hard to get him here today guys so hope go check him out appreciate this because this guy knows what he's talking about notice knows what he's doing and he's all over the place right now he's being super successful with the launch of the new movie Congrats – thank you brother Priscilla Turner – man thank you thank you


  1. Hope you love this video as much as I do. Corey is a beast and took the time to set you guys up for success! Don't forget to check out our Instagram!
    COREY: https://bit.ly/2ExMzEk ALEX: https://goo.gl/jmK8if
    Have a great day everyone!

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