I Trained Like A Victoria’s Secret Model for 5 Weeks

that time of the year again the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show there's a lot of preparation work that goes into it Lima says she gets on a regimen of protein shakes vitamins and a gallon of water a day Victoria Secret went and changed the controversial perfect body ad what does that guys welcome back to my youtube channel for the next six weeks I am going to be training and dieting just like the Victoria's Secret models all in preparation for a bikini beach photo shoot so I took some much-needed rest over the past two months and let me tell you I have definitely lost a lot of fitness so this is going to be a really tough challenge I am gonna be training with Steve Zim who has done a ton of really cool YouTube videos in the past I've actually worked with him before in addition to that I'm the hellige as to be able to work with supermodel Elisabeth Elam who has graced the cover of Playboy magazine and I just want to be able to get a little bit of that courage that's really what I'm looking for in this video to get to a place that I'm excited about I'm Steve Zim I'm the owner of a tighter u fitness studio Culver City California obtained a lot of celebrities models everybody thinks that models are born the way they are they're not they have to work to look the way they are Michelle and I did another video together I just showed her how to workout like him on this is gonna be significantly different we're gonna be doing the nutrition the cardio and all the workouts the workout is going to be challenging but I think she's gonna get it where this becomes tough is the nutrition she has to stick to it I'm Elizabeth Elam I'm a professional model modeling swimsuit is a lot different than modeling clothes because it's a lot more about you and your body I haven't seen Michelle model before but I know she's comfortable in front of the camera so I'm sure she's gonna kill it even when I was growing up I would run around in just a diaper until I was like 5 like sometimes women feel shame about those days of things I don't feel the shame when it comes to posing naked those were always the types of photographs that I thought were really timeless like I looked at it as creating a piece of art that would be around forever so now I have meeting with Elizabeth she was just so calm and collected about everything on the table she talked about posing in a bikini posing even make it as something she likes to do because of how freeing it is and that's a perspective I didn't really have before she is a total of 5 foot 2 inches tall that's not the regular model height I usually deal with it's usually at least 510 and above how do we make her look like she's that tall it has to do with elongating the muscles by making the lines long by giving her longer separation her limbs will start to appear longer so in a photograph you won't know how tall she is I am on my tippy toes constantly I like to try and make my legs look as long as a little bit more you do it's almost like wearing faux heels we are gonna be doing a bikini shoot so it's very important that everything line up we need everything to come in perfectly our I love symmetry its measurement time nobody likes this so the very beginning of this challenge I was excited but nervous when we took the before photo I felt pretty nervous to be in a bikini I haven't worn one in a really long time your thigh is off by half an inch and your biceps are just under 3/4 an inch off number one thing to get you to look better is to get this to be symmetrical one last thing I put a level across your button and we're gonna see if one buttcheeks higher than the other right glute is a little bit bigger than the left when we're done I want that level to be dead even seeing the before photo I realized there were things that I definitely wanted to improve I noticed my posture wasn't super good my in wasn't that great and I just didn't look confident at all feeling confident is the most important thing that'll translate that'll help you start kind of feeling yourself a little bit Victoria's Secret models are this pinnacle of sexiness and beauty and elegance and I didn't feel that way taking the before photo at all it's one second in time when my arms go down my stomach doesn't look that defined I mean I have my insecurities just like everybody does we start our journey today in six weeks she's gonna show you the bathing suit I get my workout plan was very time consuming six days a week I would do one hour of weights one hour of running or cardio and on the seventh day it's not a rose day it's still an hour of cardio when you are trying to get super lean and look incredible for a picture we can't have any extra fat because guess what the camera will see it we need to shed body fat and I mean big-time when Steve told me what the diet was I laughed no sugar no sugar and by the way no sugar we want to get our carbs from vegetables and fruit nothing else it's very important to not eat any processed foods to eat a lot of salads you want to pair a vegetable with a lean protein it could be fish chicken this is about leaning somebody way out Steve says we should only have three meals a day and no snacks in between but he said that I would actually be less hungry this way once you do start to use fat for energy because you've run out of all those sugars your