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bodybuilding one of the most physically demanding careers known to man a performance-art in which participants train and eat specifically regimented diets in order to transform their bodies in a sculpted displays of the raw potential of human strength since the late 19th century bodybuilding has exploded in popularity through touring circus acts movies TV shows and athletic competitions now in the age of social media bodybuilding has become a community of athletes who use their muscular ability to make a living my name is Anthony Padilla and today I'm gonna sit down with some of the most impressive bodybuilders in the industry to find out why so many people take part in such a demanding lifestyle what lengths are these bodybuilders willing to go to in order to achieve the body of a mythical god one of the risks and complications that come with pushing your body to its physical limits is bodybuilding just a harmless hobby or does it have potentially deadly side effects hey Brad let's go to Anthony hey summer nice to meet you you're all little there you go how you doing man mazing dude good mani like the legs amazing bro I agree thank you for coming out and teaching me a little bit about the wondrous world of bodybuilding I appreciate you having me here how do you refer to yourself as a bodybuilder or athlete I refer to myself as bikini competitor I personally I'm an athlete in bodybuilding some bodybuilder you know yes that's what I am can you go into detail about what your body means to you I mean everything at this point my entire career at this point has been focused around my body as a professional bodybuilder obviously it depends on how I look on stage I do commercial acting and things like that and I am being casted for a look you know it's not just I go out for everyday roles it's truly just bodybuilding type roles for me I was born a bodybuilder you were just straight out of the womb with bodybuilding a football or whatever but I was it's always been discipline I mean to be a bodybuilder you got to be disciplined yeah you got to be structured you gotta be mentally strong because it's such a mental game almost as much as the other physical game what inspired you to start bodybuilding well I would like just got out of a bad relationship and I just kind of wanted to like better myself in every way possible was any part of you like they're gonna be so jealous when they see my new body 16 16 years old come from very humble beginning children ever smoked never drink I always wanted to be a bodybuilder within myself without even seeing magazines or whatever and it saved my life and gave me life how do you think your life might have went if you never got into bodybuilding it wouldn't it wouldn't be no such thing what are your parents think about your career as a bodybuilder they're supportive now but at first like they weren't supportive because like stepping on stage in a bikini like hardly wearing anything they were like a little bit disappointed but disappointed they came to like really support it and realize it's like more of like something I'm doing for myself rather than just to like show off my body I'm lucky I come from a pretty understanding family they're very supportive my dad kind of led the way you know my dad was a horse trainer and you know he came out when I was young and you know that was that wasn't accepted back then you know so my father is gay and was a horse trainer and chased that dream of his so he already kind of set the path of chasing your passion desires instead of going down what society tells us we need to do do you even lift bro run marathons mostly that's my mo swimming you mostly run marathons you don't really lift yeah we're lifting just as much as the men sometimes so ignorant how many hours a week do you spend working out probably like two hours a day you know hour 45 but now when I was building you lose twice a day hour and half to two hours in the morning and another two hours to two and a half in the afternoon so I'm looking at probably five or six hours a day during like deep in a contest prep you could be in the gym for 36 hours a week yeah that's a full-time job it sounds like a good time to me would you be willing to show the physique that you you have would you would be willing to show it off yes I can do that for you mr. Olympian oh my okay oh my god oh my god this that is insane – that's that's the most wild thing I've ever seen in my life you have trouble buying clothing – that's why I live in pants like this I have a couple pair of jeans that I've found throughout the years that fit well yeah because I have a huge ass – huge as huge legs yeah upper bodies yeah like for jeans it's hard to like I think that like fit over my like fit my waist across your waist and then when I get it like – like my mid wrist it's like loose so it's like I don't know it's challenging to find stuff oh difficult for you yeah man I had to get a touch made the safest and I went to the Megan she had to get the legs and make leggings so hard she had to use legs from a Superman on the arm can I ask you what do you keep in your fanny pack well there's a funny story I was at a show I wore from yellow tights and then they told me that like I had banana nose count throwing things off saleh told me i could compete again until I walk black got some black trunks cuz it took away from my fatigue whatever so whenever I wear tights I love fanny packs so it's more of a blockade more of a big leafy how much do you bench unfortunately the flat bench is really bad for you it opens you up to a lot of major injuries especially PEC tears and as bodybuilders that's a career-ending injury like my bicep tear when you guys can see you have a tear so I ruptured my bicep you could see how it's shorter there's that gap there on that side yeah I was doing a photo shoot last August and we were just moving a tire it wasn't even part of the shoot they wanted to put a big tire behind me and I was watching the makeup assistant and this this photography assistant trying to move this foreign pound tire so I went over to go help him and that's what I could do it and as we lifted it up it just it hit the wall and that sudden stopped made my arm snap so things like that or just their career-ending see how much you squat I can squat to 25 my squat was my best I'd never actually maxed out so I'd wait in college I'd wait till everybody