1. Oh my godddd just go vegan

  2. Did you just drink that with tap water? Bathroom tap water?!

  3. Drink warm water for a week… I'd love to see you test that..!

  4. Your so pretty !! You have a natural prettyness..! You look great without makeup..!

  5. Drinking apple cider vinegar makes me gag, but it is soo good for you. Thanks for sharing the great video 😀

  6. watch Eric Bakker youtube vids – he's an AMAZING naturopath and explains if probiotics contain PREBIOTICS like FOS, they often upset people with imbalanced/weak guts, as the prebiotics often contain sugars that also feed the bad stuff. I noticed this, and when i took probiotics containing prebiotics it upset my stomach, and i was fine without prebiotics! He also says it's very important to take a proboitics with an enzyme! But prebiotics foods are apparently fineeeee!

  7. I’m taking one probiotic every evening and my diet is good but I keep getting sharp intense pain in my right rib cage and my head feels so heavy😭 i can’t find anything online but why is this happening?!

  8. wow i dont know how you drink apple cider vinegar i once tried a tiny teaspoon of acv with a whole lotta water and immediately threw it back up

  9. Hi sonia. do you go on a regular facial to extract black and white heads on ur face? or are u just relying with your medications? I hope you will respond to my query 🙂

  10. What's the ratio of apple cider you take.

  11. I love you so much oh my gosh. This is the first video I’ve seen of yours and you just seem so sweet and easy going.

  12. try benadryl.

  13. It's also good to stick egg skins. You can't use it if you're allergic to eggs.

  14. You should have way more subscribers. I enjoy your videos👌

  15. ❤️

  16. As you discovered, 2 billion is actually not a very strong probiotic at all! For them to be the most effective, there should be at least 20 billion cultures! 🙂 10 billion I’d say is even low. I take 30 bil once a day. I know it sounds crazy but for people with really bad imbalances 50 billion is recommended, like what!! And definitely look for the probiotics in the fridge section. The counter pills aren’t really beneficial. Careful of those “non dairy” alternatives too, they sometimes contain soy or a lot of sweetners which is arguably worse than dairy. By all means enjoy them over dairy, but don’t overdo it just because it isn’t dairy haha!

  17. nice turntables

  18. Try birth control-thank me later.

  19. You’re beautiful 💗

  20. have you tried probiotic activated charcoal face mask?? I notice that you use make-up so maybe try and sanitise your brush and throw away old make-up items. I think you are not a teenager anymore so you shouldn't have any acne problems as it usually caused by hormonal imbalance.

  21. it's diet. Quit junk food, starbux, mcdonalds, and soda. You'll see a difference. Eat steamed veggies, rice, and fish. it should clear up.

  22. My girl had worse acne she gave birth didn’t wear makeup for three months my god her skin cleared up. Less makeup and letting your skin breathe will do some help too.

  23. I stopped taking the probiotics after a day, cuz I good very bad stomach pain in the bathroom

  24. I think your beautiful with the acne x

  25. Increase in insulin production in Ur body which trigger the hormones also another cause. So probiotics alone won't help

  26. Thank you! thank you! thank you! I've gone through hundreds of videos and yours is everything I've been needing. I actually already own the 3 main things you use so no having to search for all these crazy ingredients others conjure up. And I completely understand the part where you speak about society's standards and how difficult and humiliating it is to go out in public and the feeling the need to always have to wear makeup. No more. I'm ready and excited to tackle this stubborn curse on my face! Love & Light!

  27. I use digestive enzymes and probiotics!

    Certain foods we eat can deplete our enzymes and deplete good bacteria. It's normal for probiotics to mess with you too.

  28. Hi, if you’re getting into green tea I really recommend you try twinnings green tea as Lipton is really shite



  31. Try a higher dosage of probiotics also try a better quality (something from vitamin shoppe, gnc,etc)

  32. i think your skin has improved in fact even if just a little bit i can see it

  33. Hmm

  34. Also try to incorporate your diet with lots of natural probiotic foods like kimchi, goat milk etc.

  35. I love the enema bag hanging on your closet's door 🙂

  36. These probiotics don’t work, try Symprove or VSL#3

  37. Also try drinking psyllium husk 😉

  38. Get cod liver oil in with the zinc you will see a major difference. That cod live oil is going to deal with that inflation. The zinc needs the vitamin a or d in that liver oil to work good. Do your own research. Heard l-lysine was amazing as well.

  39. Once you get the probiotics in your system after 2 weeks you can go down to 5 billion. You need a 10 to 50 when you start because you need to fight off all that bacteria. But once your body kills the bad you can take the lesser. Just keep in mind you cannot stop taking probiotics. If you miss a day or 2 it's almost like your starting over. Bad bacteria is always waiting to store up in your body. God bless.

  40. Wait can't you just take ACV in pill form?

  41. Dude, I definitely feel you with the whole “I feel the need to wear make up” thing 🙁 I fight myself to not wear it all the time because I know it’s bad for my skin but also, it makes me feel a little bit more confident 😔 I really enjoy your videos ♥️ thank you.

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