body actually likes it better Steve's training method is actually really cool he uses really low weights and very high reps all of the exercises that Steve does are really creative and unique some things that we focused on that I haven't really focused on in other videos are improving my posture and the shape of each muscle we don't have a huge separation here and that's what we need we need a line to come here now go down hold head down I'm gonna pull back that gets this to go you can breathe out and come up perfect for all of the ab exercises they did with Steve there was a very specific breathing technique every abdominal exercise the way I do it it's a breath out then we do the movement we go any faster than that you're going to be skipping your abs good posture separation we have all that boom you got something that somebody's looking at a while I want to look like that good morning I feel so dead I have to go run for an hour and this is gonna be a pretty interesting six weeks balancing the working out with the restrictive diet and my full schedule immediately was very challenging good morning party people on this diet program a breakfast is six egg whites 1/2 cup of oatmeal and berries perhaps one of the weirdest things I have to do on this diet his have a shot of apple cider vinegar with water at every meal mmm deep says that helps with digestion and is good for every meal to keep the fat burning as much as I wanted this to be a unique and almost sterile experiment of what it's like to train like a Victoria's Secret model it's impossible to do that those are so you've got to step back from yourself and go okay why am I doing this why am I on this journey I chose this no one's asking you to do this you're doing this because you want to do it week two I actually had a full-blown panic attack it was really scary and I think it was a lot of other things in my life compounding I'm not a Victoria's Secret model so I don't get the luxury of only preparing for this one photo I am also planning and preparing this video and my entire channel in my whole other life in meetings and whatnot think how many times I've looked at a magazine cover and seen it photoshopped I compared my body to that photo thought of myself terribly without thinking about what's really going on and that models life what she did to get that body how much Photoshop was used to make her look that way who I am do you do anything special to prepare for a shoot mentally I always listen to music on my way to shoots that helps me get out of my head it's very obvious especially in your face when you're somewhere off so you basically just do things to make yourself feel more confident confident and just also like yourself because you are bringing yourself to the shoot and what people see the pictures it is a photo of you so you want to feel like yourself when you're taking them so it's a kind of correct version of yourself that you're presenting when the photo is taken that's what it's all about you want to feel attractive feels good in your own skin the camera loves you when people meet you they love you they feed off that energy we're at the mall we're gonna go buy a swimsuit I haven't bought a swimsuit in like six years Elizabeth six years yeah what's also sad is I haven't like been to a mall in forever cuz I just buy everything on the spot with Elizabeth feel like we're friends it's so cool to see a supermodel as a human I kind of feel like I'm like in the eighties it felt like a really cool bonding experience we did it in the first couple weeks I was constantly craving sugar I didn't sleep enough last night I used to supplements Hollywood sups BCAAs their branch chain amino acids we take them right before the workout and right after they help promote muscle growth also it keeps you from getting sore during the workouts the same company makes a melatonin you take this five minutes before and you go right down the more we sleep the better or recuperation so this is an example of what I have for dinner I just got home from training so have some grilled chicken here just use a little bit of olive oil this actually doesn't have any salt in it it's just the seasonings giving up salt has been really tough on this I've got to say I think it's worth it I also have been doing roasted vegetables I love it because I usually broil them for like 15 minutes and then I change the oven down to 350 degrees for the rest of the time like another 10 minutes and then it gets the vegetable super crispy on the outside but then super soft on the inside it's a several day period by about three to five days of adjustment but then once we start to tap into the fat for the energy you start to get more energetic also around week three I started noticing cuts in my arms my abs started coming through as well look who I ran into at the gym today show them my abs look you can see the cuts in her abs through her shirt I really respect Steve as a trainer a lot of getting your ideal body whether it's a Victoria's Secret body or not is working with someone who you can trust to fully guide you the whole way stripper in this video that's what this is for might see no so I just woke up I found out some news I last-minute have to go out of town for something I really cannot miss which means that I have to do the photoshoot a week early Michelle gives me a call and I find out that we went from a six to