went and Squad and did their max I'm like so 50 more pounds on it I just hit it so you never found out what you as long as I can do more than that yeah about to see if she can squat a hundred and sixty pound human he told me you're okay whoa whoa you picked me up like a feather whoa what did you have to do in order to attain the body that you have right now my muscle tissue is just dense hard-earned tissue and I actually right now I do fasting I fast almost every day for 18 hours and I've I do all different experimental things like I'm doing carnivore dire right now which is a eat only animal-based product it's a complete opposite of me I'm vegan vegan oh yeah we are weird we are polar opposites yeah make sure I'm trying at least five six days a week give five good meals in you know you got to have everything set up like and then the next meal will be probably fish rice and maybe broccoli the next meal will be chicken breast probably rice broccoli Wow okay then the next meal of fish detail about what your meal plan is so your mouth do you give yourself cheat days usually like a weekend because I like to go out so Saturday and Sunday both no just like one one one meal yeah Buffalo Wild Wings throwing Buffalo Wild Wings into one meal and that's your Chi yeah one of my wife's wife and I his favorite thing to do is we'll go get a couple different subs like a steak and cheese of an Italian some and then some pizza maybe some nachos this is all in one sitting all one sitting and then we've often differ directions collect food spent about a hundred and fifty bucks on like junk food like ice cream and donuts and everything and then just eat till you possibly cannot move and you just lay there on the couch for like an hour and let it digest enough so you can go lay down and then go to sleep when was the last time you were not sore Wow good question if you had to guess I can't tell you over 10 years ago yeah probably over 15 years ago yeah I've been game for me you know lovin it so Vince or every single day of your life for over 15 years the mr. panda wants to know what kinds of noises you make when working out do people ever question your intelligence based on the way you look they do unfortunately you know we have that stereotype that were dumb meatheads and all we do is grunt and groan and pick things up and put things down yeah and unfortunately a vast majority of body builders are highly intelligent yeah a lot of very educated people and a lot of people that you know or a very scientific base on nutrition and training and things like that myself you know with the the biomedical science background I kind of like when people approach me and they don't think I'm that intelligent and then we can have a conversation and they're like oh wow I realized that you could actually speak well what do you think the biggest misconception about maintaining a physique like yours is most people think like in order to be skinny and fit like you can't eat but I do the opposite like I eat a lot of calories and like a lot of carbs especially because I'm like weightlifting so I need carbs to build my muscle I became super obsessed with my physique and my weight for a long portion of my 20s it was constantly calorie counting I need to write down every single thing in my app I need a keep track of what I'm eating how much I'm working out so I hit this goal of 1,200 calories a day and I just became completely obsessed with my body and the results and this obsession really started when I saw a YouTube comment I said Anthony's getting chubby and that was all it took for me to become completely obsessed with my weight in my image yeah what do you think about the societal pressure to constantly look quote-unquote perfect I mean it's obviously overwhelming I mean you see people committing suicide because of those type of pressures you know so it's it's hard mental health and then you know happiness is is something that we lack in especially in America if you not stage-ready but yeah it mess with your mind you know it's yack man I'm not gonna let me take my shirt off why aren't you come from with the way you look because there's a standard that you have reached within your mind the image that you've seen your physique look it's like I'm not gonna show up because this was a kid not ready to show off when you look at yourself in the mirror are you satisfied that no no bigger Exia yeah bigger bigger XE it's a yeah and I actually think it's a socially accepted term for just not being content with where you're at do it so it's so crazy it's like um it's like a lusion I don't know what it is it's like you let me see yourself and did until you look at pictures see like wow I did look good I was big so only in hindsight can you say it looks good most time in hiring science bro what do you think about my body on a scale from one to ten I would say you're probably a good five or six I would say six I mean I have to see you left in the gym I think you're a pretty damn good shape your that and that's not both you mean we need some work done I mean I mean I'm looking at you I mean you you wasting a good physique what do you I do work out yeah working how you think you're working on student knew the number lynnium workout thing working out what do you think I do though you probably doing plyo than doing one-armed things or you know hold your legs creativity you're gonna make you my bra I got love for you but I gotta keep it real man you keep it real tell me real do you got a pickle come on you got pickles awake arm wrestling contest yeah let's do it okay pull it up you're no you're messing with me you're faking this muscle to when you got that which one can you scare people into subscribing to my channel subscribe to Anthony alright well thank you so much Brad I feel like I finally understand the wondrous world of bodybuilding it's a beautiful life after spending the day with some of the most impressive bodybuilders in the industry I've come to understand that bodybuilding isn't too different from any other art form rather than a canvas to display their hard work and dedication these athletes become the sculpted art themselves and bodybuilding is a way to connect with yourself in a way no other medium allows see you later bye guys press a like button alright should I take my feet off the ground now yep okay oh you go for more oh you go for more oh hey oh my god


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