eight week program down to a five week program I was anticipating having like 14 days to cut down the last bit of everything and now I have like five to get ready I don't know if I'm ready for this you think this the first time this happens to me they tell me that we have six weeks to get someone so ready for this movie part I go let me get them to where I know they're camera-ready by three to four weeks and then after that we can get even better I'm just nervous that it's here the photo shoot is here this final challenge week was completely different from any other final challenge week I've ever done not only was I on an extra restrictive diet trying to lose the water weight but also I had to get a spray tan it wasn't as much about becoming darker as it was covering up my stretch marks covering up my scars she sprayed James Charles guys you know it's legit I had to go get my entire body fully waxed I had to get a manicure a pedicure it was exhausting tonight is the first of many baths I'm gonna be taking this week to try and cut the last bit of water wait it's just a trick that we do the last 48 hours prior to a shoot this way the skin goes okay I am going to put on the bikini I haven't worn it since the first day of the before photo oh my god Wow good you look great oh yes how good does that look she's worked really hard very good now we do measure thigh was even left bicep right bicep even yes even glutes even even even that's intense you have no idea when the level is straight like that that means everything else is gonna fall into place you are down a total of five point six percent body fat why are you the same way you gained 5.6 percent worth of muscle to replace the fat you did that in five weeks I'm proud of that I feel like I put in a lot of hard work and I'm excited to wear it now Michelle did my makeup the day of the photo shoot I was very nervous but everyone there was so awesome and so supportive and we were having such a great time that it really in many ways felt like a dream come true I'm making her love sensual sweaty Elizabeth really emphasize that your relationship with the photographer is super important it really is such a collaboration when you work with the photographer they're kind of letting you know what's working what's not working they'll tell you little things about like pieces of hair or I think I might have had like a different part of my hand up and he's like no move your fingers down this way and they'll really kind of like tweak you to get the shot so I decided to work with JD brains who is a photographer I've worked with a ton in the past I was really lucky to get to work with someone I'm really comfortable with someone who really understands my creative vision and what we're going for but it was also awesome on the day to get his perspective on different types of poses or styles that we should try I school me is very very excited and peeking right now cuz this is just like the closest I'll ever get to like feeling like I'm in a Hollister ad it didn't matter at that point what my body looked like because I was just so thankful and blessed to even have this opportunity to get to have an experience like this that it was really cathartic like Elizabeth said a photo is one moment in time and that was so true on the photo shoot day I am really proud of those single moments where I felt pretty and truly believed that I was confident welcome back yeah I'm excited to see the photo pumped I can't wait we just got them this morning when I got to see the photos with Elizabeth it was so amazing it just felt like everything came full circle oh my god amazing insane amazing thank you this one might be my favorite toes that which one's your favorite do you have a favorite I actually like this one I think hey yeah I like that I like the Elizabeth the face pull up your I'm pulling up this one too because it fell down for this one I was remembering be on your tippy toes but it was also really fun to like have props like yeah I like this one yeah I love that one and it's just fun when you take pictures that actually show your personality nobody's are incredible for your first shoot ever like come on this is insane I had a good coach the majority people dream about getting to do a photo shoot like this and never get to do it and I just felt really blessed to be able to do it no matter like what my body looks like Kurt and you'll have these pictures forever away you'll look back at this moment forever which is so fun yeah and I feel like when you let go and actually start having fun with it that's when you get the best stuff do I look like a Victoria's Secret model maybe some aspects of you do but also at this point I don't care because I am really happy with the way that these photos turned out I had so much fun doing this video and even though I might not look like the super tall super skinny Victoria's Secret model I felt like one on that beach that day because I knew how hard I had worked for that moment if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up because I worked my ass off on it comment below with what you think the next extreme challenge should be I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pull it from one of the comments below and as always subscribe so we can keep on going on more adventures together thanks so much for watching


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